Monthly Astro-Forecasts February 2020

astrology energy eraoflightdotcomFebruary looks set to be a month of insight and inner knowing as the light of wisdom is turned within to reveal new truths and new depths. A great many of us are facing challenges at the current time leaving us feeling isolated and beleaguered, alone and disconnected. Yet, at the same time, there is a growing sense of unity and connection, a sense that we’re finding new strength and new hope as the flickering flames of our souls start to burn more brightly once again. Even when we feel so lacking in hope, our inner knowing senses the need to keep moving forwards, facing up to the storm as it batters the edges of our consciousness and the cold wind reaches deeply into our hearts.

Intuitively we know that every challenge is a part of the bigger picture of our destiny, and whilst knowing this doesn’t make life any easier, it can help us to realise that we’re not alone as there is always someone, somewhere ready to listen or help. In many ways, humanity has become defined by the bad stuff – the wars, the hate, the oppression – but it’s the inherent good within us that has the power to take centre stage and re-write the rulebook of life. When we feel isolated, weary and alone, if we pause for a moment and listen within, we can hear gentle whispers of encouragement. These whispers may come from our souls or from the love of others, but they are there when we listen. Although these whispers cannot tell us where we’re going or why, or what’s around the next corner, we realise this isn’t our priority as it’s our willingness to surrender and listen that takes precedence now.

It’s important to realise that surrender isn’t giving up, nor is it giving in, it’s a willingness to stand wholeheartedly in the present moment and be with that moment fully. Surrender is a willingness to sit with the discomfort, to accept the imperfections of being human and to open up to the preciousness of the moment. Life isn’t about berating ourselves for not doing enough or being enough, nor is it about how much money we have in the bank. Life is about living well, finding joy, being compassionate and living consciously and wholeheartedly. It takes courage to surrender as it means we have reached a stage of evolution where many of our previous priorities and goals no longer have much meaning or significance. It also means we no longer measure our success by the square footage of our houses, the colour of our credit cards or the cars we drive.

So, even when the sky looks dark and foreboding, and life feels overwhelming and heavy, we can still find both nourishment and tenderness. Whilst we can try to seek these from others, we need to look within to realise that we have the capacity to not only love ourselves, but to offer ourselves tenderness which is both beautiful and profound. Obviously, we have to allow this to happen and this can only come when we realise that fear is often our driving force: wanting to fit in, to be fixed, to be ‘normal’, to be the best. Fear feeds pain and suffering, and whilst we cannot eradicate it, we can lessen its power and hold over us by opening up to love and tenderness.

When times get challenging, it’s only natural to want to pull up the drawbridge in order to retreat from the world as we can feel safer isolated and alone, but it’s important to nurture compassion as much as possible (for ourselves, one another and the world) as compassion instils a sense of hope and feelings of peace, allowing us to live more conscious lives. It’s time to let this compassion flow freely, to stop feeling small or overwhelmed, and to realise just how interconnected we really are. We are unquestionably all in this together and choices made now will echo throughout space and time, so the more we pause and re-centre, the more we can connect to the stillness within as we find new ways to blossom, thrive and flourish…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



Deep within your heart and soul, your inner spark burns brightly, twinkling with the effervescence of anticipation of new beginnings and an expanding sense of freedom. You are beginning to feel the heat of excitement rising up within you as you start to contemplate what your true priorities are in life and what warms your soul from the inside, out. You have always had a good idea as to what sets your soul on fire, but there is a sense that you have spent a great deal of your time either testing the water or holding back in order to maintain the status quo of your life. Intuitively you long to listen to your soul and follow your inner flames, but you struggle with this as you have taken on the needs, wants and wishes of so many others.

In some ways, you’re now not quite sure where you end and others begin as it can be hard to get a strong sense of clarity as to your boundaries, so focusing on your true priorities can be hard as many of the things on your ‘to do’ list of life are there because of the influence of others. This isn’t to say that you can’t think for yourself, but it seems clear that you have become so consumed by those around you that your natural feisty, energetic self can struggle to dance freely. Yet, intuitively you can sense this is happening and your inner spark burns brightly to inspire and empower you to step beyond the boundaries of your everyday life in order to re-connect more wholeheartedly with your true essence. You have spent a long time trying to be the person you felt you ought to be; now is the time to be the person you truly are…


As you continue to let go of ‘clutter’ in all areas of your life, you are beginning to generate much more space in which to rest, create and contemplate. However, it seems important not to rush to fill up the space as you need to find comfort in the discomfort of letting go and of having less to do, be, see and achieve as you’re so used to being on the go most, if not all, of the time. It’s also time to feel joy in the quietness of the space created; space isn’t emptiness or a void, it’s a place to breathe deeply and to restore the equilibrium in your heart and soul. February looks set to be a month for re-focusing and re-prioritising as you move away from over-giving and open up to living a more balanced and wholehearted life. Of course, with you being you, giving and self-sacrificing have played central roles in your life for a very long time. However, there are often underlying reasons for over-giving as it acts as a distraction, keeping you away from looking more deeply beneath the surface.

It’s time now to open up your heart and soul in order to ascertain what makes you truly happy. Happiness isn’t just about making others happy, it’s about living well, being well, following your dreams and honouring yourself. More importantly, it’s also about feeling a sense of joy dancing within your heart and soul, and it’s time now to ask yourself when you last felt that joy dancing within you? This is the key to you achieving a state of happiness, as how can you be truly happy unless you wholeheartedly embrace it, live it and become it? Yes, life carries no guarantees, but sometimes it’s the decision to try that opens up new pathways to joy…


As you continue to sharpen your focus and hone your awareness when it comes to knowing what you truly want in your life, there is a sense that you are also beginning to gain more realisation when it comes to knowing what you don’t want. Both are equally as important, as it shows you are contemplating the bigger picture and considering all aspects of your life, rather than just focusing on your dreams. Of course, as you meander through life, you often turn down roads which end up not being what you want, but rather than see this as a waste of time, you realise this is a potent source of wisdom and learning. Your digging and probing mind finds it hard to stop exploring the many nooks and crannies of life instead of finding joy in the stillness of now; your mind rarely stops questioning and exploring, and the inner chatter rarely, if ever, quietens.

Yet, it’s important to find stillness as it’s within the stillness where clarity and tranquillity reside; you are a deeply intuitive and creative soul so it’s important for you to have some space in your life in order to re-centre and re-balance as too much digging and questioning can lead to a profound sense of disequilibrium within you which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and out of sync with yourself. Sometimes, being at peace in the moment is the biggest gift you can have as you’re not focusing on the gap between where you are and where you want to be, you are simply breathing deeply into the moment. It’s time to stop doubting yourself and to start believing that quiet and stillness are your friends. So, take a deep breath, feel your inner power rising up and let yourself fly free…


Your imagination is a wonderful gift as it inspires you to look at the bigger picture of life; it also encourages you to think outside the box, giving shape and form to your dreams. Although you have a good idea as to what your dreams are, there is a sense that whilst you have a vision of your ideal or ‘perfect life’, you rarely spend time contemplating this as you’re very focused with the business of keeping on keeping on. Yet, there is a part of you that longs for more space and freedom, craving the opportunity to live the best life possible rather than the best ‘safe’ option. Of course, there is much to be said for caution, as it has helped you navigate through some difficult times, yet there is also a sense of disappointment within you that you haven’t had the self-belief to leap into the unknown and follow your dreams.

There isn’t really a ‘right’ answer here, as keeping on keeping on or following your dreams are both perfectly valid life choices and, in many ways, what you choose isn’t as important as making peace with your choice. Instead of focusing your energy on what could be, take back the helm and find peace with your choices, rather than spending so much time and energy contemplating what might be. As you know, life isn’t about getting things right, nor is it about achieving perfection, life is about being happy, joyful and feeling alive. So, stop giving yourself a hard time for not being what you’re not, and start opening up your heart and soul towards loving yourself exactly as you are. It’s time for you to look at the bigger picture of your life with love and tenderness in order to channel your inspiration into new adventures…


February looks set to be a month of continuing de-cluttering as you sort the wheat from the chaff in many areas of your life, letting go of a great deal that no longer serves a positive purpose in your life. It’s also a time for re-shaping your hopes and dreams as you are beginning to contemplate the truth of the life you’re living in contrast to the life you feel you want to be living. It would be easy to focus on the gap between where you are and where you want to be, but it’s important not to lose sight of the truth of your reality, and to keep your focus on everything that you are rather than everything you are not. It’s easy to get lost in the distractions and meanderings of everyday life, and it’s even easier to focus on the areas of your life where you feel you ‘could do better’ as you have a built in sense of pressure to do more, be more, achieve more and see more.

There are times when nothing you do ever seems good enough in your eyes, and your harsh inner critic often leaves you feeling ‘less than’ as you struggle to sit on that pedestal you keep raising up above you. However, it seems that the more compassionate, passionate and creative side of your nature is forging something of a mini rebellion as you’re beginning to find ways to honour yourself far more and to open up to thriving and blossoming in life. So, instead of feeling ‘less than’, you are beginning to feel more content in the moment and to allow those gaps between where you are and where you want to be to naturally fade as you sense an awareness of wholehearted contentment rising up from deep within your heart and soul…


Life, by its very nature, is complex and uncertain, and whilst understanding your quirks and nuances can help you to make sense of yourself and your life, it can also become another layer of distraction as you get bogged down asking ‘why?’ and lose your connection with the present moment. February looks set to be a month where focusing on the here and now matters far more than anything else as it’s the present moment where life happens; it’s the single most important time as it’s the only moment you truly ever have. Whilst the past is a good reference point and the future inspires goals and dreams, it’s where you are now that matters the most. Although you know this, there is a sense that you have been struggling to ground yourself in the here and now as your focus has been on trying to be everything to everyone around you, as well as trying to unravel the tangles and complexities of everyday life.

Whilst you will always be a bigger picture thinker, sometimes it’s good to step towards the moment rather than away, as it’s being more immersed in the here and now where you can begin to re-centre and re-balance. The concepts of self-love and self-compassion are both woven intricately around your heart and soul, and these feed your ability to believe in yourself, as well as lighting up your vision or purpose. It’s time now to bring your consciousness more fully into the present moment in order to ask yourself if you feel truly fulfilled and wholeheartedly happy in life. This is an important exercise to explore as it’s all too easy to move through life without ever stopping to check you are still walking the right path for you. Listen to your heart and soul and let them lead the way…


Your life has been a constant ebb and flow of challenges, opportunities and conundrums. Whilst this could be said for a great many souls, there is a sense that you have had more than your fair share of change to deal with. There are times when everything flows like a perfectly set out instruction manual, but mostly life can feel like the guide to some flat pack furniture – frustrating, illogical and downright perplexing. There are many people who never look at the instructions for flat pack furniture, preferring to figure it out unaided, and there are some who would simply pay someone else to do it, but you are more inclined to try to follow the manual as you know you’ve been given it for a reason! Yet, as much as you try to follow the rules, your consciousness tugs in a different direction asking you to trust your intuition to go your own way.

You would probably be happiest for the furniture just to be up and functional rather than going through the process of piecing it together as it feels like a hindrance to even be contemplating any of this! Yet, there really isn’t anything straightforward about you, and whilst you don’t invite complexity into your life, you realise it’s a gift as it enables you to make sense of the bigger picture of your life, adding context to the ebb and flow of challenges, opportunities and conundrums. It can be confusing to know whether to follow the guidebook or to go your own way, but life isn’t black or white, and it’s not about doing one or the other, it’s about merging together the many different facets of your soul into a big, beautiful whole. Go with the flow of your life, celebrate your quirks and go your own way…


Being true to yourself, honouring yourself and listening to your own needs remain central themes in your life throughout February as you begin to contemplate how to walk your own path. Living life, loving life and feeling wholeheartedly alive continue to remain at the forefront of your consciousness as your sparkling and effervescent energy, along with your vision and creativity, inspire you to grab life with both hands. It’s important to remember that living life isn’t the same as loving life, as living life can lack the sparkle and inspiration you thrive upon. It’s time to open up more to feeling more awakened and vibrant as you allow your true essence to flow freely.

For a long time now you have been focused on putting one foot after the other, lowering your expectations and hopes as you have felt increasingly overwhelmed with the challenges of life. As a result, your sparkle faded and the twinkle in your eye diminished, but you can sense these returning now as you continue to re-centre and re-focus. Although you’re not usually one to wallow, it has been hard to break free of the mundane as it’s felt so heavy, and it has been hard for you to recapture the effervescence and fizz within you as you’ve been so weighed down. All of this is living life, but you are ready now to embrace both loving life and feeling wholeheartedly more alive once again in order to live the life you know you were born to live. You have now reached a significant threshold and it’s time to make some choices about what happens next. You’re ready to take an honest look within to ask yourself if you are truly loving the life you live and if you feel wholeheartedly alive as you are ready for a brand-new way of living and being…


February looks set to be a month of continued reconnection to your heart and soul as your awareness begins to focus on everything that’s truly important in your life. You love to have your fingers in as many pies as possible as you blossom with variety, however this can sometimes leave you depleted as you start to juggle too much, not wanting to let anything go. In the end, much of your energy is focused on trying to keep all of those many batons in the air rather than channelling it in one or two directions. Less is more would perhaps be a good motto for you this month, but this doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on everything else, just learn how to channel your phenomenal energy towards a heartfelt goal rather than losing it all trying to keep those batons in the air.

If you paused for a moment to look at the batons, you would realise many of them are there out of habit rather than because they mean a great deal to you, so be brave and set yourself free. It can be hard for you to embrace the concept of less is more as you are so used to being busy and managing countless different channels of activity at any one moment in time. Imagine those batons are TV screens, each baton is playing a different channel. Can you truly say you are able to watch all of them at once? Why not try to really enjoy one at a time? At the end of the day it’s your choice, but the more honest you can be with yourself, the more you will begin to see your true priorities and have the courage to let the rest go…


Taking a big breath of life looks set to be a powerful theme for you throughout February as you begin to ask yourself some deep and probing questions in connection to what makes you truly happy. You are a wise and determined soul, and you push ahead in life, doing the best you can and trying to keep everyone happy. You work hard to tick all the boxes off of your ‘to do’ list of life, and whilst you are undoubtedly making good progress with your list, every time you tick an item off, another one appears. Although you have reluctantly accepted this, it seems you have lost sight of the bigger picture as your list feels quite pedestrian and mundane, as though it’s there because it has to be there and so lacks fun, excitement and adventure. In short, your ‘to do’ list is more a list of ought’s, must’s and should’s, and your hopes and dreams are slowly gathering dust on a shelf tucked away in the recesses of your soul.

At some point you switched from being the carefree, passionate and creative soul to focusing on keeping on keeping on. Whilst this has seen you achieve a great deal, you started to measure success by the number of ticks on the list, leaving little room for magic or sparkle, and you’re keen to get this back now! So, as you take a big deep breath of life, expect those dreams to come floating back up to the surface of your soul as you seem ready now to start a new ‘to do’ list that focuses on what truly makes you happy. It’s time to grab life with both hands, to let go of the list and to measure your happiness by the warmth within your soul…


You are, in many ways, a robust and resolute soul, and you have faced more than your fair share of obstacles recently. Whilst you’re still standing strong, there is a slight sense of soul-level weariness hidden deep in your eyes, visible only to those who know you truly well. It’s understandable to feel a little weary, but rather than honour this and rest, you can’t help but feel slightly irritated with yourself for not pushing on, doing more and achieving more. The perfectionist in you wants perfection even though your body and soul are shouting ‘enough!’. It therefore seems clear that February is a month to take heed of your deeper self in order to establish a new sense of balance in your life. This isn’t about giving up, it’s about knowing when to rest and when to stop giving yourself such a ferociously hard time for not being perfect.

Being yourself and loving yourself for it are important now as you begin to re-align and re-centre after months of disequilibrium and challenge; the only way to listen to your heart and soul is to breathe deeply and love yourself exactly as you are. Perfection places impossible pressures on you as it keeps your life out of reach leaving you feeling as though you’re somehow not good enough or you’ve not tried hard enough. In many ways the desire for perfection is a protection mechanism as it keeps you distracted and away from looking at your deeper self. If you were to pause, breathe and gaze deeply within you will see your perfectly imperfect self looking for your love and compassion. Life cannot be measured by ‘perfection’, life is about breathing deeply, listening to your true needs, living well, loving well and feeling joy in your heart and soul…


As you continue to affirm your true nature and reconnect to your hopes and dreams, it seems you are beginning to see the tapestry of your life once again as you contemplate your true priorities and begin untangling the many different threads of responsibilities and challenges that have become woven and tangled together over time. Although you have never lost sight of the tapestry of your life, you have often been so tangled up trying to do your best, trying to be everything to everyone and over-giving that you haven’t seen the full tapestry for quite some time. As you step back for a look you may be surprised that some gaps have appeared in the areas marked ‘my dreams’, ‘my needs’ and ‘me’ as you so rarely seem to have the time to give yourself what you need to thrive.

There are moments when you’re not quite sure if you’re coming, going or lost somewhere in between the two, and you often feel as though you are constantly lost somewhere in between the two as you are such a fluid soul. However, the fluidity these days is often due to the currents and tides shaped by others as you can find it hard to connect to your deeper self as there seems to be so much noise and chatter in your heart and soul. Yet, this chatter isn’t yours, it’s a kind of white noise of stuff: of the thoughts, demands, needs and energies of others. You have never been good at defining your own boundaries so, as a result, you have collected a great deal of chatter and noise. It’s time to let this go and set yourself free now in order to allow your loving, generous and compassionate heart to reach deeply into your own soul to re-connect you to your beautiful self…
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