Rinus Verhagen: Who or What is Q?

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomIt took a long time, but the MSM starts to react, but above all to fantasize so as not to have to tell the real story.

They talk to each other through the same Rothschild CIA script.

So MSM is anti Q, and have been using MK Ultra for decades to mislead the population and their manufactured news which is sold to us as truth through the private department of the Rothschild (CIA).

The existing MSM is a CIA-controlled Psy-Op, in order to keep the masses under control, already told lies that are at odds with the truth people experience as a signal that there is something wrong with society as it is now reality due to a forced opinion.

In order to show mankind the truth now, people will have to look for the truth themselves, check the ways of their leaders and their actions, which strengthen the suspicion and only increase the mistrust against their Deep State agenda.

Because of the lost confidence in politics, which doesn’t work for the people, and this is a phenomenon all over the world, this will be a turning point for the masses, we call it the awakening, to recognize the lies that are being told as lies.

People with a healthy survival instinct can no longer be convinced of the lies presented, these people are then put away if they would be right, this is part of the left MSM propaganda, where inadmissible people are then framed as right: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Framing_(social_sciences).

Framing is thus to impose a social opinion to propagate a framework for a fascist agenda 21 / 2030, which is against the interests of the masses, in favour of the 1% who think that the 99% is their property.

Tools are climate lie, overpopulation, the fiat money system, all with the help of the MSM and left-wing democratic (Fascist rats) who think they are very special, the chosen ones to suppress the world’s population or keep it in the limelight, which we recognize as the MATRIX.

MSM is now spinning, how best to put away the phenomenon Q in order to deny their own failure.

Donald J Trump, has been elected and asked to take up the presidency in 2016, and has won.

He told as the first candidate, that the system is sick, and everyone knows it, but deliberately maintains it out of self-interest, blackmail and lust for power.

If Donald J Trump had not agreed, a COUP would have been committed by the army to eliminate the corrupt politicians and their principals.

This would have caused enormous chaos and damage to the US, which could have exploited the vacuum of power abroad.

Rich patriots and army have come up with a plan to protect the US, but also to expose all the lies.

If you take a person for this, they are subject to contradiction and possible retaliation from the existing corrupt power.

The tool that was devised is called Q.

With this you slowly build a framework that demolishes and unmasks the MK Ultra of the MSN and the corrupt politics, here is an example The Wave, shows how gullible children can be manipulated and completely absorbed in their role, where they themselves are misled by assuming false information as the MSM is doing with us now.

Administered by: Israeli Educational Television. The Third Wave was the name given by history teacher Ron Jones to an experimental recreation of Nazi Germany which he conducted with high school students.


You need a myth as a tool that people understand, what they are emotionally involved in, something that has been taken away from them in order to regain the desired freedom and justice, the lack of social cohesion and connection with the MSM lie of today.

The Myth of Q originated with the murder of JF Kennedy, in which his grave monument in the form of a Q was constructed by his supporters who wanted to get the population out of the Rothschild debt slavery.

Through the murder of JFK, Q came to life as a Myth in which Q stands for Quitting the power of the FED and its owners and the private army of the FED the CIA.

With the choice for Q, is thus a Anti MK Ultra launched which is unstoppable, since people are now thinking for themselves and helping to expose the truth, they’ve been reprogrammed from the Matrix…

The Q movement is thus a handhold for people who are disconnected from the Matrix and want a better future, and no longer wish to be a slave to the lying corrupt governments that have been able to maintain CABAL’s MATRIX for so long with a false illusion of sham freedom and fake democracy.

Q has become a symbol of hope for mankind who feel betrayed and demand their freedom back from the Deep State and CABAL.

These few sentences represent what or who Q is, if the MSM is going to ask this question, they can only answer it in this way, any other answer betrays their agenda of the Deep State and Cabal, of which they are part by MK Ultra, which was fed by the CIA.

The harder the MSM wants to fight this phenomenon, the stronger Q becomes as a beacon of hope and future, by rejecting the forced MATRIX.

This is in my experience Q an anti-fascist program for the liberation of mankind.