Things You Didn’t Know About Adopting a Dog

did you know eraoflightdotcomOwning any kind of pet means that you’ll be happier and less anxious, but it also means shouldering the responsibility of taking care of its needs on a daily basis, even if you’re a busy person. That’s what people seem to forget when they decide they want to own a pet. Adopting a dog is no different, but there are also some details that they might be missing out on, so before you bring a new dog to your house, you might want to put the following facts into consideration first.

Each Dog is Unique

Everyone is different, and so are dogs. This is what you will see when you spend time with more than one dog. It’s not just about their breeds, either. You’ll notice that every dog will act differently, which means that some might need extra care than others. This also plays a part when you’re introducing your dog to your family, friends, or significant other. If this is your first dog, you might want to see our community to get the hang of raising a puppy for the first time. It’s always a good idea to read about everyone’s experiences with their own adopted dogs, and how they act around their owners. And before you pick up a dog from an animal shelter or adoption agency, it is better to ask about that dog’s behavior and seek advice on how to train it.

Settling in Will Take Time

Taking any dog into a new home and expecting to adapt to the new environment will not happen on the first day. Dogs, especially adopted ones, can be shy when they find themselves in a new place. Don’t worry, though, these dogs just need a bit of coaxing and care to come out of their shell and move freely around their new home. You will just have to be patient and give them space first. Remember not to force them to eat, walk, play around, etc., as this might scare them off.

Shelter Dogs Need More Training

Since shelter dogs were exposed to minimal human interaction in shelters, they will need more training. Therefore, preparing a training course for your new pet is a good idea, as it can take a bit of time for the dog to learn. However, the social nature of dogs will not change and they will always look forward to pleasing you, so be patient when you train your dog, and the results will certainly be rewarding.

It’s Not as Cheap as You Might Think

When you adopt a dog, you will have to feed it certain diets, train it, drive it to the vet regularly, and take it for walks on a daily basis. Sometimes, you’ll even have to buy a weatherproof coat or paw protectors for it to wear on cold, rainy days. These are all tasks that you’ll have to put on your busy schedule, so you need to be sure that you can handle all this. Your dog will also need grooming, toys, a collar, and a harness, which will all cost you a pretty penny. If you can’t afford these necessities, you won’t be able to take care of your pet properly.

They Need Regular Vet Examinations

Dogs living in shelters are usually microchipped and vaccinated, but this is not always the case. So, it is better to stay on the safe side and do the regular veterinary check ups before you let your new pet wander around the house. A vet can also help if your dog is showing signs of separation anxiety. Be mindful of the fact that your dog does not need another pup in these cases; it wants to be with you.

Adopting a Dog Keeps its Population Down

Allowing dogs to mate will increase dog population, which will result in overflowing shelters with dogs that probably won’t ever find a home, so adopting one will decrease that number, and it will be one less dog that can’t find a home. That’s why it’s a good idea to neuter or spay your dog. There are laws in most states that require dogs to be neutered or spayed to control the animal population, so your shelter may have already had them spayed before you can adopt them.

Adopting a dog means that you’re saving a life. You could’ve saved it from terrible circumstances, illness, or worse: death. Because adopting a pet is a commitment, make sure that you do thorough research on adoption, the breed you’d like to have, and how to take care of an adopted dog. If you find yourself capable of all that, then you should definitely go for it.