Ashtar: Disclosure

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomI am Ashtar, Light Forces Commander,

I am grateful to be here and to be channeled by this channel.

It has been a long road for us and humanity. Now it’s about 40 years ago when the Galactic Disclosure was suppose to happen and it was stopped. The transmission was in England on BBC channel, we decided that humanity was not ready for the Galactic Disclosure. Then, in the beginning of 2000, another Galactic Disclosure was suppose to happen, which was interrupted by the Dark Forces with September 11. Now, we are in 2020, this time we believe that we are on the right road to the Galactic Disclosure and the Ascension of Humanity.

We are pleased to announce that we are doing everything we can to save humanity from the Dark Forces who are still trying to interrupt the Event. Please, don’t be alarmed by the Coronavirus, it’s another attempt by the Negative Forces to stop the upcoming Galactic Disclosure. We suggest that you don’t let fear take over you and please meditate to raise your vibrations. We are doing our part from another side trying to stop and eliminate the Coronavirus, which was created in the laboratory. The Cabal wanted to create panic and distress globally.

I am pleased to say that we are doing a lot of work behind the scenes. We prevent a lot of catastrophic events that could destroy humanity and put Mother Gaia in a big distress. When you see these chemical trails in the sky, why do you think you are still alive, because we neutralize them all the time. If you would see the amount of poison that is being dropped on humanity, then you would understand how much work we are doing. We would suggest for humanity to start doing their part more intensively. Also, the light workers need to remember that going on vacation and living their lives is not a priority right now. The priority right now is to help humanity to ascend. We want you to remember that everyday and every minute of your day, that this your task here. This why you came here and volunteered to be here to help humanity, so please do what you promised to do and we will do what we promised to do.

We have been here on Earth for a long time, we are ready to move on to the next task, but we can’t. We need to finish this mission here. We are looking forward to 2020 as being the year of Ascension of Humanity and the year of Disclosure.

I will be back again soon to give more information on the progress of Ascension and the Galactic Disclosure. I am Ashtar, I was pleased to be here.

Thank you

» Shared per request » Channeled by Erena Velazquez

9 Replies to “Ashtar: Disclosure”

  1. Claire Robin

    I understand the importance of keeping your vibration high and service-to-others. We have actually had our free will taken away since the dark ages, and even before that. We are not a free will planet. Beings from other solar systems see us as a free will planet. But they don’t live here. They have all of their needs met for them. They don’t have to pay bills, find food or protect their bodies from accidents, disease, crime or inclement weather. They have free will, we do not.

    Free will means being able to make choices without the threat of violence, punishment or even death. Do the people in China have free will, when they risk death for speaking out? What about Hong Kong? Or Paris? It seems the only way change occurs here is through violence…and loss of life. That’s not free will. Sure, we have the choice to be vegan or not. But the existing way of life was imposed upon us from birth.

    We could have been using free, clean energy for the last 100 years, but oil and gas was imposed upon us. Tesla technologies were buried. When things are imposed upon you, you don’t have free will. We have the choice to be of high vibration or not. But the constant discussion of “we have to do the work ourselves” is getting old. We are already participating in a great deal of reforestation. We are changing things with regard to the use of plastic bags. I know it’s just a small start, but it’s a start. We are finally embracing the protection of the animals and the planet. A sufficient desire is there to demonstration we want a better world than this.

    Free will doesn’t exist in a world where you’ve been poisoned, brain washed, vaccinated and programmed. This isn’t free will. If the answer is: you have to fix this all yourselves, don’t look to outside help with that. Then my question is: why are they even here? If we are charged with fixing it all ourselves, what do we need them for? I’m tired of all the channelings with endless promises of things to change this year or next year. And then there are others who are saying we are a decade away from massive change. Massive change is already here and it’s not good change.

    My take on this is this: we are on our own. If we don’t fix it all up ourselves, no one else is going to assist us. And if we do that, if we fix it all up ourselves, why would we even need to meet beings from other solar systems?

  2. Doug James

    A long road for us? Earth was taken hostage 350,000 years ago. The Galactics allowed the dark to take over but put up some type of quarantine around the solar system or so I have heard. At any rate we all became prisoners of low 3D holographic reality perpetually coming back lifetime afterifetime. Slaves to the dark

  3. Doug James

    Why not shoot down or teleport those white chemtrail jets!? Why are they allowed to still fly with impunity?
    We are at war and it appears the dark has control of the air space above earth.
    We hear The Light Has Won, stay calm stay positive be in the heart and all will work out. Then we hear all hell is breaking loose urgent meditation needed!! Doesnt that invoke fear? Panic?
    Shoot down the damn chemtrail jets like you do the draco ships!
    Teleport all dark players off this planet put them on a prison ship.

  4. Elenor

    This doesn’t sound like him. He never complains or demands, and since he is an Ascended Master he always guides us and teaches something new.
    This seems blank. Erena is very sweet, but she seems to pick other positive galactic being, but no Ashtar..

  5. Wayne W Hansen (@waynewhansen)

    Ashtar: “We prevent a lot of catastrophic events that could destroy humanity.”
    The word humanity seems to mean everyone on Earth. Centuries ago there was a worldwide mud flood, and melted buildings event. Some large Tartarian buildings at the worlds fairs remained, some had mud covering the first floor, and most were melted into stone, like the Red Rock Cliffs of Sedona Arizona. You can study the videos from Jon Levi and subphotonic.
    “The priority right now is to help humanity to ascend.”
    There seems to be some urgency in this message. We are being instructed to give up our vacation and do our mission for the space fleet. The mission that we volunteered to do. My article “Spaceship Rescue” tells me what my mission is.