The Arcturians: Support from your Fifth Dimensional SELF

arcturian collective eraoflightdotcomIt is the NOW for humans all over the world to unite within their innate fifth dimensional SELF. Unfortunately, there are still too many humans who have not yet remembered their own, innate, fifth dimensional SELF.

Unfortunately, there are still many humans who have not yet been able to “remember their SELF!” We use the word “SELF” in capitals because we speak not just of your everyday human self. In fact, we are speaking of your “higher dimensional SELF.”

Your “Higher SELF” is your fifth dimensional, and beyond, Galactic SELF. Yes, ALL of you have Galactic Selves. However, much like choosing to turn on the lights in your room, you can “turn on the light within your own innate consciousness.”

Unfortunately, too many of you, our brave warriors to take an earthly vessels, have become lost within the many challenges, fears, duties and distractions to be able to remember your own your Higher Life.

The “Higher Life” that we are speaking of, resonates to a higher frequency of reality. Fortunately, humanity has a Higher Life, along with the Gaia, which they can visit during their higher dreams and meditations.

Fortunately, Gaia, just like Her humans, is multidimensional. Therefore, all humans have many options to choose and follow within their thoughts, actions and imagination. However, they must remember to remember.

We say “remember to remember,” because third dimensional, and even fourth dimensional Earth, have many challenges in their daily life. Therefore, so much of one’s attention can be spent on the daily issues of survival, such as going to work, driving in traffic, paying bills, and completing the many duties of third dimensional life.

As many humans know, there often appears to be “no time” for meditation, contemplation, creative endeavors, and even FUN. Let us talk a moment about “fun or enjoyment.

When one is having “fun,” they can forget that which makes them feel distracted, worried, upset, and the many other responses to the many challenges of third dimensional life. But, how does one have “fun” in the midst of everyday, third dimensional life.

Too many things and people have needs and demands that might distract one from that which they had promised to their own self that they would do within a certain timeline. However, often it is the “timelines” that have taken the “fun” out of life. Then life seems like all the things one has to do, and not “having time” to do what they want to do.

Therefore, the concept of “having time, in fact, having enough time” can become an ongoing issues that often robs one of the “time and energy” to realize that it was their own choice. Knowing that it was “their fault” can become another manner in which you “fun” is lost, or seemingly stolen.

Fortunately, many people have discovered how to “steal fun,” which allows them to let go of all the many “should” and replace them with some “I want to” moments. However, sometimes the dreaded battle between SHOULD and WANT can go on for so long that there is NO time left to fully experience either choice.

The fact is that sometimes that which is thought of as a “should” can actually be enjoyable if you are able to release your “guilt” that you “should have” done something, anything, different than what you did.

This attitude can lead to guilt, and “guilt” is definitely NOT your friend. Guilt is a “no win” situation in which no matter what you may do it will be the “wrong thing.”

Fortunately, guilt, wrong and even should are third dimensional concepts that only exist on a third dimensional reality, especially a third dimensional reality filled with fear, such as much of the reality that many of our dear grounded ones are facing within this NOW on Gaia’s Earth.

We, the fifth dimensional aspects of your Multidimensional SELF, wish to remind ALL of the many aspects of our Multidimensional SELF that YOU can communicate with us, who is actually YOU, in a higher frequency of reality.

Imagine that you were at the bottom of a huge ocean. Look around you and see how different it is from the environment at the surface of the ocean, or on the top of a mountain, or even high in the air in a plane or even a Starship.

NOW, allow your self to slowly rise up from the bottom of the ocean. Now imagine how you would feel differently and how everything look differently, and every creature in each area would be different.

Do you see the many layers of reality within the water? Now, swim up to the surface of the water. Can you look into the sky and see how many different levels there are within the sky.

As you look high above and deep below, the only thing that is the same is YOU. Of course, you have many different experiences in all these different environments, but you can find comfort in the fact that YOU, the consciousness of you, is contained with your body.

But did your experience of perceiving high above and deep below change your personal “sense of self?” The answer is likely yes, because your many different experiences of life change you. You are the same person, but not quite. Whenever you have a new experience, it becomes “filled” somewhere in your brain.

Your brain is your “file cabinet.” However, sometimes certain “drawers get locked” and you cannot retrieve what is in that locked drawer. It is then that you can open the part of your SELF that can remember to remember.

But who is this inner SELF who can remember to remember?

That YOU is your own Multidimensional SELF. Your Multidimensional SELF can perceive, feel, remember, know the YOU that you have been in your many incarnations, in your many lives, and in the many different places, planets and Starships that you have experienced in your many incarnations.

However, if you do not touch in with your own Multidimensional SELF, you will only be able to remember the life, the reality, the experiences, the dimensions of your present third dimensional self.

Your third dimensional self is the container of the experiences that you have had in this incarnation. However, you have had many incarnations in many different worlds and realities, that your third dimensional self can NOT remember.

How could that be? How could so many humans, that have had so many experiences in so many different worlds and frequencies of reality, and they FORGOT those uncountable experiences!

Why? The answer is because they “forgot to remember!” They forgot to remember that there is much more that just one dimension of reality. There are many dimensions in which many creatures, realities, and experiences are occurring within every minute of every NOW.

But why did so many humans Forget to Remember?

Many forgot to fully experience their lives because they forgot to remember to look at their life. Many humans were just “working hard” to “just get by,” and many others looked, but forgot to document that moment, that thought, that experience, that moment.

It is the looking at what one looks at, and allow that short moment to become imprinted on their brain and embraced by one’s heart. When life if “taken in,” not just with their eyes or ears, but taken into their mind for the knowing and their heart for the loving.

Knowing and Loving are great friends that deeply enjoy each other, as the two are actually the ONE of the humans who Remember to Remember that which fills their heart and activates their mind. When one remembers to remember, they are creating a place within themselves where they can go to BE ALL that they have known within the many NOWS of all their experiences.

Best yet, all that has been collected and saved will interlink with all that is being collected and being saved within their heart and mind. And then they can share! Those who can remember are those who can share. And those who share are those who remembered.

Best of all, once one remembers to remember their daily, third dimensional life, are also those who can remember their “multidimensional lives.” It is the memory of one’s Multidimensional SELF that assists them to remember their many Multidimensional Lives.

Likely all the many multidimensional lives will not be remembered at once. It takes a while to digest even the thought of having other lives on higher dimensions and higher worlds. Therefore, the process of that remembering can come as slowly as one needs it to be.

In fact, there are likely many, many humans who will not remember their other incarnations. However, just the knowing that maybe, just maybe, there are other, higher dimensional versions of their SELF, gives hope and joy that there IS more than can be seen, heard, or even imagined.

Then we can all look forward to the NOW of the ONE in which we ALL Remember!

» Source » Channel: Suzanne Lie

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  1. Ed







  2. Cheri

    Great conversation fellow lightholders! To me it feels important that we have these constructive conversations as we are all going through this together and not one of us is having the exact same experience. Heinrich I totally get what you are saying as I come from a science and engineering type environment and when these odd things started happening I was scouring around for “answers” lol! Bodhi and I have discussed this before as there is a huge aspect of surrender and trust of soul or higher self involved in this process. It is much more quantum and dynamic than didactic and therefore very subtle as creation is more like a song we dance in than the b rated movie script we are currently immersed in hahahaha!

    We are ultimately living light or pure source consciousness animating DNA within a planetary structure that is rapidly being repaired from a fallen energetic state. The firmament of this planet holds the matter/antimatter templates and our cellular blueprints for creation as each planet is an energetic construct for source fractals to experience self. Our cellular structure and brain receivers are recovering from this fallen state or quantum sine wave holding this seemingly fixed reality in place.

    Patience is required as it is a process of coming back into full awareness of who we are by allowing the blueprints to heal through us as this is the end of a cycle. Our brains are programmed to value knowledge and taught thought over sensing and intuition which are much more fluid, nuanced and dynamic. I have since learned that in a true multidimensional construct there are no fixed outcomes, learning or solutions as it is simply about the experience or observations of self or consciousness animating DNA within timeline technology that fractalizes in endless expansion. Once our cellular structure is able to embody full consciousness once again we are free to immerse ourselves within any planetary structure and manipulate matter and antimatter within organic and fully harmonic timeline technology once again.

    This is our mission at hand as these blueprints were just a total mess of frozen, dense and repeating loops of dead energy solely expressing in the narrow spectrum of “ultraviolet” or blacklight which was the reversal of the violet phire within the metatronic cube or octahedron of the planetary lightbody. Even though I am having a very visceral experience 24/7 through my pineal in working on the planetary architecture I still feel ignorant as to what is really going on hahahaha! Always trying to figure out what’s happening lol! But then I sit back and reread this long post and realize omg! I am gaining huge amounts of wisdom about this process as I go. We just have to allow it to download with no resistance and keep our vessels clear and mind receptive to the subtle forces. Creation is gentle and tender. It sings songs of joy and expresses in poetic verse and vibrates the bliss codes within our hearts and minds. My greatest advice is to stay in joy. You are then an open vessel to facilitate ascension. Love you family and friends here! We are on this amazing and not so amazing journey together but one thing I know for sure is “it” whatever “it” is is happening and I know this because my joy and laughter is returning yay!

    Ps: the sweetness and depth of lovingness in creation can be summed up by the repeating phrase I heard over and over to open up the lotus flower of my throat chakra to do this repair work on the architecture was the multidimensional chorus singing “soft petal uvula” in various octaves omg! Sweet!

    Our souls sing a song in a truly harmonic universe. I was listening to this beautiful rendition of our national anthem the other day and when it was over the entire universe in my head was still singing the chorus and resonating the patriotic love of this sacred land hahahaha!. This is the energetic flow of the grid healing. It rings with the pristine energy of freedom, unity and love of country and earth once again. It’s quite a beautiful thought to know that creation is a song we sing in musical notes of harmonic resonance and art is a picture we draw to immerse ourselves within a reality timeline. Going quantum! Syncopation Bodhi hahahaha!

    1. Cheri

      We are waiting to synchronize within the 5d christed timelines that our consciousness is running this clearing program within us from.
      Love on! 😘🎶😇💎🎵🎼🥰

    2. Ed

      These MUSE*I*CALL…

      M*Y*O*U*R*S….IN LOVE… NOW









      1. Cheri

        Right on Composer Ed! Musical articulation and brilliance (in a radiant kinda way) just excellent lol!

        Homo Sapien (Denisovian Man = Pleidian starseed evolutionary upgrade of human blueprint expressing through carbon chakras)

        Homo luminous (Us = the multidimensional universal evolutionary upgrade of human blueprint expressing through crystalline chakras)

        Celebration of the DNA library as we gather our multidimensional selves together to merge in this one lifetime. This is evolution! Then off we go to create anew and fractalize out our gathered wisdom and merged lifetimes on all creational systems (planets) within an ever expanding universe! Here we goooooo!

        With love from Avacado Cheri! The Hilarion nut surrounded by the fleshy emenation of the emerald ray within hahahaha! I am almost wholly guacamole lol! 🥑 Thanks for always making me smile! 😘

        This is the process at the end of every cycle. Once the full DNA library is cleared and downloaded and all lifetimes ever experienced throughout creation merged within we hold all the rays and frequencies of all realities within our DNA templates. The culmination of the reunification of the 144,000 monadic tribes. It’s not a number of individuals, it’s about downloading your monadic presence! It’s all happening to all of us within. Trust the plan! You’re watching a movie! WWG1WGA!! ThanQ!

        I have to say I see so much love going on in the patriotic movement. Grown men were crying at the Trump rally in Arizona as these two guys carried a WWII veteran down the stairs to his front row seat. There was such honor, respect and humility in it, the whole place went wild clapping and chanting USA as these are all expressions of unity and love for each other and service to others in expression again. The truthers on you tube in the Q movement were all choked up about it lol! I was watching the President at the prison graduates ceremony for the new first step act and everyone was just so touched by it all! It is a resonance with the emblems and anthems on the planetary blueprints! This is the grid healing and us experiencing tender joy and love for each other across all formats! Some of us resonate as lightworkers, some patriots, some truth seekers, some system busters and some with their various religious framework, some are Presidents and world leaders but it’s happening through us all. It’s the great awakening! This is the syncopation you and Bodhi describe! We are coming out of the restrictive one size fits all entropic system and into a unique multidimensional grid experience of many interesting expressions! I just love seeing it and reading about it all!

        So tender and beautiful once we clear the resistance within!

        I can see it internationally too although the fake news keeps it hidden! All nations are becoming free, diverse and interestingly rich by embracing there own cultures and heritage once again! The farmers in Europe sayin no more restrictions and taxes! Our farmers are so connected to the grid as loving tenders of our plants and animals. War and terrorism has died, the propaganda is not resonating anymore. It’s up to the people to reclaim their heritage as we were born within a living grid on sacred lands that the grid imprinted within our DNA. No longer will we be homogenized woohoo! Architecture will be interesting again and creations will trade freely. The US is the first to ascend on the grid and flow outward. That’s why all the countries leaders are starting to trade and work together again as seperate entities with national identities. It’s all beautiful once you are clear and can see it! We lose that feeling of wanting to get the hell out of here and start living in the moments. The best is yet to come. We watch it unfold and sing our own song. This is taking our power and downloading our full consciousness. The systems will morph to the will of the people from the ground up!

        Love you! We uplift each other! 🥰😘🌈🌟💎🥑💚🌞😎🕊🌟

  3. Heinrich Muller

    Yet another article that says the same thing, “ However, if you do not touch in with your own Multidimensional SELF“ and offers no explanation as to how to that.

    Just once I’d like to read something practical that actually bothers to explain how to do that. Otherwise it is a meaningless thing to write.

    1. flazak

      Meditation, contemplation, reading good and relevant information for wisdom to aide in contemplation, exercise, hydration, good diet.

    2. bodhimoss

      Hi Heinrich. Here are some tips…

      Do you consider yourself to have good intuition? Intuition is the quiet voice of your higher (a/k/a multidimensional) self. Its primary role is to protect you by guiding you to make the right decisions, secondarily to keep you on the path you set for yourself before you incarnated into this lifetime. It is the “small voice” in your head; it is you in the future. Next time you hear it, listen carefully and meet it halfway with appreciation. Then set the intention to connect in a more definitive way, welcome it into your consciousness and everyday life and heed its guidance. Your higher self needs to be “invited in” and intention is the fastest/best route for that (or anything else you desire for that matter.) Be patient, steadfast and open in your desire and pretty soon you will hear more. Always trust that if you are speaking with your higher self, you are getting the right and very best guidance for you and that alone should be enough motivation to keep you going. Eventually you may reach a state called “embodiment.” That can happen if you are able to raise your vibration high enough that your higher self can enter your physical form and you become one, then you are truly multidimensional.

      Basic requirements: 1) understanding, accepting and loving your trinity self: body, mind, and spirit, 2) regular meditation practice, 3) chakra clearing/tuning, as well as the things that Flazak noted for you. Anything that raises your vibration and mindfulness, being in the now moment… all these things you hear about assist this process, but focused intention is the “grease in the machinery.”

      ** Note: The above is my understanding of this process based only on personal experience.

  4. Star Goddess

    Love your article. Thank you It inspired me to write.

    Room Of Heart
    By star blossom

    I turn on lights
    to the room of my heart.
    as vibrations pulsate.
    As radiant hews spiral
    with melodies playing in
    grand orchestration.

    Light emits views tickling senses
    of beautiful fountain
    while love lightening bugs
    ride waves of blood
    to be cleansed.

    I turn on the light
    to see a masterpiece within,
    of picture in third eye view
    that any master would paint.

    Light emits beams bringing self to smile
    while throbbing drum echoes
    igniting song bird
    tucked inside beat
    that sings affirmations of love.

    And with deep breath,
    I choose to keep light turned on
    so I move in my own greatness.
    The place where clarity shines
    and my galactic self does dance.
    Dance in a room with a sacred light.

        1. Cheri

          Woohoo! Let us know so we can subscribe or link to your website! So appreciate your gratitude! With love and thanks right back atcha! We are a glorious team getting it all done! You are gifted with beautiful energy in your words my friend! Spread those wings as we are singing this new creation! 😘