Mother God: Coronavirus, RV & Humanitarian Work, Manifesting

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This is your Mother God, I hear your concerns, upset and your anger. You and many other sensitive Lightworkers cannot stand to see people suffer. It hurts your heart and it hurts my heart too. You are all my children and I don’t want to see anyone suffer. But we must let this play out. We cannot interfere. To your question about the virus, it does serve many purposes and it was maliciously released to the public at a time when many people would be traveling around both Eastern and Western holidays—your Christmas & New Year’s and the Lunar New Year for the Chinese people. So, it was released, there are people still on Gaia that you call the cabal and they did release this virus. They will be dealt with; however, there is no punishment large enough as you say for the atrocities they have committed. They will be recycled in the central sun. They will be no more. They will not be given any more chances (to turn to the Light); they have been given many, many chances. Honestly, the ones who did this have already been taken care of.

Be Prepared

Dear daughter, you are correct, there is so much going on and the level of chaos is rising. I have struggled in telling anyone the timing when something will happen. I mentioned to you last Spring that I thought the Grand Flash would happen last year but things were delayed and it didn’t happen in your 2019. So, I hesitate to give you dates anymore, as I don’t wish to cause any upset. Time is changing constantly. Even your calibrated time is changing, it’s absolutely speeding up and most of you can feel it very readily. I would advise keeping yourselves on high alert to jump into your new lives of helping others at a moment’s notice. This means being prepared with emergency supplies—not to frighten you—but to be prepared with extra water and extra food stuffs that are not perishable. If you live in a cold climate, some type of heating apparatus that does not require electricity to run would be beneficial for your family. I do not say these things to scare you, I would just like my special Lightworkers to be prepared; whether it be from natural causes (such as a storm or blizzard) or power outages. I would like everyone to be prepared. You also may need to help others around you.

Humanitarian Plans and the RV

I know many of you have prepared Humanitarian Projects and have invested in foreign currencies so that you may be blessed with an abundance to create your desired projects. This is very admirable and I am grateful and thrilled for all of you who preparing to help others. I realize the wait has been significant. It is not any easy thing. I cannot give you timing on this either, but I bring it up so that you know that I know who you are and all the effort that you have put in to your creation and manifestation of your desired works. This is vital, this is very important. This is much needed and will be more needed in the future. So I encourage all of you who have done this work to continue to have patience—hang in there—it will not be in vain. It is coming. It is vital. Vital to the commonwealth, your communities and survival in the future when times may be rough economically and your projects will be useful and very much needed. So I encourage you all to stay the course if you’ve been guided to do this. I am with you on this. I will support you all. I am proud, proud of my children who have been called to do this work. Proud that you heard the call and jumped in with both feet. I am a proud Mother. Thank you!

Manifesting Practice

Lastly I would like to commend those of you who have been working on manifesting. This is an exercise that all of you should be working on constantly. It is not just for fun and games (which of course it is!) but it is a skill that you will be using in the New Earth. You have done this before many, many times, but not in this lifetime. So, I encourage all of you to practice your manifesting! Start small, record your progress so you may witness your own results. It is fun and enjoyable and YOU, you are all Divine Creators as your Father and I are as you have our Sparks within you. You are a Spark of Father and I, you have our Divine Spark, you have our gifts, use them wisely. Enjoy this gift.

What’s going on? What can Lightworkers do to help?

We love you children! Your Father and I love you greatly and I am pleased to speak with you this evening. I know things look dark right now. Your world looks dark and leveled and out of control to most of you. But these things that are happening are making way for the peace and prosperity that is coming. All things hidden must be released so they can be healed…brought up to the surface and aired out. Think of a splinter. You have a splinter (small piece of wood) that you got stuck in your finger, under your skin. It can’t heal until you get that splinter out. So, this is what is happening in your world. All the splinters are being removed so that your society and Gaia and your collective consciousness can heal and make a beautiful, beautiful New Earth. So this is all necessary. Know that it is temporary. It will pass. Focus on LOVE. Focus on COMPASSION. Use the Violet Flame to cleanse and transmute all that is being released. Assist in transmuting it! It is greatly appreciated when you do this work.

I love you all dear Children. You are loved so greatly! Call on our Angels when you need help with anything. Angels are there for you all the time. We are too, of course. Go now with my love. I AM your Mother God.

Thank you, dear Mother God!

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12 Replies to “Mother God: Coronavirus, RV & Humanitarian Work, Manifesting”

  1. Doug James

    Hmm this doesnt read right. Once the solar flash occurs many will shift to 5D earth still others will stay to be way showers etc. There wont be any hard times for those on the new earth path.
    Yes the grid will go down I assume so have food water and silver coins but this wont be for too long because the galactics need the media to inform all what has happened and then to inform the masses of the atrocities and control over humanity. Imagine a world where all vibrate higher and all have love in their hearts

  2. Cheri

    Well still lots of fear going on in here but it is a process. It’s just survival patterning clearing through to be prepared for some catastrophic failure which is projection of what we feel within. Wanting to save the people and planet and do good works is savior patterning clearing through. People have to take back their own power within. This RV thing is just an ego program as people feel powerless within and want to amass wealth under the guise of doing good works to feel better about oneself. It does not empower as someone has to be a victim and someone a savior and how it got hijacked onto a spiritual movement is beyond me. It is not energetically balanced to buy currency from totally impoverished nations hoping that some global entity or secret underground network will come along and arbitrarily revaluate the currency so one can make a profit off these same impoverished nations. It just defies common sense if you ask me. Still looking for top down magical decrees and solutions. We each need to take back our inner power and morph our own governing and currency systems. If you want to make a profit just be honest about it and look no further than the American stock market right now, that is a rocket ship and where one should invest money because it is coming from an organic thriving market of people participating in the workforce once again.

    The dark ones are being evolved as we are all source having an experience and thankfully all their memories of horrific miscreations and akashic records are being erased and reconstituted into a purified monadic soul structure once again. This will heal these patterns from our collective consciousness so we don’t keep recreating endless loops of low vibrational creations.

    IMHO consciousness is the only solution. It is an individual inside job so keep clearing and stop focusing on outward solutions which keep you locked in to an outcome which is not an organic flow of energy. It is a process we all have to go through! Love on but end the victim/ savior programming 😘

    1. Doug James

      Excellent post. The dinar and ZIM bonds always felt like a con to me as all currency will be balanced and reset to gold. But really who cares after the flash and we all awaken and all start moving to 5D earth! Money has controlled us all for eons! Debt slavery has been used to keep us all toiling to survive thus distracted and not growing spiritually.
      Sadly alot even on this site are fear based.

    2. bren

      well thats a very well stated opinion and YOUR truth.. it seems you have a strong idea that everyone should be seeing and feeling the same as you do.. i personally am happy to allow everyone their own truth and to create their own reality no matter what that looks like. money or no money – go or no god – whatever it is.. im right youre right they are right… and we all lived happily ever after in our OWN version of TRUTH. 🙂

      1. Cheri

        You are right about this Bren! My statement did feel a little strong when I made it. It was more an emphasis on clearing the false patterns of seeing things from a duality perspective rather than just being present. I am with you on being free to create but a lot of people are putting all their hopes and dreams into waiting for a situation an outside entity or group is supposedly creating and controlling. It is a following or belief system was my only point. There is no power in thinking people are victims or you are a savior. Sometimes I may sound a bit preachy tis true! Not directed at anyone in particular just a comment. 😘

    3. Michael

      Cheri, I have to disagree when it comes to the stock market and also the housing market. I think that they both are inflated and are on their way to popping. Young adults are struggling due to high rents and the cost of buying a house. This is one area ( finance ) that needs to change to build a stronger family unit. I grew up with a stay at home mom, 5 kids and we did ok with only my father working as a school teacher. That could not happen in todays world.
      Anyway, I send you sweet, gentle, tender loving from my heart to yours….and of course I can’t leave out my wonderful friend and composer Master Ed.
      Peace & Love to All

      1. Cheri

        Hear you brother Michael thanks! I went through the last housing market crash when they bailed out the banks instead of we the citizens who lost our homes. I live in California and the cost of everything is outrageous. I know the stock market is a house of cards but it is propped up by real investors and business and our pensions and 401k’s are on the rise because of the regulation cuts and the friendly regulatory and tax incentives for new businesses as well as the lowest unemployment in the US ever recorded. Manufacturing and businesses are coming back from overseas. The competition for workers will drive up the wages as the system morphs back into being driven by the markets and consumers. It’s only been 3 years but I truly see the huge change sweeping the nation as optimism is at an all time high. We know why, it really has to do with the energy 😉 as creative optimism flows once again. It’s a process of getting regulations and taxes lower and downsizing government but we have a businessman as commander in chief not the Illuminati like the last 5 presidents who sucked the life and money out of everything for power and personal gain. It was a false energetic construct. Anyway I see it all morphing into an organic system as competition not control always pushes prices down to be competitive. Right now the stock market is strong and retirement and pensions are at record highs. I don’t see this changing in the next 5 years at least. And once we get the Illuminati out of congress, we can start to invest in rebuilding our nation rather than our tax dollars going offshore into funding terrorism, war and money laundering schemes. I would much rather invest in America than buying foreign currencies in small countries. It will all expand out to flourish! This I know for sure and Trump has a divine economic sense of what needs to be done. It takes time though but we all know this is the start of a golden age, we are not recreating the past failures anymore. Power will return to the people and the consumers will control the economy. With no machinations to control or planned shortages and lack the prices of everything will drop to be competitive. I am extremely optimistic about the state of our financial affairs.

        These memories of past failures and struggling will fade as we all create without a massive government bureaucracy on our backs. School choice will drive up teachers wages. People are investing in America again. This new administration has lured back business and created over 7M new jobs in just 3 years and the best is yet to come!

        Plus we are now fair trading in open markets and new trade deals with other soverign nations rather than than the globalists!

        Love you dear Michael! I appreciate your comments and always love hearing your perspective! My new nickname for you is “Pax” lol! It is the kiss of peace and wonderfully in your energetic makeup!

        Noone works harder than you our farmers! I say this living in a crappy little apartment that I pay a fortune for in California. The cabal is still in charge here and they have killed the middle class. Let me know when a new calf arrives to replace butternut, the cutest name ever! 😘

        1. Cheri

          Disclaimer: This is just my opinion of course based on my inner feelings and not to be construed as any infringement upon another. It is a commentary in an open forum. I love hearing all sides 😘

        2. Michael

          Nothing more would I love than to have peace on earth. I hope your views for the future play out and the financial system gets its act together. Would be nice to see people get out of the rat race ( maze ) that has been created. I know its going to take time, just sick of the broken system that is in place. The cost of living has doubled and then some in a short time. The wealth I project to the world is health and peace. Those things need to be sought after and don’t require a lot of money.
          A new calf should be here around Sept. 5 2020. I had some fun with butternut the other day chasing her around getting her to kick up her heals. She’s got some good legs under her, runs like a deer. I enjoy my cows, they have a peaceful disposition, pigs and chickens can be very mean to each other, the boss cow will be bossy but in a nicer way.
          Anyway, time to do a couple of chores to keep things going smoothly. I’m grateful to not be caught in the maze and wish others could be as fortunate.
          I grew up with a nickname and most people in our town didn’t know my real name, even to this day I still get called ” Squeaky ” by many people. My older bro & sis used to say I was squeaking instead of crying due to a high pitch cry. I like the name Michael and choose to go by that. But I am peaceful and will answer to whatever is given. Pax if you wish, Love Ya.

          1. Cheri

            Hahahahaha! Ok Michael I am fine with a squeaky kiss of peace lol! Love you my friend! I have always dreamed of a life like yours! I am hoping we will start to enjoy what we endeavor and start new businesses that support our new priorities. Not to amass wealth or consume crapola but to create beauty and enhance the overall quality of life! Consciousness will change everything! I am just not sure if we morph this crazy place back into some semblance of true creation or we just become a vibrational match for an entirely new reality when the DNA goes quantum. All I know for sure is there are many rooms in our fathers mansion to visit and create in. Just not sure of the logistics yet!

            I just love that picture of you chasing butternut around lol! A cherished memory of joy energetically hahahahaha!

            Ok back to work for you my friend! Love you! 😘