The Council of Radiant Light: Why Not Start This Year Differently?

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomDear Friends,

The day opens before you in new ways. Do you feel the newness of it? Pause for a moment and relax. Consider that this moment is utterly new. This moment is not a transformed, progressed version of what was. What was is complete and this is new now.

When we say this, we mean so much more than is evident at first glance. Everything you are experiencing is unified and whole and that unified whole manifest reality is entirely new. It’s not so much that you’re moving through time and space, it’s more that you’re appearing to move because you, and everything around you “flash on and off” and each moment you’re emanating as this appearance in a new way.

This may seem very abstract or conceptual to you. It’s not, but it is challenging to show you the underlying truth of your experience while you’re so used to translating it in a forward-moving, linear way.
So perhaps the most important message we can offer to you, about this is this: choose now as if you were starting everything over, creating it from the beginning, right now. Because in truth, you are.

Every moment you can simply choose as if nothing came before you. You have the power to begin again – on anything. It may help to imagine that you set aside everything that is, right now. Then you consider: since I have the power to begin again, what do i choose? Imagine how you’d like it to be and feel how you’d like to feel, what you’d be living and how it would feel to you. Think of what you want. Catch yourself if you’re trying to say “none of this…” and instead focus what you do want.

Use your attention in this new, creative and entirely free way by focusing on what you choose to create now, and feeling into that and do so with no regard for what-is, or what has been.

This level of freedom is here for you. Available to you. Life is operating at this level of openness and responsiveness. You are seen, heard and tended to. What you treat as real you make real.

You can refresh everything intentionally by choosing to use your attention and your conversation in ways that open up a new flow of unfolding life.

The only way to understand how powerful you are is to experiment with your life, freely. To try out using your attention in dramatically different ways and notice what happens.

There are infinite options for who you can be in this expression and for how you can live. You will feel the options that correspond to you in form and energy – those that you are naturally capable of expressing. Meaning you will be drawn toward the desires that are resonant with you. You can trust what you want and know that by the time you want it, it’s already a potential that you’re got enough affinity with to receive as an idea – it’s already moving into your field of potentials and possibilities, seeking expression in manifest life. You can recognize this, enjoy this and watch with curiosity how Creation brings this about for you.

You can see the different manifestations that come forth from this use of focus. From welcoming desire as an invitation and moving in that direction mentally and as you’re inspired to, in action.

Step into that lifestyle you want to live. In whatever way, it feels obvious and natural to you now to do so. Choose freely who you want to be and how you want to live. All of this is available to you.

Do so, with no concern for the transition. Don’t feel a need to figure out the transition, or think too much about how. Just consider what you want, why it feels like a good thing to you and then have fun and enjoy your day.

Most of you get in the way of change by trying hard to make it happen. Many of you do not realize that the changes you have created have largely come into being in the moments when you stop trying and let go.

When you’re not asking over and over to have it right this minute and to know what to do next to make that happen…now. When you recognize that desire itself is the beginning of a new experience and you see it as the invitation it is, respond with acceptance and begin to incorporate this into your expectations, then you discover how quickly and gracefully life can show up in new ways.

Every moment is entirely new. You cannot make the sunrise show up faster than it is. You cannot know what colors will be present in the morning sky. But you can anticipate that it will be beautiful and look. Noticing what each moment gives.

The creation in your life takes place in how you use your attention, what you converse about – out loud and in your head – and in the ways you, as consciousness, tune your energy. How you feel tells you what your field is doing vibrationally. All the keys to knowing how to live well are in these few simple details.

Why not start this year differently?
What if you decide to lay back, give up overcomplicating things and instead, focus on feeling good? What if you consider that perhaps you’ve held back some of your delicious manifest experiences from blooming into all they could be, simply by trying too hard and tuning yourself to unworthiness…as you feel you must make things happen, you demonstrate a belief that it is action and work that results in a change. If you want ease and allowing to be the way you’re life evolves and elevates, then live as if you believe that.

Choose ease. Choose pleasure. Disregard the past and begin again, now. Freely. Since you can. What do you choose, now? How would you most like to feel? Start there. Good ideas and fun things can flow forth from there.

Life is prolific, diverse, generous and ever-expanding. That does not mean that living needs to be complicated. There are a lot of options for how you might live. If it appeals to you, you can keep it simple. Get up each day and remind yourself: everything is new. Then consider how you want to feel and return to that often. Practice shaping your energy by using your attention and conversation to generate the feelings you prefer and let the rest be delivered to you, magnificently.

Ease, and joy, love and happiness, awe and a sense of life getting better and better are very real options. You can live in such a way that you repeatedly create your energy so these feelings are familiar to you and life delivers resonant manifestations. It’s already doing this – giving you reliably, steadily, that which feels like you’ve been mostly feeling.

You can be skillful in living in this more elevated and conscious way. You are free to embrace who you truly are and let life fulfill you. You can understand that sometimes what shows up is simply residual energy on it’s way out and not give it to much mind. Nothing that shows up is ever any indication of who you are. It’s just reflecting back to you where you’ve been, in consciousness, in focus.

It really does not take very much intentional shaping of your energy and mood into those states you prefer before the very beautiful things you enjoy begin to flood your what-is reality and surround you with similar vibrational expressions of this new state you’re creating.

You, and Life Itself are dynamic. Stop asking for it all to be done. Stop asking impossible things of yourself. Be real. Live in the now. Choose freely. Focus on how you feel as the indication of what you’re doing with your focus and choose to harmonize with that. Harmonize and orient to what you care about.

Amidst the magnificent expansive of this ever-increasing manifest reality, you have to choose more deliberately what you focus on, to allow something different to show up. It’s really that simple. Why not start this year differently – by feeling as you want to feel, unconditionally, directly, day after day…moment after moment, and letting that change in energy shape what emanates and appears as your experience?


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