Ashtar: Donald Trump’s Acquittal

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomI am Ashtar and I have a message for those of the Light on Planet Eden. It was I that joked, Sharon, calling Donald Trump the new “Teflon Don.” He was acquitted on all charges in his attempted impeachment and is free to carry on in his service to the Light.

Like him or not, he is the President of the most crime-infested country, with its otherworldly leaders, who are attempting to bring you all to your knees in servitude to them. He works with a team of on and off-world humans who implement strategies to bring your world to GESARA compliance, the White Hats or the Alliance as they are commonly referred to.

The battle is between the Light and the dark. By siding with your political party, you are empowering the two party system of the dark regime. This battle has been carried on in other parts of this galaxy for many millenia so this is not a localized war and has nothing to do with your politics. Your political systems are simply a vehicle with which to control you and this control is now being arrested.

Your world is undergoing profound changes right now as it turns to finally see the Light that has been obscured from you by the pathological rulers of your planet, for so long. The new Russian government is evidence of this. BREXIT is evidence of this. And Trump’s acquittal is evidence of this. The dark, the Cabal, is losing power over you!

The Light has never left your side, aiding you as you reincarnated time and time again into the depths of depravity, misery and suffering. We heard your cries and we have worked along with you to liberate your planet from the dark menace that is now losing power. The sun is on the horizon and is showing its new self to you, so that you may rejoice in the new times coming to planet Eden.

You are at the beginning. This is only the start. Please be patient. Your planet and your people are releasing the dark energies that they have held and reincarnated into time and time again and this will create some madness and chaos. We see this in the news as people riot for their freedom. We see it in the weather as your captors attempt to destroy you and what’s left of your civility in order to put their evil agenda into high gear.

The Light has won. Know that in your hearts. It is not up to one man to change your world – it is up to you all. That is why you incarnated at this time of great change – to help in Gaia’s ascension. To begin to return your planet to the Eden it once was. Know that it is not just up to the President or your other leaders – it is up to you. Focus on doing your daily work and know that every release of negativity is a contribution to the growing Light on your planet. It is a group effort, not just the task of your White Hats.

We have more in store for your world leaders. Be prepared for many shocks but some welcome changes.

Be at peace.

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32 Replies to “Ashtar: Donald Trump’s Acquittal”

  1. John L

    Tom, when you say “do your homework”, think of all the times it has been stated to go inside. When you feel the real energetic All Is One phenomenon, your perspective on “everything” will change immediately.

    1. Tom O'Rourke

      Thanks John,

      Guess you missed my point.when I stated to do your homework. I was talking about Trump cutting Medical Ins. for the poor and cutting food stamps for the poor. Which he is trying to do look at his 2021 budget.

    2. Cheri

      Thanks John for this great comment! This is soooooooo true! I was just thinking about this last night as I can so clearly see the divinity now in others. We are indeed mirrors for each other. In truth we always project onto others our own feelings of self worth, our own fears or feelings of victimhood. Once you realize this you can evaluate your comments about others as windows into what still needs to be cleared within. Once you go through this process you can clearly see from not an “I” perspective but an “I Am” perspective. I am in all things. There is no need for belief anymore. It is a knowing and a frequency of unity not separation. The only homework you ever need truly lies within. It becomes very tender, innocent and deeply compassionate as well. I was staring at this bee yesterday just marveling at what a wonderful creation he is lol!

      I will always love this President simply because he has taken the worst of the worst hatred and vitriol I have ever seen thrown at another human being let alone a President and always stays focused on what’s best for America. Very similar to my work in the astral on behalf of clearing the dark ones. A chaotic mess of projection and hatred and false beliefs coming at me from every timeline. Demonic distorted presences everywhere but what we have found underneath it all is just extreme suffering of fractured consciousness. I can clearly see Donald Trumps mission in his monad. It is the business of making America great again. He is not contracted to be a saint or a god or inspirational speaker or ascension leader. He is just an extremely successful businessman who is driven to make this country thrive and show others on the world stage how it is done. It is his soul contract. Mine is to clean up the astral hell realms and the rest of us are to be the examples of our divinity in action. It is a group project and it takes commitment from everyone of us in unity, not separation. Love to you John! 😘

    1. Cheri

      Hahahahaha! Percy hilarious! Agree with you all in wanting just the best of everything for the entire earth. In truth the light has already won because we have changed the energy structure back to the law of one. It simply will not support secrets and lies. So we are forced in a sense now to live in coherence and integrity as anything else will be literally exposed and fail. Plus we will easily feel the joy verses being miserable. So there is justice and balance within the energetic system once again yay! You know it is interesting how much clearing I had to do in the astral on Mother Teresa as it was a distorted and inverted perception. She lived in the squalor of pain and suffering in these horrible conditions the Vatican could easily have relieved with all their money but they thrive on this suffering and salvation model. These hospitals were just horrific unsanitary places. She was the inverted archetype on the grid. Saints and sinners. The conditions in Calcutta were horrendous and no one did anything but prolong the suffering!

      Love on warriors! The system is righting itself!

      1. Percy

        Thanks Cheri , I’m with you , why would the Democrats go after Trump so hard if he’s with them , why make peace or at least try to in Korea , and be on what seems to be good terms with Putin and screw down on the Chinese who make the Nazis look like naughty school boys , I live in Australia and we’ve had 7 prime ministers in just a few years until the elitists found the right puppet, John Howard was Prime Minister for 10 years not because he got the votes but because he was a George Bush kiss arse , My country is a joke and only a handful of people realise, I don’t vote not for 30 years it’s pointless , I suggest the world stop voting, democracy does not exist anywhere, we have the numbers people not them , let’s remind the military they work for us , it’s the military who have bought the lies hook line and sinker , playing young men on ego and testosterone, it’s time for woman to run the world , I’m off to buy a dress have a great day

      2. Michael

        Hi Cheri, nice to read your writing, positive,happy and upbeat. Keep up the good work and don’t take any crap from the hole your working in, keep on kicking butt with your love! Just wanted to say hi and send you a smile.
        The comment above was from another Michael.
        Peace & Love to All

        1. Cheri

          Thank you Percy and Michael for the love as it really keeps me buoyed in spirit as I am alone doing this work 24/7! The work is brutal as all this dark crapola has to run through me molecularly to heal but somewhat like Trump it is a driving force within me as a monadic contract. I got the creator in here and he is all business til we get this done lol! I imagine Trump feels the same way whether he is aware of it or not. We (the ground team) have changed everything as an awesome team of light! Just embracing our divinity reverberates throughout the quantum field and lifts the entirety of creation throughout all dimensions and octaves! The clearing work we are doing heals all our ancestral lines as we are their sole point of evolution.

          Love you Michael! I assure you astral butts and demonic forces are being lovingly deprogrammed and kicked back into organic harmonic timelines hahahaha! Surprisingly I am feeling sweeter than ever lol!

          Percy you are so funny! Sending so much love back atcha mate! Some inside advice on the dress lol! This leads to endless shaving of legs and waxing lol! Just embody that divine feminine flame within as we are all awesome goddesses inside waiting to be unleashed in perfect balance once again lookout! hahahaha!

          I have to laugh at the patriarchal structure in the lower astral as they are shocked I am a woman hahahaha!

          Hi Vladimiro! I salute you my friend!

          Big smile and laughter thank you! Love to you all beautiful family from team Hilarion 😘😇

          1. Michael

            Yes, I can sense your sweetness and it is touching. Thank You.
            Percy, there is NOTHING prettier that a woman wearing a dress that she loves. You show them girl and use what you have to get the job done.
            Peace & Love to ALL

  2. Doug James

    Trump doesnt control medical insurance.. I worked 20 yrs for a blue.. quit last yr family of 5 I get my entire individual policy with BCI paid for via the subsidy . Medicaid is controlled at the State level. In ID only disabled or pregnancy or elderly qualify for it. Welfare has many people on drugs here.. across the border in WA.

    It wont matter once the wave arrives and all awaken and rise in vibration.

  3. Karen

    I am praying for us all. The light will always win. Even those who don’t pay attention to sites like this will begin to open their hearts and minds to the greater truth. Thank you galactics with all our hearts for helping to save the human race. You have my full support. God bless Gaia and all her children.

    1. Kathryn Livermore

      I concur with your astute evaluation–We are ever so grateful for the vast knowledge of our Galactic federation of light for stepping in to help us in this enormous task. We are forever in your adoring love and joyful attitude. Affectionately , K

    1. Tom

      Katz you are the poor one if you think Trump is your god. Trump is a wild card as Kyron has said but you and Cheri believe what Trump tells you is truth. Hitler did the same before WW 2!
      Cheri want people to have jobs and get off welfare I agree with her but the low wage gob you can not get ahead.And the government says un number is the lowest it has been
      But if you look at the real.facks a family can not live on 10.00 per hour. Back in 1974 I made that per hour.
      Today to make it you need to make a least 20.00 per hour to survive. Don’t tell me it ok to cut welfare and medical ins. For a poor family. For 3 yearsyour god Trump has worked to kill medical ins for our people it at the Supreme Court now. And your god does not want the case to go forward till after the election. So then he can strip people of their healthcare.

  4. Monica Lopez

    Exiting Times, I am happy to see all this finally happening, don’t waste your time with fools whow are too blind to see this just share it with those whom see it!!!

  5. Cheri

    WWG1WGA! The light is sweeping the planet! I have argued with our friend Tom over and over with facts and truth to no avail. This deep into the divine unfolding it is impossible not to see all the winning and who is of the light and dark. Look to their energy levels and actions! Thousands and thousands of Americans attending Trump rallies with huge overflow outside in every state in our nation. Joyful gatherings of solidarity in love for our country. People of all political parties attend to celebrate this huge wave of peace and prosperity versus Pelosi and her demons shredding the state of our union and slumped in their chairs while all celebrate the successes of our citizens and the end of terrorism! The first time in our history that we are actively brokering a peace plan with the cooperation and the investment of Arab nations between Isreal and Palestine. This is historic and hugely symbolic! Peace in Isreal is the mark of restoration and our redemption. Totally biblical!

    Tom my gosh you dont want people on government welfare guaranteeing a lifetime of dependence barely surviving. You want people to thrive by giving them jobs and self dependence. The fact that they are off food stamps and welfare means they are working in a thriving ecomony once again.

    All resistance to the light is being purged whether you like it or not. So keep clearing as we all had to go through the process of clearing our bias and false beliefs which are rooted in the subconscious mind control algorithms.

    The best is yet to come family! Exciting times! Most of us are firmly anchored in the Ascension (Eden) timelines and it is exciting to watch and follow the great awakening! 😘

    1. Doug James

      Agreed.. as long as Trump avoids ww3 and he listens to the white hats. Most shld know.that had HRC won ww3 wldve been false flagged and her along with the elite wld have went to.their trillion $$ bunkers to wait it all out as per the NWO game plan. There is a mag rail system underground connecting all major nations. We the expendables wld have all been killed
      Still not wanting to support Trump as he avoids assassinations and impeachment and donates all his salary? Of course both parties are dark.. the Rs didnt want him either but had no choice. Soon all will see the Light.

  6. Tom

    Sorry I can not believe Trump is of the light. All you have to do is look at what he has done in the past 3 years.
    As for Ashtar this woman Sharon is interpreting Astar with the message. Maybe she is hearing what she wants to hear.

      1. Tom

        Well Frank any person that states Trump is on the light and believes that
        Then if he is of the light why would he cut food from children who get food stamps, why has he been in court to cut medical insurance from people. I could go on but not worth my time

        1. Doodie Cee

          So you get your info from the MSM?
          Local news media?
          Who do you think owns the media?
          Those guys who want to take POTUS down.
          Wake up Tom.

          1. Tom

            Foodie Cee,
            You are the one who should wake up. I HEARD THAT FROM Trump lips. Stay off Fox for a month and do your home work.
            Last month when he was out of the country he was in view by a new station from another country and he you god Trump stated he is looking to cur SS and medical. He has all ready cut food for the poor and took medical from the poor.
            So you pray to you god Trump and I will work to help all people of any color
            For we are stronger togeather then divide. As you god wants for this country.

          2. Doug James

            Thank you!!! Trump has signed Executive Orders going after child traffickers .. he knows short we must not get into a war and we must expose the satanic elite.

  7. Wayne W Hansen (@waynewhansen)

    “Be prepared for many shocks.” If you would like to be shocked at what the new world order did to the Tartarian old world order, watch the videos at youtube subphotonic. The Red Rock Cliffs at Sedona Arizona were large buildings that were melted and turned into stone. Some buildings remained, some experienced the Mud Flood, and most were heat melted. This was a worldwide event which destroyed the previous society.

    1. IC444


    2. About Vladimiro Di Vito

      Well I did give credit to Trump from day one because I realize lies and propaganda a part that he get elected not only for this miserable Country but for help to rifix Human Rights shame and other diplomatic wounds that only a man with that kind of leader personality plus he know better the game to do for achieve deals as he did for long time in his own business.
      Also I Am not shock at all about the horrible things that money force to do together with Ego and Power megalomania regarding the New Order and Old Order. Bless you all full of immense respect and devotion, NamasteAmen. Vladimiro