March 2020; Dreamy Realizations, Fiery Movement, The Dance of Giving and Receiving

light waves eraoflightdotcomWelcome to March 2020! What a hell of a year so far, lol! March 2020 will be a month of lots of reversals and twists of fate. March in my opinion is always a crucial month and mainly that is to do with the Spring/Autumn equinox each year that always happens around March 20th. We are in the process of ending cycles and this can be very trying and quite emotional. This Pisces season has been one of the deepest and most profoundly impactful ones in recent years. Have hope! We are moving into the astrological new year and there are bright rays of sunshine waiting to greet us. A rebirth is on the horizon… it is time to rise up and shine once more!

The first major aspect occurs on March 8th with the Sun and Neptune meeting up in the dreamy and watery sign of Pisces. The Sun in astrology represents our: ego, vitality and life force. Neptune in astrology represents: the subconscious mind,compassion and spiritual healing. Pisces, the 12th zodiac sign is known to be: dreamy, deep, compassionate and unconditionally loving. The Sun and Neptune conjoining in Pisces will create a deep and prophetic healing to occur, particularly within our inner masculine or with a man close to us. There is an illumination with this aspect of deep healing within our egocentric wounds. A major light wants to be shown on our subconscious patterns and a surrender of this ego is in store. Whatever has been holding us back from healing past traumas connected to our inner power and vitality will be shown on or around this day. Cosmic “daddy” healing is a manifestation of this aspect.

On the very next day, March 9th, the planets are quite active. The first aspect is Mercury, the planet of: communication, contracts and travel, moves direct at 28 degrees of Aquarius. Since February 16th, the god of communication has been retrograde, mainly within the sign of Pisces. Now in his direct motion, we are ready to move forward with signing contracts and initiating new plans. While Mercury was in retrograde motion, many deep subconscious wounds came to the surface, perhaps when we were sleeping. Now in his direct motion, Mercury in Aquarius is ready to re-create and move forward with innovative ideas and plans. Our inner genius will be sparked and a renewal of inner faith in our dreams and goals. Any confusion or delays that occurred in the retrograde cycle are now being cleared up and a new path of progress is upon us.

The second aspect on March 9th, is the Full Moon at 19 degrees of Virgo. Full Moons are all about: completions, manifestations and endings. Virgo, the 6th zodiac sign, is about: health, work, service, purity, practicality and order. The Full in Virgo will bring some kind of finalization to a health or work matter. We are ready to be fully grounded in our sense of self and release any negative self talk. There is a willingness with this Full moon to release old habits or ways of thinking that have held us back. Restoring order and structures in our lives could be a huge part of this full moons gift.

Moving to later in the month, on March 20th, the Sun, which again, rules the: ego, vitality and life force, enters its sign of exaltation, as it progresses into Aries. Aries, the 1st zodiac sign, represents: beginnings, fiery passion, will power and rebirth. Happy Spring equinox to my Northern hemisphere folks and happy Autumn equinox to my Southern hemisphere friends! The Sun moving into Aries marks a pivotal time of massive awakenings and new starts. We are ready to begin again and clear away the cob-webs of the former season.

The very next day, on March 21st, Saturn, the planet of: karma, obligation, and structures, leaves his home sign of Capricorn and transits into Aquarius. Since 2017, Saturn has been progressing through his ruling sign of the goat, causing us to shape up and deal with past karma in our lives. Now we get a preview of what is to come as he transits the sign of Aquarius. Saturn will only stay in Aquarius until July 2020, before going retrograde back into Capricorn until the end of 2020. At the end of 2020, he will move back into Aquarius where he will stay until 2023. Saturn in Aquarius will bring about about new structures to something old in our lives. We are ready to take the solid foundations we have built while he was in Capricorn and revolutionize them into progressive ways of being and thinking. Things that were old could become new again and we are ready to re-establish out of the box thinking to old problems from the past.

Finally, (sorry this is a long one) on March 24th, the Moon, which again, rules our: emotions, inner core and intuition, becomes new at 4 degrees of Aries. Aries, the 1st zodiac sign, is known to be: the baby, the pioneer, the risk taker and the passion seeker. The New Moon in Aries is a time when we want a fresh start and will just add fuel to the fire which began with the Spring/Autumn equinox. Wiping the slate clean and starting again, refreshed and renewed is what this new moon is all about. Fiery passions will be ignited and we are ready to take on life again, with a fresh set of eyes and with an open heart.

March 2020 is a month of tremendous shifts and changes. As we step into a new season, we are ready for our new selves to emerge. After a quite heavy and emotional few months, there is a desire to have our passion and perhaps our energies uplifted again. March 2020 is a month where the sacrifices and hard work we have put in will begin to pay off. It is a month of ultimate renewal and an awakening of our desires. This month we are being encouraged to: wipe the slate clean and begin again, surrender to letting things go so new things can emerge, and the return back to our innocence and sense of wonder.

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