The Council of Radiant Light: Experiencing More Ease

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomDear Friends –

We greet you in love.

Love is your true state and it is, in LOVE, that you feel most like you. This is a very simple thing to say to you. It is very important that you take it in. There is a truth here which serves you.

So many times in your lives, you are unhappy. You feel afraid, insecure, lonely, frustrated with some or more than one aspect of your life and overwhelmed by how much you want it to be different and yet feeling so unable to bring that about.

The answer is LOVE.

The answer is: LOVE

The answer is, for you, to love.

Just love.

Love whatever you can easily and sincerely love.

You, beloved, are made for loving.
When you love, you feel like you.

It’s so good.

Such a relief.

So much drops away, falls away, when you’re in that way.

Just love.

Love whatever you can and see how you can do at staying in that mode.

Of loving.

See what you can do about loving in more moments of the day.

We suggest that in doing this, you love what you easily love.

The more mundane the better.

We’re suggesting here you do what is most natural for you – loving.

You are made of love, and made to love, it’s just how it is, darling.

So, when you’re loving, you feel good and when you’re loving, the most wonderful thing happens? YOU FEEL LIKE YOU.

And in that mode…you’re open.
You’re aligned. You’re capable of receiving all kinds of wonderful things from the vastness of your being – your Divine Self; your Source. The Source of All Good Things and everything in your life, for you, is your Divine Self.

When you feel like you, you and that Source within you are in sync. THAT is why it feels so good. That is why you feel like you.

Don’t overcomplicate things. You are a lover. Love.

You, when you love, feel like you!
You, when you love, feel good!

You, when you love, let your life open and blossom.

P.S. Please don’t try to love. Please don’t feel like you need to learn how to love what you don’t easily and naturally love. Let that happen as you evolve in consciousness.

When you’re in sync with YOU, when you’re loving and feeling good, your consciousness is becoming more and more filled in by the light that is your true Source, your Divine Self.


YOU, naturally love everything.

Trying to love everything doesn’t make it so, here. Let it happen naturally.

Be loving more. Let it spread out within you, naturally. It will. It’s who you truly are.

Experiment and see!

Trying to love what you don’t easily and naturally love, creates resistance.

Resistance does not feel good.

Please give up trying to love anything you don’t love and just love what you do love.

That is all.

We love you! (By the way)…Very much. A lot. All the time.

That’s what you, too, will feel about more and more things. It’s inevitable!
Let it be easy, and you’ll feel more ease…and the loving will spread and take hold of you!

Ha ha ha.

We just had to smile in our own way about that one. Love, taking hold of you!
Did it make you smile?

I AM THE ANGEL Akyraiel, with the Council of Radiant Light.

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