5 Easy Ways to Do the Splits

hey share what you know eraoflightdotcomBeing able to do the splits not only demonstrates your flexibility but also provides you a wider range of motions not to mention increased leg strength. Its application ranges from dancers, yogis, martial artists, and other athletic sports. In your process of achieving a full split, you will gain strength in your groin and hip which helps to attain better all-round performance.

Here are some ways to achieve this feat of flexibility:

  1. Split Machine

If you’re invested in being able to do the splits, you can’t go wrong with using devices that will aid your workout. The splits machine might be the subject of some debate on how to go about in achieving splits. But it certainly gives you the benefit of stability and convenience in your session. This device should be used along with your dynamic and active stretching drills. The machine offers isometric stretching to the target parts. This means that you can hold the position for an extended period. Using split machines allows you to be relaxed for the isometric stretching to be fully effective.

  1. Seated Forward Fold for 1 minute

Splits engage your hamstrings, so it needs to be flexible to be able to achieve the form. The seated forward fold stretch is a good way to develop your hamstring’s flexibility. It has the benefit of being able to manage the intensity applied to the target area by slightly bending the knees. Do this consistently and you’ll be able to gain the necessary flexibility to prepare you to perform the splits.

  1. Kneeling Hamstring Stretch for 30 sec. on each side

This exercise will help you extend your hamstrings independently, which allows you to focus on each side and make the necessary adjustments on balancing the strength on both sides. Begin by kneeling on one knee and extend the other leg forward with the feet facing up. Place your hands on the upper leg of the extended part to keep it straight. Then tilt your upper body forward from the hips with your back straight. You will feel your extended leg engaged. Do the same steps with the opposite leg.

  1. Deep Runner’s Lunge for 30 sec. on each side

This exercise will stretch your hip flexors, most people who spend a lot of time sitting will find this part very tight. You need to have flexible, open hips to do the splits. Start with a plank position with hands below the shoulders. Next, put one foot forward next to your hand’s pinky finger. Relax through your hips and back, lowering them slowly. Hold it for 30 seconds while maintaining proper breathing. Do the same position on the opposite leg.

  1. Splits

Although you might not be there right away, you’ll be able to do the splits if you do it gradually. You can use blocks to support your body. Then you can take out one block and then the next. Slowly sink into full splits by sliding your front heel forward with your hands on the ground for support. Breathe and focus on relaxing your muscles.

You will need to practice to make your body relaxed when you’re doing the splits. You will also need to do warm stretches to prime your body before doing the splits you can do sets of toe-touch at one minute per set. Doing these exercises will affect your daily workout and mobility. You will feel the difference in how you move and how your body tends to feel with every motion.