You Are Being Out of Your Comfort Zones

light waves eraoflightdotcomOne thing my dad taught me, and for which I am so grateful, is that whenever something is looming, or challenges come, problems pop up, to look them square in the face. “We will make a plan.” is what he always said, and sure enough, he came up with a plan.

Instead of seeing any problem or challenge, or those curved balls life sometimes sends you, as insurmountable, look at ways in which you can overcome them. It simply means you need to look at all your options, and start being innovative and calling in your higher guidance and the Divine to give you the clarity, the ideas, the insights you need. You may well need to do some deep soul searching, yet there is a hidden blessing in soul searching, for it will always bring you back to the deepest core truths within you and the way you are handling life.

Water is a great teacher. If you look at rivers, streams etc. you will see that water always finds a way to flow. It will either flow above obstacles, or around it, or even underneath it, or it will carve the way open.

Within every challenge, every seeming obstacles, every curve ball, there is a hidden blessing.

Yes, you are being stretched.

Yes, you are being challenged out of your comfort zones: – yet, know that once you have been stretched and grown through it all, you cannot shrink back to what you have been before! You have surpassed your own expectations and found out that you have far more abilities, resilience, innovative thinking and acting, than you even knew you possessed!

More, than this, you know for certain, that whatever life throws at you, you will be all right. For see just how far you have come! The coming may well have been on the wings of the angels who carried you, when you needed to take those leaps of faith, or when you needed to close you eyes, and just do what needs to be done and hope for the best!

When I look back at my own life, and see how much I have mastered through the most challenging times and how I was carried through it all, I have tears of gratitude and awe. Yes, of I had to make a plan but the knowing, the guidance came, after much soul searching. I have had to overcome so much – (and still do) but here

I am, by the Grace of God. Thank you!

Judith Kusel