Mercury’s Transit of Pisces and Mercury Retrograde

astrology update eraoflightdotcomMercury enters Pisces on February 3rd at 6:37 AM EST. Logic is expanded or blurred and communication becomes intuitive or confusing. Details can fade and be replaced by illusion. Sensitivity and creativity are heightened, due to Pisces’ lack of boundaries – information is not restricted by reality. What’s suggested becomes more important than what you know, because you’ll discover that what you think you know is questionable.

This transit asks you to consider what’s undefined without betting everything on this. Stay open and allow new insights to develop, but remember that Mercury is stationing retrograde in Pisces on February 16th, so there will be a stretch of time when questions and reviews must be implemented before any final decisions are made. Mercury Rx in Pisces is about examining the dream or sifting through the layers of gauze/illusion/romance/confusion in order to get at the truth.

Mercury Rx will exit Pisces and re-enter Aquarius on March 4th, taking you through another stage of revision as you look again at the innovations or new ideas to see if they still make sense.

See below for a list of all the aspects, ingresses and stations.

Mercury Rx will conjoin the Sun on Feb 25th at 6 deg Pisces.

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