Ashtar: Corona Virus and 5G

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomThe Corona Virus was released in Wutan, China. Wutan is also the first city in China to go 5G. They did this in 2019. People are already making the connection so I confirmed this with Ashtar: They are using 5G to kill us!

I believe that the story of the virus being stolen from Canada and brought by 2 students is just a cover-up story to make us believe that the virus came from outside of ourselves. No! We are capable of producing viruses within our bodies! I’m not saying this because I’m a Canadian. In fact, I couldn’t care less as I see myself as a Vegan, not an earthling anyway.

Here are some of my posts on this as well as Ashtar’s comments:

I intuited this yesterday. They’re using 5G to kill us. Wifi already makes so many people ill. They’re controlling our minds with low level energy waves (like microwaves), so now they’re controlling our bodies.

5G, our “wonderful” wifi “advanced technology” works with our DNA (which has been altered, of course) to create lethal viruses within us. No wonder Ivo told me to move away from the cities, especially away from the American border.

5G has to stop. Chemtrailing has to stop. All of these things are being used together to create lethal spreadable diseases within us.

It’s not the animals, or eating them, this is bio-warfare and we’re the targets! We’re being used to become the creators of our own disease! If you think that’s impossible, then ask yourself what cancer is – it’s your own body gone haywire to create a disease within you. There is no virus or bacteria for cancer. It doesn’t have an external source – you create your own cancer.

Ashtar confirms this is the reality. He says not to fear it because when you fear, your DNA works less effectively to protect you from disease. Your DNA responds to your emotions. Make sure you keep your frequency high to protect yourself and others. On that point, read on.

You’re saving lives daily, and you don’t even know it. How are you doing this?

Ashtar: They (the dark ones) understand you’ll be leaving to go to 5D. They don’t really care about the higher vibrators except for the fact that you’re in the fourth dimension, which is where they are launching this final set of attacks. Your presence in 4D stops their plans from coming to fruition. So they want the lightworkers gone. Either killed off or ascended to higher dimensions, they don’t care. They just don’t want you messing with their plan.

Me: Too bad for them. Because I’m messing.

Ashtar: Your raising the vibration of the collective helps to keep people alive at this point, Sharon. Many perhaps don’t realize that. You’re holding up the organic population of humans on this planet and saving them from demise, just by being here!

Me: It feels like it some days. LOL

Ashtar: You’re intervening in their lives because you’re allowed to, by divine decree. We only wish more lightworkers would raise their vibration. That way more humans would be saved from the dark’s attempts to kill them off.

Me: So it’s not only just that the consciousness of the planet is raised, it’s that we’re keeping them alive.

Ashtar: Raising of the consciousness does keep them alive.

Consciousness is life. Lack of consciousness is death

This is why those who are going to 5D have not gone yet. Because they have to stay behind and hold a high vibration for the rest of the collective – because the rest of the collective isn’t. The collective isn’t ready to ascend, and what’s worse, are being subjected to these dark attacks because their frequency is so low.

I was contacted by one lightworker yesterday who is deliberately listening to darkworkers. Why? They’re lying. Why would you listen to them? And what’s more, come to me to tell me what the darkworker said. Oh yes, so I can be exposed to the lie as well. I seriously don’t think people take this seriously enough. Now we’re seeing what’s at stake – they’re setting up 5G all over the world to produce low level waves that will create viruses within our bodies! Isn’t that enough to get you to take it seriously? Do I have to remind people of the scalar beams they’re starting fires with in California, Australia and other parts of the world? Do I have to remind you of how Monsanto is poisoning our food supply, vaccines are causing death and vaccine injury in children… when will you start to take this seriously?

This kind of illogical behaviour is what keeps people chained to the lower timelines and this is what’s holding back the entire Ascension process – we each make a contribution. Everything every one of us says and does either moves the collective forward or backward. We have absolute one hundred percent responsibility in this right now. And so many aren’t exercising that because we still think we don’t matter. We DO matter. We came here and were born on this earth to matter, to make a difference and it’s best to step into that responsibility and take it seriously – because there’s no way to avoid it. That’s what you came here to do.

Every lightworker at this time is scheduled to either return home, reincarnate here, or to lose their reincarnation privileges. It depends on their frequency. That means if you fall to the dark side, that you will not be able to return to earth or anywhere else, and will be taken to trial on another planet and possibly incinerated in the central sun. Absolute death. This is how serious this is.

There are many lightworkers who will require to be reincarnated here again because they haven’t finished their projects, and others will just return home.

I know of one lightworker who hasn’t woken up sufficiently and is experiencing ascension symptoms now along with the rest of the earthlings. This is how effective the dark has been in waylaying many lightworkers.

The galactics can only implement change on this planet to the level that we can hold the change and incorporate it into our lives. In effect, they need our approval or acceptance, to create change just as much as the dark needs our approval in order to create the false reality of lies that they’ve been creating. Any refusal to accept the whole truth of the matter just stalls the liberation process further.

That’s why some people are awake and others are still asleep – because we believe different narratives – the Truth or the lies.

The Light tells us the truth to the extent that we can accept and incorporate it only; the dark lies in order to get us to accept that. Why? It’s because we’re the creators who have been designated to live on this planet and what happens here is a reflection of all of us collectively and is our responsibility. That’s why people have to wake up!! It’s our planet and what happens to us depends on how we think.

If we don’t have the capacity to live by the Truth, then they can’t physically remove the liars from this planet because it wouldn’t “stick” anyway. It might even backfire and work in favour of the dark!
We have to have the courage to see the Truth of what they’re doing on this planet – to the people, to the children, and that means above ground and underground. When we accept it, the galactics can move forward and implement more physical change.

That’s why ALL lightworkers MUST BE SEEKERS OF THE TRUTH. Find the narrative and stick with it. Your opinion means nothing – and can be manipulated by the dark to their advantage! So stop playing opinion games on Facebook!

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12 Replies to “Ashtar: Corona Virus and 5G”

  1. Elenor

    Friends, do pay attention this is almost entirely Sharon’s take on things. She did ask Ashtar about it, he did confirm her thoughts, but that’s it. Hence the unusualy ‘negative’ take on the topics.
    Sharon is fantastic. She knows what she’s doing.

  2. Cheri

    Lol! Well one thing I can assure you is nothing is being incinerated forever into the great central sun hahahaha! However this could be a misinterpreted metaphor for integration. This feels like clearing of the victim/savior programming within. Ashtar and all the other archetypes coming through us are living creational constructs within the quantum blueprints. The messages are huge conceptual quantum downloads and are only as good as our cells can interpret and our minds can recieve. It is a process to clear and recover the cellular integrity of our DNA.

    This virus business and 5g is yet another manifestation of the reoccurring patterns in the lower quantum fields. How many of these scares have we gone through with SARS and Asian Swine Flu. Same with climate change. Here we are again and Al Gore is still alive and well as are our polar bears hahahaha! 5g is the same as 4g and 3g before that with faster speeds. It is already here and in use and noone is dying. Microwaves were a big scare and now they are in every home. We live in an energetic construct. Everything affects us. It’s just a matter of correctly interpreting it.

    When you attach fear or victim savior archetypes you are aligning in resonance with the lower astral vibrations and miscreated energy. But it is a process we all are going through to constantly clear, download and realign our cellular structure within. It is just amazing what a great job we are doing as all our comments attest to. A rejection of the fear yet a compassion for the process. These channelers really put their internal process out there for all of us to see and I give them great credit for all the flack they take especially on social media such as facebook as it is such a wide open emotional rollarcoaster platform.

    I work on the blueprints and clearing out the consciouness and soul energy stuck and resonating in the lower astral holding these false programs and fear patterns. Mostly I work on recovering the fallen soul monad of the Illuminati as they are the holders of this matrix reality frequency within our omnipresence. We are making huge progress! The quantum blueprints are being cleared of all misqualified parallel realities and the soul energy is being recovered and reunited within their monadic structures. The elementals are being reconfigured back into full integrity. We are eternal consciousness animating DNA, nothing is ever left behind or abandoned. However our reality is a reflection of our vibration.

    Bizzare dreams right now as major reformatting of the blueprints is occurring! Since I work on recovering 3 different soul monads and collapsing their misqualified timelines I can finally see them disappearing from the blueprints as we are almost done getting through the thousands and thousands of fallen timelines on the grid (It has taken me 8 years working on this full time) . First we were all jamming into rooms in our father’s mansion which had checkerboard black and white tiles lol! Last night I saw myself disappearing like an erasure from a blank room that looked like an elevator. Like being erased slowly from head to toe, finally I stopped looking at my disappearing self and closed my eyes lol! The other two people in the elevator were talking about being frozen and cryogenics. I did come out the other side into another scenario. I reached out and touched a guy and asked if he could see me and got no response hahahaha!

    This is our consciousness withdrawing from participating in these timelines that froze and defractilized when omnipresence fell within this creational structure. Anything we can imagine lives on in parallel realities in this closed entropic system so we gotta stop resonating with fear and lack and destruction as all misqualified energy is now boomeranging back to us to clear and we will be beat over the head with it so to speak until we transmute it lol!

    I really feel for these dark ones now as they too are getting back all their dark and misqualified fragments to heal. I have seen their timelines and they are indeed a living hell. Just grotesque scenarios of fractured personalities and fragmented consciousness from massive abuse starting in the womb and their ultra programming, pedophilia, cannibalism and SRA torture. Yet I am starting to realize they have suffered the most from this fall in consciousness. Just abject suffering and so broken they kept recreating these hellish scenarios over and over through their satanic religion which was a gross distortion of self reflection. We are all part of this living angelic creation and these are the Nephilim. We are high vibrational consciousness in the flow allowing a fallen creational structure to heal through. All is incredibly well and we are in a massive recovery of the DNA library within!

    Love! 😘😇💚🥑🎭🕊🙏

    1. CYNTHI

      Hi Cheri! Love this comment which serves to educate on a level of which we should all be aware. Love raw phrase about negative energies boomeranging around to keep delivering more of the negative energy. This is totally true and a great personal motivation for spiritual growth!
      Love you, love your work, and many thanks for your work improving our timeline(s). Just sayin…:)

      Much Love…

      Cindy Lou

      1. Cheri

        Thank you Cindy! Working so hard on this! I so appreciate your love and support! My inner team calls it the “false grid”. My feeling is that the planetary chakras are closing down the fallen carbon structure in the blueprints and evolving into a crystalline template (the double diamond sun) which only supports creations in integrity and coherence. I am finally getting a much fuller picture of this process and what the heck I have been doing for 8 years lol!

        Because of the infiltration of the wheat the planetary grid was running an AI simulation projecting grotesque distortions and reversal patterns of anti violet light called “ultra” violet within the fallen octahedron or metatronic cube of the planetary lightbody.

        There is so much inner pain in this lightworker community because of these fallen patterns that have manifested within families and for those who are highly empathic within their subconscious memories. The planet is finally clearing the sine wave (serpent) running this fallen structure and all it’s belief systems and miscreations as a result.

        In a true creational planetary structure there are no “answers” or “outcomes” or “learning” required as this was part of the fallen grid which reflected itself as a flawed and a gross distortion. Experience is about source reveling in it’s creations and observing how all responds to our presence within the system. Joy is the only motivation for all of life. To fractilize itself in endless expression in response to the light.

        We either choose to embrace our joy or keep spinning a web of distortion within ourselves. I think the new planetary expression will force coherence and the creator within me says my work on the planetary structure will finally be done this year! Yay!

        Love your joy Cindy! You and I are very similar in radiating this quality. It’s just simply who we are hahahaha! Why fight it lol! So much love right back atcha girlfriend! 😘😇

  3. Doug James

    Not so.. it is a bioweapon that has been proven as wuhan has a bio lab it was stolen from. 5G isnt good for us true but it wouldn’t be this effective this fast and it wldnt travel to the US! Sad people create fake channeling messages but there still is ego to contend with.

    1. Doodie Cee

      Yes it is a bioweapon which Bill Gates has bank-rolled, but….. it has little effect on those of higher consciousness.
      Yet again another failed attempt at mass genocide.
      Poor, poor BG.
      Blessed be.

  4. TeeLight

    Catalyst for our light
    We can choose love, compassion and forgiveness, or we can choose fear, fight and judgement.
    I am rarely attacked anymore, I was told the dark cringes in fear to approach me, my light/love is so strong they haven’t been able to settle back in.
    And for those brave enough to try, bless their blocked little hearts, flee as soon as senses and presented with…
    “Do you come in the light and love of our Infinite Creator, with messages only of the highest good for all involved?”
    Never do I receive judgemental, fear based messages.
    So much love to this channel, if she ever sees the truth of the being she is connecting with it might plummet her to depths she never saw coming.
    I’m sending light for the highest good, it is literally the most we can, or should, do.

    1. Doodie Cee

      Yes, TeeLight, I’m finding that whenever I go out shopping, people give me a wide berth as well.
      So peaceful.

  5. Malibu Phoenix

    Ashtar does not do channelings like this! He has told me personally. If the message is not entirely of the light, it doesn’t come from him.

  6. Francis Burns

    “incinerated in the central sun”

    This post is not from the light, it is entirely fear based and designed to lower people’s vibration and ability.

    I suggest the channel re-evaluates who they think they are contacting because this certainly was not Ashtar.

    I also suggest the website owner takes more responsibility in reviewing information before posting it.

  7. andy

    This posting sounds uncharacteristically fear-based and does not resonate with the majority of the others. It sounds quite judgemental and what about the latent threat to have failed light workers incinerated in the central sun? I’m not sure I would be happy about including posts of this type on this site.