Murphy: Trump Administration Is Weaponizing Classified Information

moving forward with the truth eraoflightdotcomSenator Chris Murphy (D-CT) Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” accused the Trump administration of weaponizing classified information. He said there were “multiple instances” of this occurring.

Murphy said, “I am worried about is the politicization of intelligence by this administration. The new acting head of intelligence has no background in intel. He is a trump loyalist, and we all worry about this administration controlling massive amounts of intelligence, massive amounts of classified information, and leaking it out to the press when it advantages them. I have been very worried about the kind of information that the Trump administration keeps classified.”

He continued, “There are multiple instances of the Trump administration keeping classified information could be politically embarrassing to the president, but it does not hold true national security classified information. So the weaponized of classified information is something that we are more worried about, especially with the new acting director of intelligence.”

He added, “The meeting with Mike Pence with Ukraine that was kept classified in the impeachment proceedings and contained no classified information and the reason it is classified is because it would have hurt the president’s case in the impeachment trial.”

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One Reply to “Murphy: Trump Administration Is Weaponizing Classified Information”

  1. Cheri

    Fake News CNN hahahaha! If there is anything classified you can rest assured Adam Schiff will leak it! Ridiculous hoaxes and propaganda spewed over and over from these dark ones. I am starting to wonder if they really believe it as their programming is breaking down and they literally see a conspiracy in everything and keep projecting it upon the rest of the world omg!