2020, The Year Of The Event? Our Ascension Is Here

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomDear friends,

Happy belated New Year! We made it this far. Phew. Still putting one foot in front of the other, marching slowly and steadily towards that magical transition into the Golden Age.

I wanted to share some of my experiences of how 2020 has been so far, as well as some of my insights on where we’re at as a collective.

Firstly – THIS IS the Ascension. This is it. If, by any chance, 2019 wasn’t intense enough for you (haha!) then 2020 will most definitely be making up for it. I feel that day by day right now, we are living and breathing our ascension. There’s no escaping it any more. There’s no trying to pace it or take it slowly. This is happening, and it’s happening now.

The levels of light hitting the planet right now are incredibly intense. We’re being blasted by high-frequency, multidimensional light and light codes. This is truly flushing out all that is not in alignment with Source. While we may have been prepared for witnessing this play out on the global stage (in various forms of warfare, political and global upheaval, ‘natural’ disasters etc.), what we may not have been quite so prepared for is the inner purging that is taking place.

There are times in this past month where I have felt like I was going mad. The best way I can describe it is that usually, when I’m going through some kind of healing, there’s a sense in which I’m ‘in it’ for a while – but I can still usually take a little step back and be the witness to the healing I’m going through. So, for example, if some pain from my child abuse rises to the surface, I might go into a space of panic and victimhood while I process those energies, but I can also step outside of it to see myself going through it. Usually after some energy work, some prayers and a huge cry, I’ve transmuted and shifted through something that no longer serves me.

What’s been different so far this year though can be summarised in two factors. Both the intensity of these old fragments and traumas as well as the speed at which they are arising is amplified hugely. The overall result is that at times I have got lost in the old pain, sometimes bordering on having panic attacks as I process all that’s coming up for release. Truly, the hardest, deepest most core wounding is coming up for release now. The heaviest, most painful, hidden soul fragments are being pushed to the surface as our frequency rises and can no longer support the density of these traumas. This traces right back to those initial stages of our involvement in a fallen planet (and Universe if that’s what you believe).

The way I see it is that five, maybe ten years ago, the levels of light were manageable. The healing landscape was much more linear and compartmentalised. You’d work on one issue at a time; maybe there would be a challenging relationship that needed to be karmically resolved, or a chakra that needed a little TLC. It was little parts here and there, amidst a usually quite enjoyable spiritual awakening.

What’s happening now is that we’ve drawn close enough to the Event for the power of this light to be working multidimensionally. Our relationship with reality is adjusting, distorting, accelerating; it’s like time and space as we know it are being contorted and twisted into new dimensions of reality. This is becoming so intense, so powerful and visceral that there’s only one thing left to do; let go and enjoy the ride.

We’re on the home run. I kind of feel like anything goes now! Who knows what the next days, weeks and months will have in store?! It might get tough, but there is nothing that you can’t handle. You were built for this. You’ve travelled eons and light years to reach this point in space and time; the Grand Finale. You’ve been gradually closed down and compacted into a perspective of reality that is false and limited. You’re now going through that process of expanding, blossoming and in many ways exploding into that impactful palette of rainbow colours and light that you know, deep down in your soul, is your true essence. The time has come. Let go of expectations of how it will look; get out of your own way and allow it to be what it needs to be. You have SO got this!

All our love,

Ananja and the Pleiadians xx

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