Goddess of Creation: You Are Love!

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomHappy day of love. This channel was just before Valentine’s Day so the Goddess of Creation wanted to work with the vibration of love. I know we speak often about love and the many, many ways in which you can experience its vibration. This channel is really amazing as a means of integrating love. Throughout the channel the Goddess speaks of the many different ways in which love affects you in life.

In the beginning the Goddess worked with us about understanding who we are as soul. Our soul is who we truly are in this lifetime and all time. It was interesting that as she asked about love and how people looked at it; most were looking outwards towards their relationships. Therefore, the first step to any relationship of love is opening to and allowing the energy of self-love. This channel will help you to understand that it’s not just about opening to self, it’s about actually allowing it to become part of your life.

Once you are solidly within the flow of self-love, you can then look outward. Your life is filled with relationships. There are those that you consider your love relationships and those that might be work or casual. As you allow the flow of love to a part of you, it will allow you to interpret every other relationship in a new way. The crystalline energy has its foundation in love. Therefore, if you are love, you are strengthening your life and all relationships. This will create amazing changes!

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in your everyday life. You are here present. You are the one living your life, having these experiences, being in this now moment. As you do so I invite you to just periodically bring your focus back within.

Society upon the earth is very focus driven, or shall we say is very focused. Most people are taught from a young age to have goals within their life, to always have a purpose, to always be working towards something. In fact, not always is it acceptable to have that time of being quiet, or being in what you might call a down moment.

The other thing that goes along with that is that frequently there are so many distractions that are coming into you. It becomes very challenging to turn them off. You have your social media. You have your news. You have your shows on TV. You have all of these various ways in which you can gather information.

Your phone is always with you. Your phone is always giving you the updates on things and what that is doing is that it is always stimulating a part of your Consciousness, which is also tapping into that focused awareness or being always turned on so-to-speak. I therefore would like to take a part of this evening to talk about the importance for just turning things off, for just sitting quietly, for just being in nature; for listening to yourself if you choose not to do anything in a day.

I can hear some of you say, “Ahh that’s hard”. Indeed, it may be hard to make a change in your life, however, this is something that might actually nurture you and give you greater energy and focus when you go back to whatever it is that you may need to do. So, food for thought.

If your body or your mind is telling you take a break, back off, slow it down, then give yourself the permission to do so. And if there are certain things that you cannot let go off, or you have to get done, then open up the door and ask, “How can I still find some pockets where I can rest and relax”. Indeed, this is but a way of nurturing yourself.

Take a deep breath in, and as you breathe in follow that breath, light and energy that moves in through your nose. It goes down through your heart center and then from there it goes all the way through and down into the earth.

As you align with Gaia open up your senses that you may feel the pulsation and the heartbeat of the Earth. This heartbeat is ever present, sometimes quite dim, other times massive. This is a wonderful way that you may calm your energies and ground all of your consciousness within you. Allow that vibration of Gaia to come back up through you. You then send your focus and your awareness up into your upper energy bodies and it goes out through the top of your head until you find yourself aligning with your Higher Self.

People will ask us, “How do I know I’m linking to my Higher Self? How is it different than my everyday self? What is my Higher Self? Why does it even matter?” You as your Soul are a very high vibration. You as the Human vibrate at earthly levels and dimensions. Therefore, the blend that is your Divinity and your Personality from this lifetime creates a place in which it comes together and this is your Higher Self.

This is why when you allow your focus and your energy to go up into that space you have that bigger perspective that comes from Soul. You also have that energy and blend that supports you in your everyday life. So, all that you need to do is send your focus and your consciousness up. It may feel to you as if it is exactly you in your Earthly existence however that intention of linking with that higher vibration does shift you upwards and it does give you that expanded reality.

You then move beyond your Higher Self. There is a stream of light, a stream of energy, that takes you all the way up in to your Soul energy. I call it the Soul Plane because it’s a dimension or a vibration in which many of the people from the Earth’s energies find that part of their Soul is available to them.

So, within the Soul Plane as your Consciousness moves into this space you feel that sense of blending or merging with your Divinity and as you move within open to feel the love. Open to feel that sense of coming home. Open to know that this is you and that you are a magnificent soul essence with unlimited potential. This is your number one fan so to speak, because it is you with the knowledge that you can have that light that you are seeking to have. You have the ability to learn, or do, or experience anything that you so choose.

When your Human self is in a space of limitation your Soul steps in to say “Yes you got this. Yes, you will succeed. Yes, all is well.” Take a moment and just feel as if the flow, and the vibration, and the essence moves through.

I the Goddess walk into this space. I reach out to each one of you, I embrace you. Our energies merge and as they do so it transforms into the space of the All That Is. As you feel the All That Is allow your Consciousness to stretch out in every direction.

When last we got together, (speaking of the teleconference Integrating Your Senses, January 19, 2020) I had created a sense of a bubble so that you could really focus your perception. This time as we stretch your Consciousness out in every direction take a moment and just open up all of your senses. As you do so is there a perception that you pick up with your inner eyes. That you may feel. That you may know or that you may hear. Within the space of the All That Is the energies are amplified in such a way that you have the potential to experience the finer nuances or the more global reality. Coming within this space I invite you to open to love.

Upon Earth as you are coming up to Valentine’s Day there is a lot that people speak about love. You have your cards. You have the candy, the flowers. You have people talking about their relationships with one another. As always, I think this is a great time to speak about your first relationship which is within you.

Consider your life, consider love. It makes me smile, because when I say that intrinsically people look at their partners, their family, their friends. There are some of you that look inward and this is where I wish to begin. As you look inward if your first instinct when I asked about love was to look outwards, then I invite you to go in within your thoughts, within your consciousness.

As you do so open to love. Open to love that comes from your Divinity and as I speak of this how does that impact your life? Very good, interesting. What I saw in people as I said that was that some of you had that wide-open column of light that just beamed down upon you. However, I saw many of you as if you were sipping through a straw. Just this tiny thin stream of love coming down from your Divinity.

I invite you to open up to that visual as if you are standing under this shower or beam of light which is your Divinity sending you unconditional love. I even have the sense that the energy of that love becomes golden, rosy, pink, magenta. These various colors that resonate with each individual.

As this flows within and around you, I invite you to ask yourself a question, “Am I open to receive love from my Divinity and self-love for the person I am in this life”. For some I could hear this YES. For others I could hear maybe yes, maybe no. If there is anything at all within you that is keeping you from receiving love, both from your human perspective and your divine, I invite you to let that come up within you, bringing it up, bring it up, ~whew~, and let that go.

Limitation of any sort within your life will impact every part of your life. If you feel that you are limited in your potentials for what you can accomplish that limited vibration seeps also into receiving and expressing love. If you feel that you are limited in your relationships, then that limitation also flows over into the opportunities that you may have. Therefore, we just cleared so I would like to ask each one of you if you can just open the door to all that beautiful multi colored sparkling light, and I ask you to be open to receive. Give yourself permission to receive love in your life.

Most often if you are critical that is criticism against yourself. Therefore, if there is something that you feel that is unworthy of love within you take that aspect of yourself, that experience that you may have had, that belief system whatever it may be and simply open up and receive the love into that moment. If there is that sense of not being good enough open up and receive love into that belief system. If you have done something within your life that you keep carrying around as a burden open up and receive love. You need not prove anything when it comes to love, you need only receive. Love is the game changer.

As you feel that all of this moves within you, I now invite you to look outwards. Consider the relationships you have within your life and then consider love. In any of these relationships is there a sense of having to prove yourself or to act in a particular way. If so, send love into that moment. Shift that sense of having to prove yourself into a space of being. As you do so this strengthens you giving you the ability to then share that outward into any relationship.

Another aspect that is coming through in people is that sense of imbalance in their relationships. Like perhaps you put more into the relationship, you’re putting yourself out there, your initiating things and then the other individual just receives. The perception to you is that it is imbalanced. From within this perception you flow love and let love be the equalizer between you and that other individual and that relationship. There may be particular times and which it is imbalanced, but on the whole, it is in a state of balance.

If you have particular relationships that you find are bringing you down. Say you spend time with that individual and the whole time you feel yourself just kind of sinking. You’re not laughing, there’s not joy, there’s not a sense of community with that individual, then perhaps it is time to let it go. You can absolutely take a moment, or several, and then bring you and that individual into this space of love seeing if there’s a way to clear out energies; to clear out the past; to clear out anything that no longer serves and then perhaps that relationship will change.

If there is a relationship in which you feel love for another individual. It’s something that really nurtures you, and it’s a mutual relationship where your love nurtures them and their love nurtures you, then let the vibration of that flow through you in this now moment. Allow yourself to feel the expansion that takes place within you. Let this vibration shift to some of these other experiences, because the vibration in one part of your life affects the vibration in other parts of your life.

Indeed, I invite you to have the intention that you allow the vibration of love to actually move through you into that signature cell within you. That space which is your core. That space where cell upon cell upon cell is regenerated again and again and again. Infuse it with love and you may find that love is already very much a part of that cellular structure. However, we are infusing it with a conscious love.

The conscious love that is unconditional and through this unconditional love you feel compassion, awareness, strength, empowerment, the ability to manifest anything within your life, because your foundation is love. As we amplify that it is as if you are loving and nurturing those cells and then it moves from cell, to cell, to cell as if it begins to circulate throughout your entire body. The vibration of love goes within every muscle within you, every organ within you. Every part of what makes you human is infused with the vibration of love.

Through this you also have that sense that there is an easy alignment that comes with love and allow that alignment with love to be within you, and let it move outward to every relationship. Let it move outward into your perspective on life. Let it move outward so that all may have the love and compassion that comes from you. Can you feel yourself growing? Can you feel how this is anchoring you in a new way within your life?

Love is the foundation for a life that enriches every aspect of who you are.

I invite you to gather together as a group. I could see with this vibration that many of you went way out into the further reaches of the All That Is. So perhaps you wish to stay and continue with whatever you were working on. For the rest, gather together as a group. I invite you to have a sense of creating a circle. As you tap into all of that energy and vibration of love, first and foremost within you and then with your relationship with others, let that come up from within your consciousness and it is as if you create this ball if energy that we have been speaking about from within your consciousness. Then you send that into the center of the group and everyone’s intentions, and the flow of everyone’s love, creates its own ball of light. Again, I see those beautiful colors. I see sparkles.

There is a pulsation that represents the vibration. Within this energy is love as a foundation for life, and with that as your foundation it’s also about love and communication with others. Love and acceptance and compassion. Love in all the forms that you may experience it in life.

Whoof there was a surge with that and as this ball continues to expand, we consciously send a flow of it that moves out into the Universe so that it may anchor within the aspects of you that are out and within the Universe, but the other planets in the stars. The rest of it goes down into the Earth and as it moves through the Collective Consciousness it is clearing out anything that is of a lesser vibration so that the remainder literally go through the Earth, the Consciousness, and then it anchors within Gaia.

As this solid, solid, solid formation of love is anchored within the Earth it strengthens Gaia, it strengthens that pulsation of the heart beat that you felt at the beginning. It then moves up through all the various levels of the Earth. You’ve fed the Collective Consciousness from the outside so you’re clearing it from the inside so that love is all that moves through.

Allow your own energy of love to come up within you. It comes up through Gaia and then you bring the remainder of your Consciousness back. It comes back through your Divinity. It comes back through your Higher Self and as you breathe deeply you bring it all back within you, anchoring it within you. I invite you to just sit quietly with this energy.

Feel the pulsation of Gaia. Know that you are anchoring love within Gaia. Feel the remainder of your own Divinity coming back within you and as your Consciousness comes from within. Consider the way in which you anchor love into every cell within your body, and then sit with this heartbeat a little longer and consciously send the pulsation of love and light through every relationship in your life, and for those as yet to be created.

This is anchoring you in love. This is creating a new beginning of love from here forth. Take a deep breath in and be open to receive.

As we bring this evening to a close we invite you to once again as we’re moving into this time of Valentine’s upon the Earth; open to the love within you from a cellular level moving outward through every part of your consciousness, be love, be all that you seek to be and have and experience in your life. Send that outwards into all of your relationships. Send love into all that you do. Because you as your core are love.

Know that I am always with you and within you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net