A Few Things

Greetings, Kejraj here. There are a few things I wish to address in this short message. Let’s start with number three; I have been thinking for the past month on which day to take off from the blog, and rest. This day off would mean no new updates or articles would be shared for that day. I have been going every single day for a few years on Era of Light. And I’m not complaining about that. But as the years have gone by, the “ball of life” has only been getting larger, and not down but up the hill. A day off may be helpful. I will keep you all updated on this decision. *So when the “higher ups” speak on things getting easier for humanity, I don’t know what they’re talking about. hahaha

Number two; A few errors have been fixed on the site. For better resolution on computers and phones. I have also added a contact us box on the left side of the page to make it easier for readers who wish to send us emails.

Moving on to number one; I have been noticing quite a bit of negativity in the comments section. So all I have to say is, please “adjust” the vibrational frequency of your comments. I would assume that those who have arrived to Era of Light, have a higher awareness than your average Earth human. It is time to act from that higher awareness, and not let your lower aspects have control.

Your questions, feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.

That is all! From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!

13 Replies to “A Few Things”

  1. Nicole

    Kejraj thank you far what you do. Please care for yourself by all means. The world will go on…

    Love and blessings.

  2. Gordon

    I just want to Thank You πŸ™ from the bottom of my heart. Your site has provided me relief many times over the past few years when I was feeling down and it even raised me higher when I was feeling great.


  3. Hermie

    From my heart to yours. Keep up the good work but also take some time to rest when needed!

  4. ARK

    Maybe take two days off? Suggesting Saturday and Sunday, spend those days enjoying life and actually living. Posting for five days and taking two days for yourself, it will not tip the scale πŸ™‚
    Thank you for your continuing effort and believe in us

  5. Joyce

    Beloved Kejraji, I thank you for all you do to lift the incarnated souls on this earth plane. For posting all the amazing Information on your website, I love your website, I visit it daily to keep my vibration high. That being said, all of us need to take time to nurture our souls, to care for our physical bodies and to rest. I honor you and thank your for your loving service. God Bless

  6. ben

    Thank you for all that you do. I used to get a bit impatient with the galatic assistance and not being present enough…so I was kept in a state of looking externally for help but I now realize more each day that we ARE the galatics. We are awakening to our reality as cosmic beings and it’s us waking up who will change things. I’m not saying we won’t have open contact with other races soon but we already are starting..and it’s internally first.

    I’ve been reading your website every day for the past year and the content you share has been pivotal in my transformation. So thank you and whenever should need financial assistance just let us know. I’ve been there and I am still there but together we will all rise together. I’d rather share my little fee dollars with a light bringer.

  7. Doug James

    Thanks KejRaj! Yes even I am guilty of critical comments even though I try to be upbeat and positive. I think we are all getting impatient as we know the galactic fleet is here in force and we are wanting something tangible to rally around and to help us awaken our fellow brothers and sisters as so many are still fast asleep in my family and circle of friends. I am at the store as I write this and I look around at all the hostages and wonder how many know they have been and are on a prison planet? Very few I would assume.. love and light to all!!

    We have already won just playing it out in the 3D

    1. Percy Barbo

      I’d say everyone of your hostages you hold at the store has a very good idea of the type of planet they live on , the gun and balaclava was probably a bit of a tip off as well , Good luck with the negotiator Doug James , This has been an attempt at humour in the face of growing seriousness ,please do try this at home

  8. Rlandis

    So grateful and thankful for all of your work on this website. I know you have been doing your work for a long time and you deserve a rest. Us newbies to ascension need what you provide on this website so much. This website brings so much love and light together in one place. Thank You!


    Hello my brother Kejraj thank you for all your works and love ,i’l will working on it more love to the people of earth-mankind yes love do over come all thing yes G-D the FATHER YAHWEH is love and his son the CHRIST-YESHUA-JESUS,JUST want say hello my brother Kejraj please sent me your e-mail adderss ok you and your love family be bless and have good night ,shalom-amen