All of Humanity is Going Through Upgrades

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomA Restructuring of our Bodies from Carbon based to Crystaline… It has been ongoing but it is moving Faster now then ever before…The feeling of being Disconnected is associated with Humanity’s Amplified Aptitude to imagine Conceptualized, intangible Conditions and Stipulations that Create Separation in the midst of Unity.

But the more You Open and Embrace these changes and Invest in this Work, and the Work being your Own Personal Work. Just know Whatever Triggers you are Feeling is Where you Need to do the Work. And the Faster these Triggers are being Released the Faster this Transformation is advancing. Shift your focus from your Ambitions, Purposes and Objectives as there is No longer a need for them. Refocus on New Horizon in which Everything is Possible; where there is Abundance Everywhere &, at the same time, Nothing really matters any more.

What is being offer is intensive work related to Specific area of our Body Make up… Upgrades, Activations, Rewiring and Recalibrations depending on your Current Light Frequency. This Work is Individual & is Frequency Specific depending on how much Work you have previously done and catered to your individual needs. You cannot put a 100 Watt bulb in a socket that is only able to light up 30 Watts. Those that have Worked intensively on Clearing their System of Dense Energy, (Negative Emotions) and Blocked Energy are of a Higher Vibration. They can Now receive Higher Frequencies of Light, when the Kundalini Channels and Meridians are Cleared the Energy can flow Freely. The Work will be Matched to your Specific needs and take you to the Next Level from where you currently are. These Monthly Tansmissions are building on each other and is an ongoing Expansion into your Highest Soul Potential and a Opening of your Spiritual Gifts and Talents to Assist You in every aspect of your Life & your Ascension which I refer to more of your Souls I AM Presence Technology becoming Active in your avatar “Physical Body” or as I prefer to call it “Inner-cension” so that You may Live your Divine Purpose & Essence on this Planet and assist in Creating the Next Level. There will be Nothing from your Past that can be Used as a Reference Point to Understand where you are Going. You will be Creating Everything from Moment to Moment. Allow things to Flow Synchronistically through your Life.

Reality is gradually Apprehended by the Empty Mind and not by the analysis of the Thinking Process. The Rambling throught Perception was a way of a denser Frequency that is No longer needed.

Try to Break away from Repeated Patterns and Programs they keep you Locked in a Paradigm that will No Longer Serve You. It is Time to let Go of All the Old Stories & Wounds that have Kept you Locked in a Paradigm that has Not Served Your Greatest Potential. I have an Exceptionally difficult time with Structure because I prefer to be guided by Spirit in each Moment.

We are at a Point of Creating what has Never been Created Before. The Higher Frequencies will be pulled TOGETHER as the Denser Frequencies will Fall from your Reality & Reference Point. This may include Friends, Relationships, Employment, Living Conditions, Residency ect. Everything that holds you back & are Not Capable of handling the Higher Frequencies will simply Fall away from your current Awareness. As this Process begins to Happen it will just occur very Smoothly. You will Become Aware of the Shifting & the Change taking Place but it will just happen so Cohesively some won’t even Notice & those that Notice won’t Worry.

You will begin to Lose Moments in Time. Know All is Well. There is No Judgement as All is being guided from that of your Souls Point of View. No One is in a Greater Position then the Next as Each is in a Perfect Place based on what is Needed from your Souls Point of Reference. Each will be exactly where they Need to Be or Geographically Moved to a Location which will Serve & assist them to Achieve their highest Potential in this Life. There will be many of Us that will be Traveling extensively or even abroad this Year. Some of those that Travel abroad are there to either be the Receiver of Frequencies in order to bring Frequency Specific Frequencies back to our area or location. And there will be a few that will be going to other Denser Locations to Play the role of a Transducer.

All will be Divinely guided & in Perfect order for each BEing. Allow time to just Be. No Meditation, No Thought Processing. Just BE.. Just allow something Greater then the You that is normally in Control to Surrender to something that is much Greater then the miscue Personality that you think You are. And believe me You will be allowing a Intergration of the Greatest & Highest aspect of your Soul to enter. All the Years of Analyzing through Analytical thought Process will Slowly Disapatate as You move into another Level of Density. This will be a Upgrade as there will No Longer be a Need of utilizing the Old Ways of a Rambling thought Process. You will Step into a Place of Knowing. You will recognize this Shift by the quietness of the Minds Thought Process. All the Ramblings of the Past & Future will Not Exist. You will Live in the Present Eternal Moment of Now. Now when You go to look up a Past Memory it will be as use as a Reference Point of View.

There will be No Emotional attachment to the Memories Experience as it would be before the Shift. It will be much Equvilant to Going to a Library Reference Catalog & you will Pull the necessary Information up for a Point of Reference that you Need in the Now Moment.. That Analyzer part of You will Cease to Exist. You will No Longer Need it. You will not have a Desire to be Chasing another’s Information as another Frequency of Information will Not be applicable from Your Perception or Necessary for your Future Path. As you continue to Raise in Frequency you will Choose What Experiences You may want to Embrace. You are Learning how to Step into Sovereignty. But it will Not Happen Overnight. It will be a Gentle & Cohesive Transition. You are Stepping into a State of just Being & Knowing what needs to be done in Each Moment. You have Never been here before and are being fully Supported as You move forward. You are Creating it as You go. I refer to this as a State of GRACE. The Work is just Finding the Comfort Zone to Surrender to the Old Ways that No Longer Serve You. As You make Way for that of the New. BREATHE let Go & let God guide. Many on the Edge of NEW BEGINNINGS. From my Heart to each of Yours 💖💕~

Rosie Neal

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