Dear Mr. Trump; Time to Address the Nation

uncovering truth eraoflightdotcomDear Mr. Trump— Time to Address the Nation

I have it on good authority that we are dealing —not with a natural virus and not even with a genetically engineered virus, but with a hemolytic poison created by self-replicating nanotechnology.

A poison for which no known antidote exists.

I am told this technology was pioneered by Monsanto which created Genetically Modified plant species that produce their own herbicides and fungicides.

In a bizarre twist on the theme, the same kind of technology has, reportedly, been employed to modify human cells and hijack them to produce hemolytic toxins.

Those who created this monster know it well and must be forced to come clean about its structure and its means of replication and whatever else is known about it immediately.

If this is indeed the truth, don’t hide it for any reason. We will need the best quantum engineers and bio-engineers on the planet to prevent wholesale depopulation of the Earth and long term damage to the environment.

Again, if this new information is true, don’t wait to determine and outline the nature of the threat to the public and the worldwide scientific community. The only way we can deliver an antidote is by knowing what the poison is and the only way we can jam nanobots is by knowing their nature and structure.

Just because Chinese engineers have tried and failed to solve these issues does not imply that our engineers and Allies cannot find the necessary answers.

If this is true, President Trump, it’s time to declare war not only against this particular threat but against viral agents in general and GMO programs in particular. This Pandora’s Box —and the men and the corporations responsible— must be closed down with extreme and lasting prejudice.

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