Mary Magdalene: Feel the Love

mary magdalene eraoflightI am Mary Magdalene and I ask you to imagine that I look at you and feel the love flowing from my eyes and into yours. Feel how love spreads within you. Feel how you get warm, how your heart gets warm, and how it feels like it is tingling in your body as if your body comes to life after a long sleep. So feel the life I come with and feel how whole you are carried, an ease. Let my words come to your heart now.

I see you as the beautiful person you are and remind you to look at your fellow human beings with the eyes of love. When you look with the eyes of love, the same thing will happen to the one you are watching who just happened to be when I looked at you. Mankind’s frozen hearts that thaw like the icicles of spring’s first, warming sun rays. Watch the water on the ground, the water that arises when frozen hearts thaw. The water that since our dear Mother Earth gets pleasure from. This life-giving water that makes both animals and plants feel good. This life-giving water that helps your entire earth to thrive. Know that your bet spreads like rings on the water.

What you give spreads. More and more people are waking up. Waking up to live. Waking up to be and act in love. Waking up to see beyond the illusion of power. The ruler who has at times deprived man of his free will. Or perhaps I should rather express myself that the rulers have retained humanity in the shackles that it set itself thousands of years ago.

For a long time, work has gone on to make people awake. Little by little, man has been allowed to test himself. Take tiring steps toward freedom. We are many who support this liberation. We know the time is up. The time is ripe for you to show people that you can stand on your own legs. Stand on the legs of freedom. Like Bambi who was standing on the slippery ice, more and more are rising. Stand on unsteady legs first. Get ready to dare to go. Leave the ice and stand on steady ground. Feel and know that you are ready. Take the step and stand on your steady legs. Stand in the rubble of your freedom.

Look at your fellow human beings with the eyes of love and you will help them rise and prepare to stand on their own. Free from the control of the authorities. Free from ancient karma that has held humanity back for thousands of years. Stand on your legs and see how the veils of illusion fall when truths are revealed, coming to the surface of the nourishment Mother Earth receives when frozen hearts thaw. Look without fear. Gladly look at when the time of revelation is here. Rejoice and rejoice at the new clarity that is emerging. Enjoy your freedom. Nurture it and let it spread like rings on the water of your beautiful planet.

I love you so.

Mary Magdalene.

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» Source » Channel: Camilla Nilsson