Clearing Past-Lives for Soul Advancement and Ascension

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomWouldn’t you like to find and reclaim amazing, brilliant and life-changing skills and abilities that you have mastered in other lives, on other planets, and in much higher dimensions? They can be brought forth and reactivated so you can help yourself and so many others, as well as Gaia, preparing you for Ascension.

People on Earth have been so manipulated that we have forgotten just how skillful and amazingly powerful we are. I know that I did! It was quite a plan to keep us all under control and in chaos and prevent us from using these previously mastered abilities. It is truly possible to blow off the shackles and reclaim the master beings we are meant to be.

Being on a polarity planet, in this “Time-Space Universe,” we have had to understand the dualities and polarities of all expressions. Most of us have had lives of both light and dark for this understanding. I will define “light” as creation through expressions of love and allowing; “dark,” as destruction, perversion and overriding the will of others. Since Earth is a free-will zone, this has been our school and playground to experience these expressions in all forms.

Many people are afraid to look at their past-lives because they want only to be seen as good, loving, powerful light-beings. Yet the lessons of who you have been, and what still may need attention or clearing, seems to be the constant tripping up of a well-intentioned person or light-worker.

By tracking and clearing a painful or willful past-life, you can also clear the people that you participated with, as well as that specific place. It can be cleared right through the timelines and ley-lines. A negative idea and experience can be erased out of the magnetic grids all over the planet. This can also be done with a positive and powerful experience as well.

The Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Archangels often give us an estimate of how many were cleared during a particular release, since sometimes clearing a past-life can affect a few or multitudes.

Here’s an example:

We have all heard the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Sometimes it is a past karmic connection or a past-life belief that is still playing out. This could be laced with shame, guilt and judgment that draws an experience or dark energy to that person. It could be a hex or curse that was left on, or recently put on the person. It may also be an etheric device in the body, running much negative programming to keep one from realizing their full potential, while numbing and dumbing them down.

These are all very common, and usually started in a past life. They hold judgment of Self and others, many fears and holding patterns which can manifest in a disease, or a stalemate in moving forward on a desirable path.

Queen of Lemuria

Joanna’s Amazing Story! Joanna was dying when she first came to see me. Her body was burned so badly from the inside out, that over 50% of her skin and scalp had oozing blisters. We established that it was radiation burns, though she couldn’t ever remember being exposed. For years, none of the doctors had been able to diagnose her condition.

We did an etheric body scanning on her to find that she had nefarious devices on her, that were adversely affecting not only Joanna but everyone she came in contact with. Much of this was reactivated as she started to explore a spiritual path.

A Magdalene or Blue Ray Being

It took us to Lemuria where she had lived for hundreds of years in a particular incarnation, as a high matriarch and master creator. She had been one of the originators of the Lemurian feminine principals, and a powerful Magdalene, or Blue Ray Being. A true master of working with the elements in all their forms, she could communicate with the devas and the plant kingdom. She would call up Earth-heart and the Blue Ray for healing and manifesting, and she readily taught this to many, keeping the communities thriving. As the dark forces became more prevalent, they wanted to put an end to her ways, so they tortured and killed her husband. She sought revenge which was a new idea in her reality ~ and exactly what the dark wizards wanted. She fell right into their trap.

After incredible torture, which imprints the cellular memory, they put a dark mesh around her face and body, and many other implants, including transmitters in her head, throat and heart, to stop her many skills. They covered her in a dark, tar-like goo, made of off-planet radiation, to try to stop her permanently from connecting to Earth-heart.

We found the holding patterns still carried in her body and went into the programming of how worthless and powerless she thought she was, which seemed to stop her at every turn. When she saw all of this, she said: “I was able to do all of that ~ little old me? I was a creator of Lemuria?”

My reply was: “There is nothing “little” about you! You are a master creator, with many amazing skills you will use again!” The Stellar Skulls gave her a new statement to say out loud: “I completely adhere to my new contract, which is only of Light.”

We removed everything and burned away the radiation with the help of the Stellar Skulls, also repairing her cells. We then called back what had been taken from her and others. All the dark wizardry was removed forever, with the implants. We then called forth the Blue Ray, and the ability to communicate with the devas and work with the elementals and elements.

Joanna had no idea how powerful she really is, and she is learning fast. So much of her current life was explained as we unwound what she needed to see and feel. Her relationship with her loving husband, who is the same one as in that life, grew even stronger!

Her body completely healed. You wouldn’t know it was the same person now, and has put together a huge community garden, working with healing herbs and plants!

Note: The dark wizard was after a beautiful colored sphere that Joanna used in Lemuria for creation. Eventually he got it and used it to annihilate many on Lemuria for the ongoing takeover of the dark forces. With the help of our Galactic and Crystalline Teams, we were able to retrieve this amazing sphere from a dark dimension, have it cleared by the Light Teams and use it to clear multitudes with painful residue from that timeline. You that are reading this, most likely were there and have received a grand healing from us. And there may be more you are holding onto from Lemuria.


BIO: “Team Earth” clears Past-lives, Contracts, Entities and whatever does not belong in, on or around you – such as, Implants and Curses. We clear all aspects of you! Do you want a deeply profound transformation from Advanced Healers? Call us for a chat or an appointment.Get yourself Cleared to the Core to prepare for Ascension and First Contact!

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