A Field of Distortions Seeking Alignment

we are one love eraoflightWell the UK is waking up to the continuation of Dennis clearing away the energy surrounding our lands, which means ultimately each who is a part of this earth, who is rooted here receives the fresh available fields, however as we know everything is a spectrum, therefore those who are unconscious and walking sleepily begin to receive their opportunities to rise with the frequency, the same pattern as the steps we are now taking to release the old way, to release from attachments no longer serving for our collective evolution.

This means we all step up, those moving through situations in alignment with the movement hold the frequency to enter the fresh field of experience. Those not yet resonating receive the experiences and opportunities to release, to then match frequency and move through.

Then we have the absolute avoiders in which no matter the sense in detaching choose to continue in their belief/way to then find themselves existing in a fast spin, looping like a short circuit, only because the patterns are supporting release and realise experiences the distortion manifests in the dis-ease and torment within the physical body until burn out or perhaps lights out as we have recently been seeing. If we don’t deal and align our physical reality then all the discord is taken within the physical body and destructs from within, hence why out there healing presents a slower looping, as it acts as a sticky plaster.

It’s time to go in, to the raging furnace within that acts as a nuclear powerplant generating explosive realities.

I think we can all agree the intensity has doubled, the speed has doubled everything is getting rather loud everywhere in everything.

This is the reason, this is the purpose of the work I am currently doing, the new space I have opened in the website, a place in which I can share all the paths that lead to zero point, where I can share all the patterns that bring perfect sense in the spaces where at first glance all is seen is nonsense.

And I can do this, without a flicker in the field, because of the keys held and fully embodied.

That is alignment.

There is a purpose to everything that is being experienced right now, but the trouble is this cannot be truly seen and lived in its truth until we are able to go deep within ourselves and realise this has all been existing within us, that all of “that” is a reflection of the torment and the contradictions within, the unconscious aspects, that each have been projecting out into y/our own individual field which becomes the collective field.

A field of distortons, seeking alignment.

If life is becoming confusing, if you are aware there is more to this but you just can’t see then know that whilst this feels confusing the truth is you are actually in the most perfect space, the space of opportunity, the space in which you can now seek the next gem of light that will change the direction in which you have been travelling.

I am currently building up a wonderful video library in the Opal Portal in which I share short videos on topics such as meditation, dreams, twin flames that begin to breakdown many of the current beliefs or non-understanding and will restart your journey into a much more aligned and open space.

Chasing beliefs with no roots has proven itself to be a fruitless task, you only need look at the “spiritual arena” to see that none of those ways have been working.

Healers are crying out, teachers are spinning.

I closed all connections with most spiritual groups for a good few months, and a few days ago I decided to take a look at what is happening, my Eye opened even wider as I realised there was no expansion, in fact very much the opposite.

This now makes all the more sense as to why the new home of A Gift from Gaia has been birthed now, the codes and keys I share are most definitely required for those now ready to leave the seeker phase and settle on their cosmic surfboard as a Pro Finder.

I have been existing in a bubble, my field has been the SOUL-AR Alignment Group where there is constant streams of conscious awareness and we are surfing clearly, seeing and understanding the All.

Fully supported, because I am surrounded by Finders.

And it makes a Crystal Clear difference!

Please use the contact form on the website if you would like to touch base and find out how I/we can support you to bring your experience to a more calm, knowing and precision energy where you can sit comfortably in the commanders seat of your ship and begin navigating your way through this evolution, together with a whole bunch of amazing dedicated ships all travelling in the same direction.

Meanwhile I plan to release a new Code Breaker video that explains Divine Detachment, so stay tuned and I will let you know when it’s ready.

Also, please let me know areas and topics you would like to be covered, perhaps you get confused with some of the language and terminology I use and would like some clarification?

Well if you do, someone else will too and there is nothing I love more than expansion, sharing gems and popping old belief systems.

So please leave a comment below if you have an idea.

So much love to All!

Now to look outside and see if I’m in the UK or if I’m off to find the wizard too 💙💙💙

P.S I’m sharing my most favourite video I took recently of serenity and calm, to balance out the storms we are all moving through, one way or another, literally or not, storms are most definitely present.

I left a huge seed crystal here, an energy imprint, can you feel it?

#sacredunion #divinefeminine #divinemasculine


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