The Winds of Change Are Upon Us

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomI think we can all agree the winds of change are upon us and the field has become incredibly restrictive, like shrink wrap to all unconscious patterns and behaviours and yet incredibly fluid and crystal clear once the pure light streams are able to enter without the density within confusing the translation or as you know it mirroring and reflections.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces, Mars entering Capricorn, a waning crescent readying itself for the New Moon and majorly impacting reverberations it is to bring straight after the 22.02.2020 code, which is seemingly appearing as though the snakes shedding skin snags and tears, we could well have some damage limitation in the lower human octaves.

The rule of the wave, is so simple, and often too simple for the intricate human mind to align to, which is why the mind awakening phases are so crucial, we receive the reflections of how the beliefs held, such as the value of mind intelligence bring the loops and separation, folk entirely loose the path when in the mind, or perhaps completely loose the mind when on the path, to then stop, break and receive the opportunities to come back closer to the alignment, back to the path, the true path of light.

And the key code to this is PAY ATTENTION

Each report I write speaks of the balance of between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, the Sacred Union.

Something that each has heard of, only most have it romanticised, personified and the beliefs held just exaggerate the separation for those choosing these unconscious ways translate the formless and so it begins creating the form, the reality, in what is perceived as painful experiences that are filled to the brim with bipolar activity, high highs and low lows, something that the human race decided to call life.

Let me tell you, that is not life, it is death, and it is entirely possible to live a stable existence with none of that old normality once each learns how this all works…….continue reading over at

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