Archangel Jophiel: Urgent Message to All Living in The United States

archangel jophiel eraoflightdotcomBe advised that the earth is going through a rebirth worldwide and this work is being overseen by Mother/Father God of all Creation, by Jesus Immanuel, By incarnated Angels and Archangels and along with the spiritual company of heaven and the heavenly host. We are also being assisted by many other humans, sentient beings and star families from many galaxies because ascending of a planet and the beings at the same time have never been done on planets previously!

This is a joint effort and due to the populations around the planet being over 7 billion, many not yet awakening. This means many more could help if they were awake! Also, because of centuries of crime, wars and being held captive by fallen ones and their minions, this has kept the majority of earth inhabitants in a very low frequency! Ascension Rays are badly needed in these areas! All Lightworkers and Wayshowers are being called on this time and are called into duty!

We the divine always like to keep all involved with a full understanding and Mother/Father stated that long ago in the written word! So, it is not strange for the creator to be here with us on such an important event! Jesus Immanuel has watched over the earth and its inhabitants for over 500 million years. He has had many earth lives right here with you all! He allowed the wheat and the chaff to grow together as the earth and its inhabitants progressed though 4 Solar Cycles of planetary and human growth and evolution. Now is the time to evolve to Earth Angels on a newly restored planet earth! We are not born sinners but come to planets to grow in wisdom and spiritual understanding!

Because of the aforementioned reasons the divine feel it is more appropriate to raise one area at a time on earth in ascension! The United States will be the very first part of the earth that will be remapped so to speak! There are 2 critical areas in the USA! One is the Pacific Coast Line, California, etc., and the Yellowstone National Park area. Earthquakes and volcanoes will occur than can cause some deaths and Tsunamis! We will do our best to warn our earth families ahead of an assist in needed moves in every way possible.

Linda Li, is channeling on behalf of our creators, Mother/Father God and it is critical and most important you pay strict attention to all notices! This is not to be taken lightly as being obedient can and will save the loss of life! As humans, to survive you will have to rely on one another and help one another. You all have set differences and prejudices aside! Your total cooperation is needed!

Archangel Jophiel and the Company of Heaven!

» Source » Channel: Linda Li

10 Replies to “Archangel Jophiel: Urgent Message to All Living in The United States”

  1. Jimipickle

    Let all be discerned, please, do not censor. Also, read the old billy Meir stuff, we might be on that time line…if so, it has some bumpy parts. If not, let it go and keep watching and manifesting your timeline.

  2. aametatron

    Don’t make this about Linda Li. She is legitimate channel for the Divine. All the messages she delivered in the last couple of months resonate with me.

    Use your heart and discernment, you don’t have to believe everything you read.

    This article did not originate from Linda Li. There is no reputable source behind it. Some parts of the message might be true some might not.

    I wish if there was a rating system here.

  3. George Wells

    There is something wrong with this website. It continues to publish fake chanellings and negative fear based information.

    1. Doodie Cee

      This site is not exempt from infiltration by the dark forces. Just pick and choose what resonates and ignore the rest.

  4. Blue book beam

    This is an example of “fake channeling”! I will suggest that this post will be removed since it cannot even be found who write this (not that will be first time when Linda send weird vibes at the best).

  5. Archangel Metatron

    This message is not channeled by Linda Li. The Source URL points to a Facebook page which is full of errors and nobody identifiable is mentioned as the owner the page.

    Use discernment is an understatement for this source.

    Archangel Metatron