Archangel Raphael: All Past Cycles Are Complete

archangel raphael @ eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones, It is I, Raphael.

It is a great joy for me to be with you. I adore you! I know you, I am constantly aware of you and I invite you to feel deeply the love, and attention that is between us, even though it slips your mind at times. I am always with you!

If you wish, please open within to our innate connection in love. Invite your energy to tune to mine, and, if you like, call forth – ask for – a direct connection with our consciousness fields so that we might commune more fully and I might transmit to you, the perfection of Life Itself.

Be in silence for a moment and feel that transmission within you. You’ll know when it is complete. Take a breathe and then continue.

Inner light opens.

You feel this as a lift within you.

A relief. Perhaps an exhale. It may be more dramatic – your chest opens, your shoulders shift back, your eyes open wide, you cry out and you want to both laugh and feel a bit sad too. It can be an odd feeling to allow a big inner shift. Sometimes opening up a vaster connection is that.

You respond to an infusion of vaster consciousness, energy and light.

Old, obsolete, complete energies…

Denser energies in whatever form they appear in your life…energies that do not correspond to the infusion of the new, begin to dissolve.

You may notice them as they leave. See if you can do so, without identifying with them or being worried about change… Invite a feeling of inner trust in Life Itself, and if you do merge with them, when you can, bid them farewell and turn inward, feeling for your center where it is still.

The world is changing fast right now. A lot is happening.

Our invitation to you now can help with how you play in the present.

The still point within becomes essential for living in peace, anchoring love, opening to the emerging potentials within your being.

It also opens you to the light of your Source, from which everything comes. It is the emanation of this inner light – the Divine Self – which gave rise to your soul and informs the presence you know now as your life.

You, beloved One, came here as an emanation of that Divine Self to express. You also came here knowing you would have the ability to anchor and expand the potentials for Light.

You came here with great enthusiasm! Knowing you would have access to everything you are, in your Divine Self, while here. Completely willing to open up to who you truly are, know as you did so, you’d remember and reconnect consciously so that you could evolve this form, get anything you need AND expand the capacity for light. Incredibly fun and so beautiful.

Thank you!

Now we invite you to feel how much that is real to you? How much you know that as your life – not conceptually, but in practice. And if you’d like to know it more fully, in a more real way, or just to have a fun experience of co-creation around this, read on…

Each moment, all past cycles are complete. There is a perpetual new beginning, a perpetual new now, happening in each and every moment.

Wouldn’t it perhaps be truly fun and really exciting to feel that as real? To live understanding time, in this way? To find your inner compass clearly orienting you in the new now and also, learning how to invite from your own Divine Self, downloads in consciousness as you begin each segment of your day, as you notice the present once again, or even just when you want to play a bit and have new experiences with more capacity or consciousness that you sense would take things in your life up a notch?

THIS is the emerging potential we’d like to light up with you. We’d like to show you, support you, so you can feel, know and understand how your Divine Self can and does, go out ahead of you and lay the groundwork for brilliant and true experiences! And to do this for a sustained period of time so you can learn to trust and feel this as real!

You can come into greater resonance with the Light behind the light that is your soul; your Divine Self, the essence of your being. What might that be like?

How might you think of yourself if that were real?

Wouldn’t it be brilliant to feel your true Self? To have regular connection with your Divine Self that is unmistakable for you and inviting and expanding your potential to create your life through inviting consciousness to be given by this Source of your being, in this new now?

What if, you were able to live more fully, more freely, with more well-being and more radiance? What if you were able to (because you can) discover YOUR WAY to choosing freely now. A way that is natural, fun, inspired, fulfilling and identity-elevating? Doing so “As if…” (because in essence you can) nothing existed before now and you’re here in this moment wide open and empowered?

What might you create?

What energies might flow to you, through you and emanate from you? What conscious evolution will you call into being, asking your expanded Self to empower you, increase or refine (or both) your flow and expression in becoming more and more light?

What ideas, acceleration, relief and fun might transpire when you ask/invite a download of consciousness making you more aware of what will serve you now? And then shift to that new state?

Just think for a moment on this…

If you really can ask for anything, from someone who is essentially you… Who withholds nothing and who you can quite practically get to know, trust, rely upon and turn to…how might that change things in your life?

That dear friends, is the game we’d like to invite you to play now.

We’d love to support you in developing a much more expanded identity. A much more accurate identity.

We’d like to support you energetically and in consciousness, to know more of your true Self – the light behind the light you think of as SOUL and for you to open up it – YOUR inner light in a very expanded and practical way, a very real and vivid way.

We’ll provide to you, regular energy infusions and transmissions that will support these choices to play and live at a higher level, helping you to clear and dissolve limiting ideas and inner “blocks” to this kind of expansion…

Along with offering you regular guided inner journeys and perspectives so your body-mind-spirit can get into this new game with confident and ease.

So YOU, dearest one, can feel and know the support of Life Itself and your loving angelic friends (us!) in a deeper and more constant way.

This, dear friends can usher you into a radically wide open new way of being…

A life of endless new beginnings!

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