February 2020; Catching Our Breath, Inner Reflection And Long Lost Communications, Subconscious Healing

lightworker eraoflightdotcomWelcome to February 2020! After a “full on” jam packed January, we are all looking to catch our breath and settle into a space of calmness. February 2020 offers more sweet aspects then challenging ones and I would say we have damn well earned it, lol! A gentle reprieve is upon us as we move on from one of the most intense planetary cycles in recent memory.

On February 1st, Venus, the planet of: love, $ and comfort, currently in the dreamy sign of Pisces, makes a positive, 60 degree sextile to Saturn, the planet of: karma, obligation and responsibility, currently in his home sign of Capricorn. Venus in Pisces in harmony with Saturn in Capricorn, will create a balanced exchange of sweetness and structure to our lives. Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning she is super comfortable to swim within the fishes den. Saturn is at home in Capricorn, meaning he is super powerful and purposeful within the mountain goat’s realm. Together, a grounded, yet fluid presence will be felt and a balance will be established between the mundane and spiritual planes in our lives.

On February 8th, the Moon, which rules our: emotions, soul and intuition, becomes full at 20 degrees of Leo. Full Moons indicate: completions, manifestations and harvest. Leo, the 5th zodiac sign, represents: self- expression, creativity, joy and romance. The Full Moon in Leo will herald the ending of any dramas connected to our inner child wounding and need for attention. There is a fiery conclusion to our desires with La Luna full in the sign of the lion. Creative projects could bear fruit at this full moon and we will be in a mood to: play, enjoy life and rejoice in our accomplishments. The only warning with this Full Moon is to watch for any ego trips or inflated sense of identity. Leo energy can be very proud and we will need to watch the tendency to exaggerate or go overboard with the drama. This Full Moon in Leo is asking us to stand tall and strong but also to keep a humble and grateful attitude of gratitude.

Mid- month on February 16th, Mercury, the planet of: the mind, communication and contracts, turns retrograde at 12 degrees of Pisces until March 9th. Pisces, the 12th zodiac sign, deals with: the subconscious mind, imagination, spirituality and transcendence. Mercury retrograde in Pisces will bring back past memories and perhaps traumas to be healed and rectified. Being that Pisces rules the subconscious mind, a lot of this healing will come about during our sleep time. Deep psychological wounding could rear its head. The best advise with this Mercury retrograde would be to: surrender, allow and flow. Pisces energy is mutable and adaptable. Past lovers or past contracts could come back to be pursued. Be cautious when signing any contracts or important documents. A “brain fog” could be pervasive at this time, so remember to practice allowing and meditation to calm down and to ground your energies.

The Sun, which represents: the ego, life force and core, moves from the air sign of Aquarius, into the water sign of Pisces on February 20th. We are now ready to move from the intellect over to our feeling centers. A wave of unconditional love and acceptance is making itself known and felt. On February 23rd, we have the New Moon at 4 degrees of Pisces. New Moons herald: fresh starts, new beginnings and initiations. Pisces, the 12th zodiac sign, is known to be: intuitive, compassionate and altruistic. The New Moon in Pisces will be a catalyst for major healing and surrender to occur. Connection to source will come in unexpected and un explainable ways with La Luna a new in the sign of the Fish. We are ready to dive deep into the unknown layers of our psyche. Our intuition will be acute and major visions and revelations will make themselves known at this time.

February 2020 is a month of pause and a time to re-collect our bearings. The start of 2020 was so intense that we might still feel a bit out of sorts and ” lost in translation”. February 2020 is a time to: reflect, pause and re-direct our energies to replenishment and nourishment. How can we fill back up our cup and surrender to the process of life? This month will be one in which we will get a lot of practice in the art of flow and surrender. What kind of miracles could you produce if you fully trusted the process with undying faith? February 2020 is here to provide this awakening of your depth and belief in the miraculous. This month is here to bring: inner reflection and contemplation, past traumas to the surface to be healed and a deepening of connection to source and all of life.

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