Aita’s Higher Self: False Words, Fake News, and Free Will

light waves eraoflightdotcomYou are wonderful our Dear Bright Human Beings, Divine Souls, Divine sparks of love and light, fragments of God Consciousness.

Your progress is remarkable indeed. And, the energies coming in are really wonderful. The time of the transition from the old third dimensional fear paradigm to the fifth dimensional love paradigm was, according to previous timelines, already to have been.

But, the corruption on Earth was such and the frequency so low, that few would have ascended. And, had Prime Creator released the big transitional Solar Flash, the so called “event,” Planet Earth would have been largely destroyed.

Her frequency was then too low to accommodate easily the very high vibration waves of love and light that the event would have contained. It was decided, therefore, that the solar flash would be postponed until Mankind, and Planet Earth, had released more of the negativity and risen to greater heights of love.

Instead of a sudden large event, Prime Creator and the Light Alliance decided to send ever increasing waves of Source Energy to Earth so that the fifth dimensional Consciousness could be gradually absorbed by both the Planet and Mankind.

This plan has worked very well indeed. Many, many Human Beings are awakening. They are processing their fears, their sorrow and their negative thinking.

They are awakening to the corruption, the deception perception that has been impressed upon them by the “powers that be.” They know that they have been, and are being, duped by the false words of the controllers every day. Fake words make up fake news to create a false perception of reality that has been imposed upon us for eons.

We, the Wayshowers of the World, those who are the leading edge of transition into higher love dimensions, can see this now. We feel the onerous burden that has been imposed upon us.

We see the delusion, the illusion that we have been under. Never believe anything anybody says unless you have more than their words to go by.

This Human experience has been so set up, that Mankind take their valuation, their idea of who and what they are, from the words of their peers and from the teachings of their culture, government, religion, education and society.

We believe what we are told we are. We do not realize that we can be anything we want. This, in the sense that what we feel, think and say creates our out pictured reality.

We take all that we are told, the fake information, from our surrounding caretakers, as our truth.

When we are told that we are not enough, we are deficient in intelligence, we are stupid, we are unloving, we are selfish, we believe this. And so, in the early stage of our life, we behave as we are scolded and told. We are told we are “bad,” so we behave “badly.”

This negative behavior confirms that which we think we are. Momentum comes in and life becomes very dark and difficult. We truly do not understand why we cannot function well in this World of ours.

Our ego wants what it perceives to be success for us. Wealth, friends, popularity, adulation and admiration from others. The ego wants to be always right and to impose its thought system on others.

Our ego is the tool we use to navigate the difficult morass of contradictory teachings that have been imposed on us here on Planet Earth.

Mankind, Human Beings, Empaths are basically kind. They nurture their infants and children. They truly, in their hearts, wish the best for all.

But, they have free will and they are easily influenced by the beliefs, and consequent words of their parents, teachers and society. Free will has given Mankind a difficult challenge. Free will sounds like a wonderful thing to have.

One might say “I can choose whatever I want.” How very nice that sounds. In fact, given the nature of our Planet Earth Human experience, free will is a double edged sword.

We can choose only that which we are aware of. Because of the teachings, beliefs and words of those whose society we are born into, we truly, at birth, have no option but to choose the beliefs of those around us.

Thus, as we are entrained into negativity and fear we believe that if something can go wrong it will go wrong.

We live in constant fear of the other shoe dropping. Every now moment becomes a fearful challenge for we expect the worst in all situations.

And the negative litany of words about our sinful nature goes on and on.

We have the freedom to choose in every situation we encounter, to choose love or fear.

To choose to be angry or loving. To choose to react instinctively and hurtfully, or to stay calm, peaceful and in joy and love.

We cannot, though, choose joy and Love. Until we know the possibility is there.

This is the awakening, the realization that what we have been taught is nonsense. What we have been taught and what we hear every day is fake news.

The conditions we are living in, the ideas we uphold, our “news” are given to us by our media, our television, our newspapers and magazines, our movies, our computer programs and violent and hate filled video games.

And, we believe these messages. Our powers that be, who are the bloodline DNA descendants of the dark galactics that came to Earth eons ago, have totally controlled and manipulated us by fake news. Throughout the centuries, those Humans of a higher vibration that awakened to the deception perception that was being perpetrated on Mankind were punished severely.

They, over the ages, have been literally and metaphorically crucified. They have been burnt at the stake, pilloried, put in stocks, tortured and drowned. The fear created by this treatment lives on in our cellular memory for all of our lifetimes to date.

No wonder we are enmired and enmeshed in deep darkness and fear and our very Beingness lives in dread of all around us.

Now, though, is the time of ascension. For many, the Human fear third dimensional story is over. Prime Creator and the Light Alliance have decided that it is time for a return to Love.

The endemic corruption, the perpetual lies are coming to the light. We are seeing the devious manipulations and maneuverings of the deep state control system.

We are seeing the false claims and outright lies that have constantly been told us. At each election we have been promised that the new candidates will bring positive change, lessen taxes and bring prosperity. Democrat or republican, it does not matter. Instead, at each election the Human situation has become more constrained as the controls are tightened.

Higher taxes, more homelessness, more poverty, fewer jobs, dumbed down education, a broken medical and drug system – have been the order of the day.

For those with eyes to see, this is becoming visible. You Bright Souls, our Dear Lightworkers can see the devious deception now. You see the outright lies that are told each moment of every day. You see how we are manipulated into believing what we are told.

Repetition, repetition, repetition is how we are manipulated. We learn by the constantly repeated words of those around us at birth and in our childhood. We continue along our Human road by believing the religious teachings, the newspapers, the movies that we see.

Now we are in the upper room. We have clarity. We see the empty words and false promises, the fake news. Now we truly have freedom of choice. Now that we are awake and aware, our free will can be exercised to choose Love and joy.

Our Divine True Selves are love and joy. Our Souls within are fragments of God Consciousness. As we arise in frequency, as we arise in the love quotient, we can indeed choose to be positive.

We can choose to turn away from all the emotions, thoughts and reactive words that are harmful to mankind and to choose peace, gratitude love and compassion for all the Humans still enmeshed in the fake news and consequent deception perception.

For you, our Dear Lightworkers the illusional delusion is ending fast.

2020 will be the last year of life in the third dimensional fear paradigm.

The phoenix, the old control system, is burning. From the ashes will rise a new and beautiful fifth dimensional World of love and light and joy.

We are becoming our True Selves. Our ego and Soul have melded. We Humans are dropping the egos painful false idea of who and what we are. We are realizing and embodying our True Selves. We are listening to our Soul’s true voice and choosing love.

For we are innately Divine. Divinity is love and joy and so we, as an innate part of Divinity, are Love and joy. It is fabulous indeed this new frequency of bliss that we are moving into. Fear is an illusion whose time has gone.

Thank you God, Creator that we have experienced Planet Earth’s deception perception. We have experienced the contrast of fear and we are now returning to love, light and bliss. We are very blessed and very grateful.

Aita Channeling her Higher Self.