The Council of Radiant Light: Experiencing More Ease

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomDear Friends –

We greet you in love.

Love is your true state and it is, in LOVE, that you feel most like you. This is a very simple thing to say to you. It is very important that you take it in. There is a truth here which serves you.

So many times in your lives, you are unhappy. You feel afraid, insecure, lonely, frustrated with some or more than one aspect of your life and overwhelmed by how much you want it to be different and yet feeling so unable to bring that about.

The answer is LOVE.

The answer is: LOVE

The answer is, for you, to love.

Just love.

Love whatever you can easily and sincerely love.

You, beloved, are made for loving.
When you love, you feel like you.

It’s so good.

Such a relief.

So much drops away, falls away, when you’re in that way.

Just love.

Love whatever you can and see how you can do at staying in that mode.

Of loving.

See what you can do about loving in more moments of the day.

We suggest that in doing this, you love what you easily love.

The more mundane the better.

We’re suggesting here you do what is most natural for you – loving.

You are made of love, and made to love, it’s just how it is, darling.

So, when you’re loving, you feel good and when you’re loving, the most wonderful thing happens? YOU FEEL LIKE YOU.

And in that mode…you’re open.
You’re aligned. You’re capable of receiving all kinds of wonderful things from the vastness of your being – your Divine Self; your Source. The Source of All Good Things and everything in your life, for you, is your Divine Self.

When you feel like you, you and that Source within you are in sync. THAT is why it feels so good. That is why you feel like you.

Don’t overcomplicate things. You are a lover. Love.

You, when you love, feel like you!
You, when you love, feel good!

You, when you love, let your life open and blossom.

P.S. Please don’t try to love. Please don’t feel like you need to learn how to love what you don’t easily and naturally love. Let that happen as you evolve in consciousness.

When you’re in sync with YOU, when you’re loving and feeling good, your consciousness is becoming more and more filled in by the light that is your true Source, your Divine Self.


YOU, naturally love everything.

Trying to love everything doesn’t make it so, here. Let it happen naturally.

Be loving more. Let it spread out within you, naturally. It will. It’s who you truly are.

Experiment and see!

Trying to love what you don’t easily and naturally love, creates resistance.

Resistance does not feel good.

Please give up trying to love anything you don’t love and just love what you do love.

That is all.

We love you! (By the way)…Very much. A lot. All the time.

That’s what you, too, will feel about more and more things. It’s inevitable!
Let it be easy, and you’ll feel more ease…and the loving will spread and take hold of you!

Ha ha ha.

We just had to smile in our own way about that one. Love, taking hold of you!
Did it make you smile?

I AM THE ANGEL Akyraiel, with the Council of Radiant Light.

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  1. Ed😘🥑💜

    Deconstruction Of Old Human – Hopi And The New Cycle. By Gabriel RL.

    As Gaia continues to advance in her most personal elevation, you as well, as individuals, continue your path to reach your elevations.

    In this environment where you are, at times, it is common to feel lost and confused as to how, when and where such elevations will occur, considering that you “eat, work, pay bills and sleep”, and there does not seem to be anything “more” that is coming, beyond that cycle.

    These are thoughts of many human beings, even in spiritualist environments that support and work for the New Era, because deep down, you all still carry, to a greater or lesser degree, some pain or discontent with life or with something.

    Naturally, from time to time, you are led to these questions, if you are really ready, if you will ever ascend or simply if.

    Dear ones, it is important that you know that you are Divine Beings wherever you are, doing what you are doing. The Divine Spark will always be in you.

    Another point is that you are, at this very moment, expanding in the midst of so many experiences and the recognition that these experiences that will bring you to your real elevation and ascension.

    Deconstruction Of Old Human – Divine Entrance
    Divine Entrance

    Deconstruction Of Old Human
    You renew yourself each day, create new opportunities and live a new world with each sunrise, no matter how much the daily life seems to consume, at times the animation for life and what it has to offer.

    You expand with each second, and there is no “magic” that will simply arrive and change everything from one hour to the next, as you would thus lose the real charm of experiencing the totality of the experience that elevates you.

    A lot has been told you about the ascension process, but first of all it is really necessary to keep in mind that the ascension begins with Gratitude.

    Gratitude for what you already are, Gratitude for what you do, Gratitude for what you have and what you don’t have. Gratitude for the more and for the less. Only Gratitude.

    Deconstruction Of Old Human – Gratitude

    Deconstruction Of Old Human
    To know that you are divine where you are, and to recognize yourself as part of this great experience. When you enter into this attunement, you begin to be dragged into increasingly peaceful environments, leaving your spirit much more comfortable and serene.

    Thus, the dimensional changes that many desire cannot occur without first accepting yourselves at all levels as you are and what you are experiencing at this moment.

    You too, amid all of this, are going through a profound process of deconstructing yourself and your old habits.

    You are facing your greatest fears and insecurities, as you need to learn to recognize them with Love, and be grateful for the experience they bring.

    It has been many ages, dear ones, running away from yourselves and now you are entering a cycle in which the deconstruction of the old paradigms, internal and external, will be inevitable, because the wheel is spinning and it can no longer be stopped.

    Time is dissolving everything, since the more the Earth’s vibrations increase, the faster the time dissolves, and in this you have the impression that you can no longer do the things that you were able to do “with your spare time”.

    Also, don’t be afraid of “not getting” your elevations, we say it again: you are rising, inevitably, because everything rises, somehow. There, or elsewhere in this Universe. What will not be lacking are opportunities for new experiences always elevating.

    The deconstruction of truths so well constructed by you will hurt, it hurts because of your attachment to that truth.

    But you also programmed this, because you are experts in reinventing, all the time, and you wanted to build a truth and then deconstruct it, again, again and again, until you think it was enough for the experience.

    And here you are again. And here we are, your Space Family, to tell you that the moment of the last line has arrived – you asked us for this – and this is the final opportunity for the great deconstruction, because there will not be again on Earth a new cycle of reconstruction and deconstruction. Here is the end of the line.

    That’s why, for many, it’s been very difficult, because they still thought they could do it again – and they could, but not anymore in the “Earth” experience, since you yourselves have determined a marker for closing this cycle, and here it is.

    Deconstruct yourselves! Allow yourself to self-build! Do not be afraid, because what you will find “post-deconstruction” is just what you in fact are: the ALL.

    You are walking to the New Earth, beloved ones, and you need to walk toward the New Human. Deconstruction is inevitable and fighting it makes the process more painful for you.

    Allow yourself to flow like a river, while at the same time making yourself available to this great anchorage of your galactic history on Earth, as the deconstruction will become more evident.

    This was also said by the ancient Hopi, they predicted this deconstruction, the end of generations and the discontinuation of old lines.

    Deconstruction Of Old Human – Tawa the Hopi Sun Spirit and Creator
    Tawa the Hopi Sun Spirit and Creator

    Deconstruction Of Old Human
    They knew about cycle closings and announced that. They knew that chaos would one day reign on Earth and this chaos would be the great sign for the arrival of the “men of the stars”, because from this chaos, the Light would shine.

    They were talking about the external chaos, but they also spoke, especially, of the chaos inside each human being; starting from this chaos, of this deconstruction of the old truths, the Light would come on and the Rainbow people would arrive to renew in the brightness of the Blue Star already announced.

    Deconstruction Of Old Human – Tawa the Hopi Sun Spirit and Creator

    Deconstruction Of Old Human
    This is the time when they predicted the start of the new cycle and nothing will change that. Kachina is already in sight and the Heavenly Angels singing in joy.

    Beloved ones, know that you are being supported at all times and there will not be a moment that is not so. We also have our moments of interiorization and deep reflections, because, like you, we are expanding and in the process of deconstructing many things so that new things can be built.

    We are not different from you who are acting on the Terra plane. In the same way you have your activities on Earth, we have our in the Galactic Plan and we also look for our moments of deconstruction so that we can access, in a more expanded way, the Universal Truth.

    This is an auspicious time to thank everything. All the people who are in your path, those who have been and those who will arrive, since the transformation by the most expanded Truth will come, and you will have to let go of what is no longer for your experience.

    Deconstruction Of Old Human – Crystalline Energy
    Crystalline Energy

    Deconstruction Of Old Human
    Know also that many Crystalline Chambers are being prepared for all of you to recover from all the traumas and attachments to the old truths, those founded on fear, insecurity, lack and dependence.

    The awareness of who you are – awareness that, in fact, is spreading among all souls on Earth – is ensuring that you can sustain yourself in Love, while the old man is deconstructed.

    You will see many trying to escape from facing themselves, you will see many marveling knowing where they came from and where they are going to, many confused as our ships fly over your skies more and more actively – all this is part of the great deconstruction for reconstruction.

    Or as the Hopi would say: the signs of the birth of the New World / New Cycle. “When all men look crazy, they will return to themselves.”

    And, in fact, you will see many going crazy when they discover their inheritances, their stories, their luggage, because, how strong are they for these confrontations? It doesn’t matter.

    What matters is that we have reached the end of a cycle and you, in your wisdom, have programmed it to be just like that.

    Some of you may be finding my way of speaking, my energy and information block different. As I said, we are all constantly expanding and I, like you, am also expanding.

    I received an expansion in my field and I was able to access new dimensions, in addition to those I already accessed and I am in the process of assimilation and calibration of my new Being.

    With this we did not mean that your pains and processes are not important and that we do not give due importance to that, but we wanted to say that this are your words before your experiences: “It doesn’t matter what we have to go through, how we go through; what matters is that the cycle will end and we will finish what we are meant to do.”

    These are your words in the highest dimensions of existence.

    And do you know why you don’t “go away” before all this is over? Because you are the most incredible beings that I, SaLuSa in particular, have ever met.

    You have managed to do something that is outside the known Akashic Record. You have recreated a new standard. You are the Light in the midst of darkness and no folly on Earth, regardless of how much you are sometimes immersed in it, is greater than the Light that pulsates in you connected directly with the Supreme Creator.

    Beloved, we know your stories and we don’t know more courageous beings than you.

    We know who we are turning to now…
    Feel our presence, right now…
    Feel our strength, which is your strength…
    We are an alliance.

    The Galactic Alliance that promised the Creator that we would go to the end, whatever the cost, but would complete what was assigned to us.

    Raise your luminous scepters!
    Selin-Amat Ameteret Garjoin!
    (In Sirian: For the Light We Are, In The Force We Represent!)

    Right now I’m in a seventh dimensional Crystalline Chamber, aboard one of the large crystal ships of the Galactic Federation and in this broadcast, as always, I thank the opportunity for this result. I’m also with Hatonn and in the presence of the one on Earth you call Jeshua.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius now also callede Shalashian (after energetic consecration of the Seventh Luminous Plane), in direct transmission from our Fleets.

    I will always continue, when permitted, as Spokesperson of the Galactic Federation in constant action on Earth, also listening to all of you in your understandable lamentations, when you do not see in the human eyes, the development of what you have been waiting for.

    But we are ready to say that you will not pass this generation without seeing the external transformations that await, as the internal ones are already in full swing and it will not be long before this internal equation reverberates intensely into the external.

    Selatherin A-al Arjaten!
    (In Sirian: Because Yes, We Are All ONE!)


  2. Isdra

    Brilliant! It is true and I’ve not heard it articulated in this beautiful way before! Thank you and on we go.
    Love 🙂

  3. Ed😘🥑💜

    Quantum GRACE
    Quantum FLOW
    Quantum EASE


    Quantum LOVE