James Gilliland: Moving On

era of light alternative news connectionFinally, the 40 Million Dollar Schiff and Democrats impeachment show and 32 Million Dollar Muller Report have been laid to rest, dead buried now we can get on with our lives. Imagine what all that money could have done if directed to helping humanity and the Earth. We have taken a lot of heat for asking questions from a non-bias observer. Questions like, “Where are the facts, the firsthand witnesses, what law was broken”. We also asked why democrats get a get out of jail free card, accuse Republicans of what they themselves have done and are still doing ten times over.

We have seen the lies, deceptions, false accusations and assumptions, the theatrics. Anyone with critical thinking who has not been socially engineered by Hollywood and the lame stream news can see what is so blatantly obvious. No there, there, where’s the beef, why are those accusing have one finger pointing forward and three fingers pointing back. Where is the base logic? Seriously folks the cognitive dissonance and TDS Trump derangement syndrome has to stop. Think of it as one big process oriented therapy session. A rich powerful white male has played a role to trigger every relationship from the past, Hit all races, all genders.

Yet does the extreme emotion match what have been basically non-events concerning Trump’s actions? If the answer is yes, name the event. Be sure you have firsthand knowledge, Not the lame stream news or Hollywoods interpretation of the event. How about some constructive ideas, solutions, requests without insults? Here are a few little memes to help you find your humor, something so many people have lost. Being PC correct is enslaving, it’s not authentic and puts you in a box. In the interest of breaking open that box and destroying the enslaving norms enjoy the memes.

Its finally over.

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