The Galactic Federation of Light: According to Plan

first contact eraoflightdotcomThis is the Galactic Federation of Light, we are happy to be beaming with you today through this channeled message.

With us we have Ashtar Command, the Arcturians, ships and crew.

We want to let you know that the ascent of the earth is going completely according to plan and that all the puzzle pieces are falling into place.

Remember that you are doing the work that you are meant to do just by meeting the experiences that naturally come your way.

You have all the different tasks and roles in the ascent of the earth from the lowest to the highest level, and this is a work that is constantly interacting and multidimensional and influences in the whole of infinity’s evolution and expansion.

Just move forward on your own individual journey and remember that everything you do for yourself affects all beings on earth, at this stage more than ever.

Relax and let go of the resistance and let go of mainly the thoughts you have that you are not doing enough, or that you should, or you must.

The only thing you should and should do is to let go of negative thoughts and let the light that naturally flows over the earth flush through your entire physical and etheric earth form.

We are working fully to keep up the pace, balance and make sure we keep up to date with the light frequencies that you can best accommodate to right now.

And we can say with great pleasure that there has not been such a strong flow of light of conscious souls on earth since the posterity of the Atlantis / Lemurian eras.

Remember that we are with you and remember that there are many of you awake light workers, seek strength and fellowship with each other. It will keep your mood up through the coming storms.

With all our galactic love // ​​Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command and the Arcturians.

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» Source » Channel: Angel Skog

4 Replies to “The Galactic Federation of Light: According to Plan”

  1. Nunya Biz

    What a steaming pile of crap. Look around! We are losing our rights by the day! No one is coming to save you. YOU have to save yourself through right action!

  2. Mark Wright

    What an absolute load of bullshit.

    Seriously, just break each paragraph down and ask yourself if you have read the same paragraph before.

    Have you?

    Yes, you have, you read the same thing yesterday and the day before and the day before that.

    Let me surmise,

    1. The ascent of Earth is going to plan.
    2. You are doing the work.
    3. You all have different tasks and roles.
    4. Relax and let go of resistance.
    5. We are working fully to keep up the pace.
    6. There has not been such a strong flow of light since Atlantis.

    Meaningless words repeated over and over and over. Never anything new just the same crap day in day out.

    Worse than any religion. Far worse.

    1. Adamas

      Thank you! I agree with some of this message, but when it keeps being repeated, it becomes meaningless. It’d be more beneficial for the articles to give us important info and tell us what exactly we’re supposed to be doing, since it obviously isn’t happening on it’s own.

      I’d say some of it is akin to religion, sadly. Unfortunately, many of these Galactic Federation types are just another level of the prison and also trying to keep humans enslaved, but there may be a legitimate one somewhere.