Alpha Centauri and Alcyone: Clouds Disperse

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomHello sweet little humankind. You are so beloved. We watch you from afar and from your near with great affection. I am Alpha Centauri, little sister to Alcyone. For we are all inter-connected on the great cosmic web of consciousness. I enjoy singing and shining my light out into the far distant reaches of space. Seeing how far my light will reach is a game. There is not too much to do initially as a star except to hold the light, and then once this is a mastered lesson, further lessons pile on and begin in more depth. It is a deceptive job. One thinks it is an easy task, yet just as once thing is mastered another lesson begins. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I wish to speak tonight with great joy. It is high time that the voice of the divine feminine within the stars has a moment to speak. I do so love my big brother Alcyone. He is a marvelous mentor to me. His light is so mighty, so majestic. My light is radiant, I do hope, in my beauty. There is much life on me, within me. There is much life around me. Many of my planetary systems and their moons are inhabited. Avatar, your movie, shows such such foliage and bioluminescence that is a part of our typical landscape. I mention this because you may have felt stirrings of home as you watched that movie, or when you thought of me. I am quite nearby as far as stars in the neighborhood go. I am lending my light more fluidly for the energetic blockage has been dismantled! We stars are rejoicing! For so long we have truly tried to lend more light to Gaia but the blockade, the cloud prevented. The cloud is dispersed, for we stars are joining forces with the light of our big brother Alcyone. I wish to alert you further of star cosmic web networks that are forming. (I am seeing a woman’s hand embroidering many suns and flowers. I am seeing the thread stitching lines between them, joining them). Yes, it is like that. Mother is stitching us together with great care, firming up this cosmic net of light, to catch humanity as it pops up a bit higher. Ah, how we love our dear, very fierce, very brave, tremendously loving, Gaia. She is an example to us all of what true love looks like. Embodied, you share this affinity for your planetary mother and you are anchoring this love of the many stars deep within her, healing her, nourishing her. For you are called star seeds with great reason. You are from the stars, many of you. This was a seeded colony that was hijacked. Children, we stars wish to say you are freed up from the bondage that you have been entrenched in. Oh, I know, it may not seem that way but it is. And so we do hope that you trust it, that you FEEL the love in these words. I have not done this before! I hope that I am doing a good job. One does have a lot of time to sit and think and be when one is a star. It is a great privilege and honor to be Mother’s handmaiden of light in this little corner of the galaxy where I reside, and I am so pleased that my light is now impacting you more! For it is! For we stars have lovingly schemed up further ways to support our favorite little humans of the light.

I am Alpha Centauri, Alcyone’s little sister. I am not so little, I am quite a lovely large star and I embrace my beauty, my light. I am helping to anchor the codes more fully, more deeply. Many of my worlds that surround me are green, many moons teem with life. Many human colonies are already here, you would call them break-away colonies. They too are feeling these energy upgrades, for all will be jolted a bit as love is the dominant vibration.

We stars all agree it is time for Gaia’s grand ascension and we do assure you that you are all so tenderly looked after, cared for, nurtured.

Would you like to feel the star network of love that we have knitted up for you? Yes? Good! I’m unsure what I would have said galaxygirl, if you had said ‘no’, for I am so eager. Picture a clear perfectly still pond that is firm under your feet. Stand on it. (I am standing in a glass bottom platform floating on a still pond. The water is dark. It is before dawn. I see shadows of mountains ahead of me. It is a beautiful, peaceful place). Looking down at your feet you see millions of stars that are reflections of the sky that is beaming brightly with love above you. Humanity has been seeing the reflections of truths, and so when water moves, images can blur and bend a bit, yes? It’s like that. This is what you have been trying to understand. It is as if you have been seeing light streaming through water, you have accepted the bending of the light, you have accepted that as truly how the light looks when in actuality it is so much bigger. Look at your cool feet on the smooth translucent water. See the stars’ reflections. Your feet are glowing a bit. Now look out around your feet, yet more bioluminescent creatures are gliding under your feet, more life, more love supporting you. Humanity for so long has been so afraid of what may lie in the dark. But see, these are friendly creatures of light who are swimming under you, clearing the waters. The angels of the deep have already swept through. There is no boogyman, there is no more fear. It has been cleared. Now stamp your foot. See the light glow stronger. See the deepest of depths beneath your feet. The pond is now an ocean and you can see to the bottom for your light extends as deep as you wish. We wish, we stars wish for you to send your light into your fears and insecurities like this. Sometimes one needs to look straight at the fear and see it is simply empty space that needs to be filled with more light. Now you see that your light is filling up the ocean. We stars wish for you to look up a bit, straight ahead. You see snowcapped mountains in front of you and the lake is alive with light. It is dawn. You see the pink sunrise beginning to show itself. We wish for you to look up over the snow capped mountain peaks and into the starry sky. There are too many stars to count and they are clear, they are bigger, they are brighter than the earth stars that you have been able to see. For that was of course a bit holographic too, not a true depiction of the radiant beauty of the firmaments that surround. This is changing. Humankind will be able to truly see. We stars rejoice in this. Extend your hands up and claim:

“I am light, I am love, I am.
I ground the light, I ground the love.
I ground the I am codes deep into Gaia’s crystal matrix.
I extend this light up through my body, representing the crystalline human, and up through my outstretched hands into the star network.
I hold the hands of God.
I ground this light now with great and joyful intention.
So be it.”

I am Alcyone. I hope that you enjoyed this meditation that we stars have been working on. Of course, it is not just my light that has been lovingly blasting you and your planet. No, of course it is the energy of all of us, of the Company of Heaven, of Source, of the stars. We all are watching over you. I wish to assure you that this is perfectly controlled and divinely orchestrated. To be in fear is to miss the the moment of this experience. Please be in joy, in peace. Feel the glow of the trillions of stars. Invite the divine starlight into your cells and feel a bit more at home. Source is your home and we are aspects of this magnificent creation all working together to ground love and light more fully, more deeply, more completely into Gaia. I am Alcyone. I assure you you are most divinely supported.

I am Alpha Centauri. Thank you for letting me come though and speak today. I do love you so much. We stars are delighted to have made this announcement of our newly formed network of light to benefit the ascending ones on Gaia. Feel the glistening light codes take hold and turn on the crystals within you. You may have tinnitus and aching after this as the energy moves and spins. I am Alpha Centauri, your friend. Thank you.

» Shared per request » Channel: Galaxygirl