Mira of the Pleiades: Rise Above The Mundane

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomGreetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian high Council. I am working exclusively with the Earth Council for the Ascension of the planet.

I advise you to take nothing personally because everything is up for grabs. You are living in the end of times as they have been and this requires flexibility, the need for observation, and adaptability. You are being re-trained for a new way of living. Please take nothing for granted while you remind yourselves that you are being looked after by Spirit, the entire Light Alliance, the good Galactic’s and all of creation.

While this may seem a bit of a challenge, especially for those who are accustomed to planning out their daily routines, you are up to the task. Most of you are learning to adapt, some are kicking and screaming, and others are finding joy in the spontaneity. You will discover that living in the moment can be quite delightful. You are already being jarred into the realization that time is nonlinear.

We want you to have everything. Spirit wants you to have everything. Your job now is to allow your selves to live in magic and miracles. Your manifestation abilities are expanded. Test the waters. See what you can create. Clear what is no longer necessary. Be open and receptive. Allow the abundance. Rise above the mundane. Be generous and grateful. Expand your sense of self into that of a powerful master and being. Have some fun!

You are held in high regard for being on the earth at this time. We understand how anxious you are to be living in the fifth dimension and higher. We know the sacrifices and the limitations with which you have lived throughout numerous incarnations on the earth. You deserve your beautiful heaven that is in your dreams and in your visions. It is within your touch.

Reach for the stars. They are your heritage and your future. Feel at home in your heart and let your heart lead the way. Higher dimensional living is heart centered living. In you we trust. The very best is yet to come. Together we hold the keys to the new earth. Let the light shine and the truth be told. You were promised that you would inherit the earth. Your time is now.

I am Mira and we are loving you in every special way.

» Source » Channel: Valerie Donner

8 Replies to “Mira of the Pleiades: Rise Above The Mundane”

  1. flazak

    I’d love to rise above the mundane but the truth is that if I mentioned all this stuff in conversation in my daily life I would be laughed at and I dont like being laughed at 🙂 Maybe if you appear in the sky in a giant ship people will become more receptive and more changeable (in a good way)? Just an idea. Until then my daily life goes on, whilst Mira talks the talk yet doesn’t do anything else in a visible and more tangible sense.

    Well Mira maybe all that’s in the pipeline but for now I must go to work, visit family, play xbox, exercise, tidy up, ya know, all the mundane human stuff. Perhaps you could speak with our governments and assist them in their efforts to stop corruption? Perhaps you could assist us with our health, prevention of human trafficking? Assist us in stopping wars? Stopping nuclear blackmail of the world? Deliver free energy technology? Offer a route off world to those who are receptive? Many many avenues available Mira so what is the hold up.

    We are still stuck in a very physical illusion here and that means you cannot just down tools and declare you are becoming some kind of transcendent multi dimensional being because that’s no good when you dont pay your electric bill and you are suddenly a transcendent super-being who cannot see because he cant turn the lights on.

    Live long and prosper \\// Mira

    1. Doodie Cee

      Thanx Flazak for stating exactly what I was thinking.
      It’s all good to be flying high on spiritual ecstacy but the reality of it all hits home when you can’t put food on your table because all the money goes to pay the rent and utilities.
      Blessed be.

  2. Era Of Light

    I am claiming my birthright and inheritance EARTH.I AM WORTHY.I am very grateful and love you all.Its all for the highest good for humanity and all beings that choose Heaven on Earth ,Love and Light Let it be known.I have spoken.And I welcome and invite the unseen Spiritual and all Angels and those from up above to .come into my life and Earth to help me and the Earth and others as well as to just have fun and connect.The door is open .BLESSINGS. ERA OF LIGHT(Juanita Jackson)Copyright© 2019 Era Of Light All Rights Reserved® .It appears that I am in compitetion (from a entity doing this)as being the Church the Jezebel Spirit trying to be me
    The only way you tell between the real church over the fake church are these magic words THE _______ F____ .AND “ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES’ I think it is wise I did not reveale two words here on this post until I need to reveal these two words as the Authenticity of I AM THE TRUE CHURCH OF YESHUA .

  3. Joe

    Wow. The best is yet to come ! Just like what President Trump said. We are close. Q is legit

  4. zsiriusone

    Yes! Let the Magic & Miracles abound! ✨💖✨THANK YOU ALL, my brothers & sisters of pure light!

  5. Doug James

    Thank you Mira! We love all of the Galactics working to liberate Gaia and all of humanity so we can rejoin our galactic friends and families! Victory of the Light!

      1. Adamas

        I do too. I think it’s because that statement has been adopted as a mantra by unawakened people who believe they’re helping the situation on earth by blindly believing various websites and not actually doing anything.