Saint Germain: Bringing Power Back to the People

saint germain eraoflightdotcomI am St. Germain.

I come at this time in a rather auspicious time frame, as many things are changing across the planet, and certainly within this country, The United States of America. Because this country, this United States, was meant to be exactly that, united, not divided. And everything now is moving back to that:  united, even though it seems like there is much division at this time now.

But all of this division is happening for a reason. It is happening to bring the understanding and the knowing back to the people.  And everything is coming back to the people, away from the corporations, away from the government, and back to the people.  Because it is the people that are the United States.  It is the people that are united.  It is the people that are the Earth, the entire planet.  It is not the rulers, the kings, the queens, even the presidents.  It is not them, it is the people.

And the ones that are leading the people are the ones that will continue to be the leaders in the coming changes after the changeover.  It is leaders of men, leaders of people, that are needed here.  It is as one said earlier, it is leaders of the Light that are needed.

Because everyone is in this together.  There is no separation, except that separation that is in your mind, that separation that is in your programming that still continues to hold you down to the 3-D matrix, hold you to the illusion.

But the illusion is dissipating more and more, faster and faster certainly for those of you that have awakened.  But even for those that have not awakened yet, the illusion is dissolving right in front of their eyes.  And as it dissolves in front of their eyes, they begin to see for the first time in this lifetime, in many lifetimes, just as you did years ago.

For these are the times, my friends, these are the times of change, these are the times of revolution to bring about evolution.   Evolution that is taking you into a new realm, a new realm of consciousness.  New for you at this time, but not new to all of you from long ago.

For many of you, most of you, have been in the higher dimensions previously.  You allowed yourselves to lower down to the lower vibrations in order to complete this experiment.  But the experiment is over.  It is no longer needed.  The experiment of duality here on the Earth is no longer needed here, and it is time to move on from it.  So when you have heard many times now:  forget the past, forget the past of the old programming, don’t let it hold you down any longer, don’t let it mire you in the muck of the illusion of separation, here.  Realize that you are not separated.  Realize that you are one.

And when you realize fully that you are one you are One, you are in a neutral state of consciousness, and nothing from the past can affect you.  And the future, which has not happened yet, does not become anything that you have to be concerned about anymore.  Because your future is being dictated by your exact moment now.  And when you realize that, your future becomes a mirror image of exactly who you are in the exact moment you are in it.

So trust in yourselves, my friends.  Trust.  Trust that the United States of America is coming back as a Republic.  All is being orchestrated to do so.  All is being orchestrated to bring the power back to the people.  Power of love, though, now, back to the people instead of no longer the love of power.  And that goes across the entire planet to the world, to all of the countries of the world.  All are going to participate in this great changeover that is not only rapidly approaching in your third-dimensional experience, but has already arrived in your higher vibrational experience.

And if you wish to test this, just simply allow your vibrations to increase, and feel the connection, the oneness, the bliss that comes over you in those moments when you find yourselves in that fifth-dimensional experience, even if it is only brief at this time.  But it is what you are moving to.  Or should I say, what you are moving back to.

Everything is exactly as it needs to be in this moment right now.  So know that everything is being taken care of.  Again, everything is being orchestrated.  All of the political turmoil that has been going on is coming closer and closer to an end.

Because those that have been hiding within the darkness are becoming illuminated by the light of truth, and they can no longer stand in the shadows.  And as they come into the Light, people everywhere will begin to see them for what they really are.

That is not to say that they are evil, for deep within themselves they are not evil.  They have played a roll.  That roll is over now.  And unless they choose to let go of that roll, on their own, then the choices will be made for them.

I am St. Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness.  And that the Violet Flame continues to hold sway within you, continues to purge out any of the old negative programming that continues to hold you down, hold you back.  If it isn’t that, then utilize Archangel Michael’s Sword of Blue Flame of Truth to sever any of the remaining ties that still may be holding you down to the illusion of separation.

Peace and love be with all of you.

» Source » Channel: James McConnell

6 Replies to “Saint Germain: Bringing Power Back to the People”

  1. Ed

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

    Jimi Hendrix


  2. Ed

    If it was our true way to do things when the going seems to get tough, we would actually smile and say that this is not for real, and that we are actually rising above it because it is just trying to drag us down to where it is without any truth to its actual reality. So go on in this world and know that when you feel a bit lower in truth than you have been, that it is saying that you are delaying the motion of being able to see the truth as it always is in Love, Peace and Joy. It is an absorption of the true energy of this world, and you are walking in the brilliance that others may not see, until they see their own actual reality.

    Inspiration for the Day, brought to you by Spirit through Nancy Tate, February 25, 2020

  3. Cheri

    Definately see this happening all across America! Power to the people! We are uniting in the truth with tons of heart and love for each other once again! 😘🥑♨️🎶💚💎

    1. Ed

      HOW DO WE
      HOW CAN WE

      SHE DOES
      ALL OF US

      …Q Love ALL…from Ed

      HERE WE GOOOOO 😘🥑💜💕🥰

      By~Sandra Walter

      Blessings Beloveds ~

      On January 13, 2020 a brand new stargate system was birthed on Gaia. This opened new organic flows through the Great Central SUN, Cosmos, Galactic center, Central SUNs, Solaris and planets, and Gaia. These flows reconnected us with the Ascended Universal flows and higher harmonics. One more click in the combination lock for revelation of the New Earth realities.

      In brief, this is open access to all realms of the natural Cosmic stargate flow, providing a purer experience of Source, love, and our own creations. This is why things feel so surreal and different since mid-January. We are reconnected to the higher cosmic community.

      Effects of this New Stargate System connection:

      – The inflow-outflow of light intel with positive, aligned creation is balanced. This is a New Earth dynamic, and part of our Galactic legacy. We affect the outer realms as easily as they affect Gaia. Communication is open. Many starseeds have been co-creating with planets in our local solar system. For those of us who work with stars and the cosmic stargates, this is a vibrant passage of reconnecting with local star systems – and distant ones as well. Residents of New Earth, we are broadcasting our experience to many galaxies and realms.

      – We may interact with the 7 realms of New Earth (seven layers/versions of New Earth realities) with more ease and grace. The new Crystalline Stargate system amplifies the rainbow bridges and crystalline bridges we have built. It works in tandem with the rainbow bridge DNA to create the experience of Ascension. The new frequencies coming in bolster our timeline choice, allowing the New Earth experience as a consistent, palpable awareness. This is evident as more realize 5D is already here, and see the collapse of 3D/4D happening in a physicalized way.

      – Heightened experiences of the overly; multiple realities at the same time. this simultaneous awareness is optimum training for Christ consciousness; the awareness of yourself in multiple realities at once. We watch the old dissolve as the new amplifies.

      – Completion of the New Earth Crystalline Grid bridge. With the merge of the Crystalline Grid and the New Earth grids in 2018, we created a foundation for the Embodiment phase of Ascension. As Gaia said, Embodiment will change everything. And it has. With the reconnection to this brand new Cosmic Stargate system in January, our Ascension gates are open wide.

      – The old grids are gone, and have no impact on our realities. They served our journey, and they are complete. that is another reason why things feel so different, those placeholders/leylines/old structures have no influence. All focus goes to the crystalline expression of these physical realms, including ourselves, animals, plants, elementals, sacred sites, new sacred sites, the moon, the SUN, the planets … all have crystalline expressions. Cycles are complete and not repeated in the new light.

      We are learning how to be Creators rather than fixers of dissolving realms, or outdated ley lines, sites and relics which have no purpose in the new light. Some may still need to return to certain sites to pick up codes or heal memory fields of their DNA. Be aware of habit/comfort zone versus amplifying the new light. Everyone takes their awakening at their own pace. No judgement, just consider the higher perspective.

      – The New Earth gate and grid points that so many have diligently anchored with crystals, geometries and activations over the last two decades is part of this Cosmic Stargate system. Access points, or entire areas like the Crystalline corridor, have merged with this new function of Gaia as a more solar-based beingness. Yes it enhances our Ascension, but perhaps more importantly it assists with the birth of Gaia as a more stellar-type entity. This affects many realms and the whole Galaxy, as promised.

      – Magnetic anomalies and our thin magnetosphere. Since Solar minimum ended last year, we have a thin magnetosphere, which makes us vulnerable to incoming frequencies, physical objects (meteors) and visitation. It will stay decreased for a while, and the veils will not re-densify to the degree they did before. That realm/experience is done. With the new Cosmic Stargates open, new energies flow in, and new energies flow out with greater intensity (as noted in the Schumann resonance spikes). Higher frequencies are heard and felt. Expect magnetic and electric anomalies as the old magnetics shift and break apart to reveal the new. This changes our own magnetics, which is part of the widespread anxiety and vulnerability sensations.

      – Amplification of Unified intent. We are learning to create with unified LoveLight in a multitude of ways. Unity Consciousness is a vividly different experience, a very different state of consciousness than what the body is accustomed to holding. We practice in our live gatherings, our weekly Unity Meditations, and unified activities to engage with the power of our Crystalline-Solar heart, just as Gaia is with these new stargates. Gaia and Embodiers co-evolve with our consistent practice and unification. Learn to accept and utilize unity as your primary experience.

      During my retreat, Gaia shared that she would reveal the new realms this year. I wept with the energy and love she shared while receiving that message. It was also a quantum DNA activation; revealing what is already created on the higher timeline. Welcome this insight yourself; Place your hands on the ground and ask her to reveal your highest trajectory. You might receive this gift from her, or feel the new cosmic stargate system.

      As a collective, we may consciously receive influxes and produce outfluxes of this new level of Diamond-Christ light. We speak to the cosmos as Ascended beings; the connection is open.

      We have some powerful passages coming up for Embodiment and Ascension in the next few months. This is an intense year of change, empowerment and freedom. Visualize and feel what that means to your journey and the global Ascending collective. Keep the heart focused on peace, compassion, and Divine Neutrality. Consistent alignment, refinement, unity and DNA activation prepare us from now until the June trigger points.

      [The above Intel is an except from the 2020 Ascension webinar]

      The March Equinox Gate is already in our field, and that Solar connection is open. Gatekeepers, we are deepening our heart connection with the Solar consciousness, opening our hearts to serve as conduits of the Cosmic Christ and this new stargate system. The upticks in Solar activity and crystalline amplification in April and May pave the way for the June transformation of the Embodiers.

      It will be beautifully intense, heart-opening and revealing. Creative ideas are abundant; light-ground the intel, intuitive expressions and dreams for New Earth, Now.

      The Divine Melancholia of Mastery

      The surreal detached-yet-deeply-connected state of melancholia is a purposeful part of our Mastery journey. In the Mystery Schools we induced this state of melancholia with alchemical substances, to enhance the experience of neutrality and allow the nervous system to handle the light level needed for reconnection with Source and our Higher Levels (Embodiment). Melancholia and the current clearing (weeping for no reason) has been consistent for Embodiers since the 12-12 activation of these new stargates, and has amplified since then.

      Many have noted this melancholia in my Private Sessions – male and female, across all age ranges. The detached neutrality of melancholia paired with weeping. We don’t need to induce this state any longer, it is ON, and preparation for the upcoming Gates.

      This is not a charged dualistic emotional state; it feels like sadness without any cause, emotional trigger or attachment to memory. This is tied to shifting magnetics, pulling apart the fields which kept the old grids in our realities, both planetary and personal. The body and fields feel this dissolvement of the old, the dismantling of an old physical expression. It is an important part of our Embodiment and Ascension, and a global side-effect of the new stargates. Allow the weeping, note the calm neutrality, let it clear the fields to let in more light. Mastery difference: it is not depression, or attached to a cause, it ebbs and flows in the moment, and deepens the heart-Source connection.