The 9D Arcturian Council: A Spiritual Leader to Unite Humanity

arcturian symbol eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exploring the many timelines that you have created since the beginning of this calendar year, and we have been noticing a common theme in those timelines. Humanity appears to want to create the experience of a leader. This leader would not be seen as a savior by all of you, but rather, as a spiritual teacher who also demonstrates spiritual gifts and abilities that wake people up and get them listening to the message that this leader will bring.

Now is a time when someone can easily gain millions of followers on the Internet, even without ever appearing in a movie or television show. Therefore, the possibility of a human living among you, rising up to a level of fame and notoriety that would parallel that of your biggest movie stars and pop stars is very high. There is an asking that the human collective consciousness has done, and that asking is for a person to be one who will unite the opposite ends of the spectrum, in terms of what you all believe in.

We are talking about someone who can bring together the new age community, all religions, and atheists. We are talking about someone who can even gain the respect of the scientific community. Now, of course, people will project their own beliefs onto this individual, making them out to be someone they are not, but ultimately that won’t even matter because the message being delivered will be so strong and so powerful. If being on one of these timelines is appealing to you, then we recommend that you harmonize with this story that we are telling and that you are subconsciously co-creating.

We can see this potential as one that will result in the awakening of so many on your planet that the changes will start to occur that you have all been anticipating, and from what we can see this is an individual that has no notoriety on the global scale at this time. So you don’t need to start guessing about who it is or who it will be, but you do want to start feeling for what this person who unites the human collective consciousness might feel like to you. You do want to start imagining that reality and how you would feel in it.

You, as a collective, are ready for some very big changes, and you are the ones co-creating these timelines. We are just the ones reporting the facts as we see them, and they are pretty exciting facts to be witnessing, from our perspective.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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The 9D Arcturian Council

» Channel: Daniel Scranton

12 Replies to “The 9D Arcturian Council: A Spiritual Leader to Unite Humanity”

  1. Angelic Energy

    I believe the Arcturian Council meant to provoke with this message. If your responsenis: “Could they be speaking about me?” And it is not accompanied by thought of who that day “I could never reach that many people” or that day “I could be rich/famous” then they will begin to connect with you directly. For the response that says, “Those are the beliefs that will change the world: absolute, unconditional unity and acceptance of all. Those are the beliefs of my soul and they are reflected in my life. Then you are already that leader. Humanity will be united as one leader that leader will never be known to any because that leader is the collective soul of humanity. We will walk together as student and teacher, leader and follower always acknowledging that the only true duality is that we are already both leader and follower in one body. I am yours as you are mine.

  2. bodhimoss

    The Arcturians are claiming “humanity desires a leader.” Really? Isn’t ascension about learning to lead yourself? Perhaps the newly awakened are hoping someone will step forward in the nick of time and show them the exit door from the matrix, but that’s not how ascension works.

    Then they go on to presume this leader should be someone who will unite all belief systems and “gain the respect of the scientific community.” Why? The 3d scientific community is mostly a sham at this point, having forced us to parrot their systems of lies all of our lives: human history, geology, archeology, astronomy, medicine… to name a few of their falsified fiascos. We can’t even get an actual video of our planet spinning 1000 mph. Scientists and other self-proclaimed experts have lost all credibility; they will have to wake up just like the rest of us- the hard way, down a long and solitary road.

    I speak to the Arcturians often and admire them as wise beings, I even take their advice from time to time, but IMHO this channelling sounds really off.

    1. Doodie Cee

      The dark side is taking desperate measures to convince us that we are incompetent and unable to fend for ourselves. Thus, posts such as this will pop up frequently.
      I plan to prove them wrong.

    2. Chad Downey

      The one who emerges as a leader to unite will be a gatekeeper from the 3rd dimension to the 5th. This is called harmony through conflict. You are very much still looking at things in a 3D sense. The leader who emerges will be relatable but will have pulled himself out of the darkness and organically learned how to align himself with higher aspects of himself through simple principles and ancient wisdom. The key to truly become a multidimensional being and walking the rainbow bridge by mastery of self. Balance is the key. To balance all 5 elements is fully embody the I AM. You my friend are not in harmony with certain elements. Youll see. It was said that some people wont accept me. These are the people who are stuck in the mind/ego such as yourself. We are in the soul light era now. To ascend you must let go of mind over matter and step into soul over mind. Heaven didnt send just anyone to emerge. They sent tho one guy who started this whole thing in the first place.

  3. Jimipickle

    We accept supernovas in sports, we accept them in beauty and intelligence, but when it comes to a really savvy truth speaking enlightened one…we cry foul. I welcome this individual, I wish to have challenging and enlightened conversations with someone who can speak the truth that I know. I am not looking for a god figure or mom/dad figure, but I am looking for someone other than who i have currently…failed science, govt, banks, colleges…I will discern the truth myself so please, let these supernovas go! Actually, choose to become one, choose to be a Real Supernova!

    I am! Choose me!

    Look, on the ground, is that a lizard? Or a monkey?

    No, it’s Jimipickle!

    Wearing a camo sports coat and headphones, please welcome…


    Yep, send in an expert, then, let You decide…

    1. Doodie Cee

      Yes, Jimipickle, I choose you to be our advocate. LOL
      “Saviour” is the incorrect term for this position. It denotes that we need saving somehow.
      I say that we all pitch in together to manifest many advocates, specific to our communities. That way everyone can share the Love.
      And so it is.
      Blessed be.

  4. Isdra

    As above comments, I too am not a fan of that timeline. A slippery slope. Im certainly open to whatever best serves but people need truthful info and then make up their own minds. If main stream media cracks and starts truth telling, that would awaken many and become a forum for honest brokers.

  5. Doodie Cee

    I agree, Doug.
    We all have the ability to save ourselves. No need for a “Messiah” to enter the picture.

    1. Chad Downey

      Cant go wrong sending Thor to teach and unite. Stop being so negative and weird and balance your 5 elements.

  6. Doug

    Hmmmmm…..a Savior….not a fan of that timeline. Giving our power away to some to fix it all. I know of a few who think they are the Messiah. But all of them have big ego issues. So….we shall see.

    1. Chad Downey

      The one they sent will be fully balanced and able to walk the rainbow bride at will. Your 3D perception of whats about to go down is incorrect.