The True Story About Archangel Michael & Lucifer

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomArchangel Michael, the Prince of Light, and Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, locked in battle for all eternity over the fate of mankind, or so the church would have you believe. It’s perhaps the most rearranged and misinterpreted story of them all. Allow me to explain a quite different version of events.

God and the Angels were together in Oneness, Everything was still united as One. Creation existed, but individual experience of Creation wasn’t yet possible. It’s like having a cake, but not getting to eat it, what fun is that? Creation wanted to experience itself being Creation, and so the Divine Plan was formed. Some of the Angels would enter into a dream, where they would pretend to be outside the Oneness so they could participate in the unique aspects of the Oneness. The one you know as Lucifer was the first to volunteer to “leave” Heaven, while Archangel Michael was the head of the angels who stayed. No conflict here, rather everyone working together towards the same Goal.

The real story of what happened afterwards is that of the prodigal son, not of a war between “good and evil”. Lucifer, literally the “light-bearer”, was the son who left his House (Heaven) to share his inheritance with all of Creation. Michael, literally “he who is like God”, was the son who stayed at Home. Note how the people judged the son who left for spending all his Inheritance, while the Father was overjoyed. Lucifer was meant to have a good time in Creation, not to be stingy with the blessings he was given.

When the prodigal son returned, the Father gave him the other son’s Inheritance as well. What would be the point of leaving it with Michael anyway if he’s not going to do anything with it? Not that Michael minded at all, he already was Creation. Michael is Creation, Lucifer is the experience of Creation. Of course, if you’re here experiencing Creation, how can you be outside of Creation? You can’t, so you are Creation experiencing itself, and hence Lucifer is Michael and Michael is Lucifer. Two aspects of the same Oneness. And you’re not separate from this, which means both aspects are within you as well.

Speaking of you, how did you get to be here? How did you get to the so-called “lower realms”?

We were born of Oneness, so how did Humanity get to be separated from God? Simple, every Soul in this realm is one who chose to join Lucifer, a “fallen” angel. There’s a little bit of truth to the story, but you aren’t a “wrong”, “bad” or “evil” being, rather a very brave and adventurous one. Not one who rebelled against God, but one who disconnected from God within themselves for the wondrous experience of Reunion.

And it wasn’t Lucifer that caused people to be so mired within their illusions. When

Lucifer “left” Heaven, there was still the understanding that one was still always one with Heaven, they were simply dreaming.

This is the Garden of Eden of legend. It wasn’t until Humanity lost the Violet Flame and couldn’t effortlessly cleanse the lower vibrational energies that things started really getting messed up. Then the angels forgot they were even angels and started doing really funny things, like working at walmart and joining the republican party.

Now, what I’m saying is probably going to bother a few, if not a whole bunch of people. I’m telling them that they’re a part of what they’ve been told is the most evil of evils. These beliefs are so widespread that pretty much everyone has been conditioned by them. Hell, Lucifer and the fallen angels, they’ve got many other names in different cultures. People sure don’t want to hear they’re the “fallen” angels, what would that make the world they live within? The world most people are in is hell, though the Planet they live upon is the Garden of Eden, a Living Starship. They super-imposed their illusions upon the Truth and missed the Reality altogether, yet they still are the prodigal sons and daughters, and the door Home is always Open. This is Lucifer, the Light Bearer’s message.

The illusionary conflict between Michael and Lucifer has been projected out into people’s everyday lives. There isn’t, and never was, a war that divided Heaven against itself. It’s a metaphor for people’s own internal conflict. The angels came to the manifest to enjoy it, yet religion teaches us this realm is ruled by evil and the whole point of us being here is to escape to heaven. This creates a dualistic illusion of two paths, one of the “wicked”, who indulge themselves in physical pleasures, and one of the “righteous”, who deny physical pleasures believing they’ll get some reward in Heaven. Both of these so-called spiritual paths just lead around in circles, Buddha shared this over 2,000 years ago, yet people still don’t quite get it. There aren’t two paths, there’s only the one you’re walking, and when you learn to enjoy it you won’t need to wait for some reward in Heaven, you’ll have brought Heaven here to Earth through your own joy. Dividing Lucifer and Michael creates conflict within your own Being, and separates Heaven and Earth. Letting go of the conflict unites Lucifer and Michael and creates Heaven on Earth.

Lucifer never left Heaven and neither did You, You simply forgot that Reality of this whole situation and Heaven was hidden behind the lie of separation, reinforced through twisted, superstitious mythologies.

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  1. Elene

    This is as good an explanation of the mythology of these angels as any I have seen anywhere, and better than most.
    With the Lucifer TV series using a theme of Lucifer and Michael being twins, which was new to me, I got to wondering where that idea might have come from, so started googling around and came across your presentation, which helped make sense of this seemingly strange idea.

  2. How Do You know?

    Oh, OK, some website said all this – it must be true. Thanks – where do I sign?

  3. divsy

    My understanding is as such:
    The creator Gods aka Eloah, the council of twelve decided to make Man in their image. At the end of the project most of the Angelic powers were suppressed. Lucifer and a few others opposed this decision; hence Lucifer sneaked in and revealed to Man (Adam & Eve) the secret.
    When the chief Elohim at that time in creation (Micheal) discovered what Lucifer had done, they had a very intense argument; and Lucifer on his own accord plus a few others who took sides in the debate left to a different dimension.
    I have heard that Lucifer is on his way back to joint the other Angels as the Ascension undertaking is nearing a successful completion.

  4. Cheri

    The more clearing I do I am starting to think that Lucifer was goddess energy or antimatter and became inverted here and of course demonized. To me the archangels and angelic realms are the energetic creational structure of light that supports our creations. They hold the universal laws in place. Nature is the goddess expression of all form and the light is the consciousness that animates form. The entire structure as well as the timelines we create in fell in consciousness. We are repairing this and bringing this realm back into full consciousness by clearing and repairing the fallen state of the DNA. These are expressions of archetypes on the grid that we interpret or give life to. So to bear light (Lucifer light bearer) is a goddess expression that gives form to light.

    Marilyn G totally nailed it on the political situation lol! Bat shit crazy and unhinged vitriol from a once semi sane political democrat party. Sanity versus insanity. Love and patriotism versus unhinged emotional imbalance and demands of social justice and free stuff for all paid for by actual working people. Just a great example of the resolution of extreme polarity. I flow with the love and wanting an environment all can succeed in. There’s only one party actually doing things and solving problems, the others are just about hating and destroying anything not them. Yikes it is fierce!

  5. Era Of Light

    Interesting I sense that LIGHT has won and Eve has won and finished the game and won by a hair for the human race even against all odds and disadvantage to her Competor Satan that had advantage of fully knowing how to be undefeated to a Competor who cant remember who she is.Because she is the Angel that volunteered to come to Earth and become human to help save the human race and Earth(no memory of who she is) to bring light to those on Earth out of darkness.Satan with the unfair advantage of preventing her and any other to help save humanity and Earth were always killed.or crucified JESUS .I know there is love and peace with the Angelic Creations and that don’t suffer the death of a family member nor death so the Angelic Creations are only curious on why humans cry and are sad .I know GOD ALMIGHTY loves all his creations unconditionally and wants all to be saved .Well Woman has won the race and all that was lost has been restored to the original plan to Eve in Paradise the Garden Of Eden now on Earth and all creations are not slaves to Satan.Satan and all others are not entitled to my birthright and inheritance or anything without first coming to me physically and verifying in a language that is understood by all parties to veriify any transactions being made by anyone else other than me.And I do not authorize anything over the internet,texting .Game over..And women are equally to men as one a big circle or zero.Its all for the highest good and Satan I know you feel in love with me and you don’t know how this could happen to you as I feel in love with you and I still love you its just that I am going to have to go moving forward.I will have our memories I will miss you.You do have a good heart..I forgive you. Let’s let the past stay in the past.And enough of the cruciftion cross of Jesus .Heis alive and is in Heaven.The Spirit inside of me.Thats where you can find GOD is inside of yourself. And So It Is! We’re all one big happy family Quantium. Era Of Light (Juanita Jackson)Copyright© 2019 Era Of Light All Rights Reserved®

  6. TeeLight

    These Angels, or demons, represent our internal choice.
    Do we choose to exist within the Divine flow, trusting and believing that all we are, all we have experienced is within the Flow of Creation?
    Or do we choose to believe the material is the only reality that matters and we spend our energy fighting and forcing nature to bend to our wills?
    I lived 50 years struggling with this life, occasionally winning, usually getting my bum handed to me.
    Then I won the only fight worth winning, this inner battle of trust versus fear, connection versus separation, health vs. dis-eased, and abundance versus scarcity.
    Utilizing both, connection to both, gratitude towards all.
    So much love

  7. Marilyn G.

    The Supreme Creator asked for an archangel volunteer to come to the physical plane because yin & yang were needed here. Lucifer bravely volunteered but he intensely dislikes his (it, really; the archangels have no gender) role and awaits the transition into 5D with bells on, so to speak. I don’t know who wrote this piece but I take exception to anyone saying that the angels did “funny things like joining the Republican Party.” Democrats have gone bat-shit crazy to the tune of my being verbally attacked for merely offering praise for President Trump. Twice, verbally viciously attacked. So perhaps the “angels” did a funny thing, in reality, like joining the Democrat Party, hmmm? Who ever you are, you who wrote this piece. You’ll never see a conservative screaming and yelling at someone for offering another a bit of praise.

    I am a Lightworker. I got the Lucifer story from one who channels AA Michael. It doesn’t precisely jibe with your own version, but close. Sort of.

  8. Neno

    Part of it is ok but big part has no sense , why I read 2012 Blogspot = cobra is it explains what happened whit Lucifer or all other stuff ,, primarily anomaly ,, is something like you get very very drunk and do stuff you regret next day when you come out of drunkenness ,, all this bullshit. are not Logical are not Free Will ,, if I think about it whiteout anomaly in story I get ANGRY if I put anomaly in my story I’m good , no hate no bad feelings , so people who do this site think about things you post , in few months money will not be problem , I believe to cobra 90% of this messages are fake news because if they where truth Earth would have 144 000×10 people meditating every day , same James Gillard said that most stuff are shittt. Better repost old cobras posts about anomaly about who was Tesla who was Einstein how Lucifer got infected by anomaly or fallen Angels , you have Taiwan conference transcript on we love mass meditation site ,, Source = sense ,, dark or anomaly call it whatever you want is no sense ,, it’s only Logical ,,

    1. ᎢᎠᎺBᎡᎠr ᏍᏔrCᎯld

      Its just another subjective character entered into the narrative, regardless of when the character was introduced. Just like they all are. Narratives of metaphor and simile, forever rearranged in character for archetypal representation as societal changes evolve and propagate, so that examples of decisions can be extrapolated. These types of narratives were constructed to furnish the same effect that tarot cards have, except in a more complicatedly reconstructed elaboration of elaborate illustrations. Testament of this is the World having had 16 crucified saviors, though the World is yet to be saved.