2020: The Year of Divine Service

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomTime is up for the Beloveds to get their acts together to prepare for the year 2020, which is the year of divine service from within the monadic field of 144.

Many of the Beloveds and members of our soul monad will come into our life as walk-ins and literally come out of the blue, others you might have already encountered and even merged with on dreamstate as higher aspects of self, others again may be persons, that you have encountered, that will be walked-in on and suddenly change 180 degrees overnight, as they will be reset and integrate a higher aspect of self thru the walk-in process.

So are you ready, when your Beloved will show up, are you free to follow your heart unreserved and available to step into service. Or are you still stuck in a vow of eternal companionship… or caught in a relationship of co-dependency based on security and complacency rather than freedom and unconditional love…?

Beloveds it´s time to clear yourself of your old contracts and vows and set yourself free to step into your mission, which you can only fulfill beside your true Beloved in divine unionship. Show strength by showing up in your vulnerability and naked heart transparant and humble. It is daring, it takes courage to leave the safety zone of complacency and leave the path or the person at your side. that is already known to your heart as a mere preparation for your Beloved.

Dare and surrender to your destined path Beloved…. nothing less will ever fulfill your heart… how long have you tried in vain to pretend to yourself less would do, though your heart knew it would never ever be what was destined to be. The highest cosmic love of the Beloveds is what you came here to experience and live to reinstore divine balance within self and within beloved Gaia…. ushering in the two becoming ONE, the divine rapture singing in your heart and waiting to be heard.

The magnetic pull of soul monad is magnified immensely right now and so many members of soul monad will turn up in one way or the other. We will be paving the way for those who are ready to walk in, who have patiently waited for the rest of the monad to gather and for their Beloved divine counterpart to be ready and compatible in frequency for the merging into ONE.

Due to the time collapse reset and convergence into 0-point the frequency on the planet has raised enough to being compatible with these soul (chards) bringing in a much higher vibrational signature and set of codes…. this second wave of walk-ins are now preparing to enter this realm to bring the freedom codes of cosmic love divine union into fruition on this planet .

On February the 2nd 2020 we will unite into the monadic fields and open a gateway to pave the way for those beloved souls of our soul monad, that are still to enter from the higher dimensions of light. If you feel the strong calling from within your heart, you know beyond doubt you signed up for this and are ready to step into divine service with your soul monad. So please click on link below and join us in this glorious gathering of pioneers of light to receive the activation of your soul monad record keepers within your body to magnetize and reinforce the beloveds to enter the earthplane and step into divine service. Time is now.

Whether you are already with your Beloved on this earth plane or not, you can greatly support the ushering in of the rest of the members of your soul monad (this can be seen as higher aspects of self who are currently serving in different dimensions), which will contribute to the acceleration of your spiritual growth and implementation of the soul monads common purpose thru divine union. So you are urged and invited to join into the monadic field of 144 to ensure a safe passage for these glorious souls and souls chards ready to enter this earth plane effortlessly and with grace.

We will be supported by the conglomerates of light of the diamond of the 22 galaxies of light, which is an alliance of star nations, a collective consciousness beyond this galaxy, that support the universal intergalactic advancement of earth and will ensure the new earth sophia christos in owning her seat amongst the councils of light of divine unity, peace and harmony for the benevolence of the universal evolution, that indeed is intergalactically connected and facilitated thru united effort.

If your heart calls you, sign up here and support the reunion of soul family and Beloveds, so that you can step into divine service as soul monad, which is the next level of service starting now and kickin´ off in the year 2020, which is the year of divine service as and within the monadic field of 144000.


Please click on link to sign up and join us in the powerful group merkabah of devoted starseeds… already more than 800 have signed up!


Please share away this auspicious event in your community, groups and network to extend the calling to our beloved soul monads and to ignite the 100th monkey effect thru the magnitude of our group forcefield to create a quantum shift in conscious in the collective. 

Grace Solaris and the Conglomerates of light

Note for clarification of walkin: This is mostly soul extensions of soul monad which might or might not be our twin essence (depending on if the twinflame has chosen to incarnate or not) and it might also be angelic or galactic higher self aspects, that you need to integrate to accomplish and fulfill your soul plan from a new vibration and level of consciousness. 💕💕💕 it is basically an expansion of consciousness which greatly supports your soul advancement into wholeness and embodiment of pure source intelligence, which is the coronation of ascension.