Mira from the Pleiades: Your Awakening

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomGreetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I greet you today with love in my heart and promises from the light. We know what you need and how you are being affected by the forces impacting the earth at this time. We are beholding to you, ground crew, for all that you are doing to hold the light in place and for the Ascension of the planet.

What you are doing is quite remarkable. Since we last spoke with you a tremendous amount of progress has been made. Even though you are not aware of all that we can see, we want you to know that your work and your dedication are making a profound difference for all of life.

Your DNA was programmed to be completely activated at this time and it is. You are stepping into your true empowerment and will not let anything prevent you from accomplishing what you came here to do. This is why I mentioned “dedication” for opportunities have come your way to do away with your life on the earth, yet you have weathered the storm.

So, what is happening now with the chaos, the communicable diseases of viruses and fear, along with the other violent attacks from the dark forces, will not to be a deterrent for you in any way. Your Ascension and the Ascension of the earth are a given!

We envelope you with love and a mighty force from the Light Alliance, including a magnificent Galactic presence. The dark forces already know that it is over for them. This is one reason they are stirring up their nastiness. None of their operations will be successful. Do not let them fool you and please do not believe some of the trolls that would attempt to mislead you. Read deeply between the lines when you garner information. Anything that brings in fear, horror, hopelessness, or depression, can be a sign that something is off. We understand your situation is not a pretty one, however, we will tell you that our Creator is in charge and this is changing.

The truth is the dark forces get great pleasure in seeing humanity respond to their fear-based tactics. You have little idea about how much they laugh at humanity and how well they know how they can manipulate you. We know our ground crew think more for themselves than most of humanity because you have been put to the test many times and have strength and wisdom that most humans lack. The dark ones do not favor this gift that you have.

Well we say this is another one of the main reasons that we need you here at this time. Please continue to think for yourselves. Rise above the multitudes and to make your own choices according to what you know and feel. Soon you will be free to fly the skies with the Angels and your Galactic family and friends. We are waiting for you and we will have much to celebrate!

I am Mira sending you love and admiration.

» Source » Channel: Valerie Donner

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  1. TeeLight

    What a thread!
    The last few days I was fully immersed in 3d family, and their extended friend groups.
    Fear, Savior/expert complexes, burdens, illnesses and ancestral to present belief in lack and suffering.
    Dear Creator, thank you for showing me a different life, different world than these people I deeply care about.
    I shine with health, at 53 and still occasionally “partying” with newfound independence and optimism.
    I sat amongst them, listening to their fights, hates, fears and pain and grew my light.
    I shared little, even though if followed my experiences could help them, because I saw just how clearly the divide is growing.
    My world is awesome, even with life’s issues, including divorce from a narcissistic alcoholic and rapidly increasing death of those I know and love, and yet my personal well being, security and vitality grows with my love and intentions of highest good all around.
    People tell me I’m lucky and while I work I also know, for the first time in my life, I AM blessed, lucky, if you please.
    Gratitude, forgiveness, expanding love and light.
    Or fear, resentment, fight and suffer in our own darkness.
    The choice was mine.
    Everyday, every moment, it is all of ours.
    Love to all

  2. Tommy O

    People like Colin and OJdoes not do the work that a person needs to do to under stand.
    They want others to come and save them and we know we are the ones that we have been waiting for to change things.
    And that’s ok for not all awaken togeather they will awaken on their own time .

    1. Cheri

      Thank you Tommy! Words of wisdom really! We will definately all awaken! The energy is really fierce right now forcing us into coherence. I think I am a bit of a cheerleader at heart and this annoys some people. It is very hard to stuff down my enthusiasm anymore. I, like you always say, just want the best outcome for us all. And we are winning! Love to you my friend! 😘

    2. Karen Williams

      I don’t think Colin was asking for something to save him or the planet. He seems to be angry that messages come from higher beings that are in this solar system but that they aren’t making their presence known to the general population here.

      It’s up to us to change things here but also it’s like us seeing a fox with it’s head stuck in a jar. Do you leave it to get the jar off it’s head itself (and maybe starve before it figures it out) or do you step in and gently remove that jar? You might get a bite in the process but the fox will be thankful for the help. You would help the fox wouldn’t you?

    3. Karen Williams

      I don’t think Colin was asking for something to save him or the planet. He seems to be angry that messages come from higher beings that are in this solar system but that they aren’t making their presence known to the general population here.

      It’s up to us to change things here but also it’s like us seeing a fox with it’s head stuck in a jar. Do you leave it to get the jar off it’s head itself (and maybe starve before it figures it out) or do you step in and gently remove that jar? You might get a bite in the process but the fox will be thankful for the help.

      You would help the fox wouldn’t you?

  3. Cheri

    Gosh Colin! The creator and these ETs exists inside of us not up in space somewhere. We are the ground crew here on the earth plane to fix this mess by reconnecting with the creator within and embodying our full multidimensional chakra system. Once we embody omnipresence which is rapidly happening now we will come to realize we are pure consciousness animating DNA on multiple planetary structures. We are reconnecting with all our strands of DNA having experiences in other dimensions and octaves.

    The key is everyone taking back their power and clearing all the distortions within us! I get your anger though my friend as we all go through that in the awakening process and had to clear these programs, outrage and fears of death and apocolyptic planetary destruction of the earth. The only thing we can do to help is to embody full consciousness and work on clearing our fear and desperation from the quantum field. Together we have formed a glorious team of empowered warriors and coherent source reflections for others to see themselves within. That’s empowerment not trying to save others.

    The channeled messages are from other aspects within their own selves to be used for inspiration. Some messages are still distorted because of ones own fears in reading their DNA memory fields downloading from the huge ultifaceted concepts alive as potential in quantum field.

    The truth we see being exposed is about integrating both the dark and light within and ultimately you will understand we are all source consciousness having individual experiences.

    It is indeed a broken mess of miscreation but the only way to fix it is by going within and reconnecting with your higher self consciousness living within the 5d timelines.

    Sending such love to you Galaxygirl for your incredible channels and clearing work in the magical realms woman! You hold the true essence of that energy in your field and it is just beautiful to connect with!

    Love to you Colin! Really I work on the planetary architecture and the whole thing is divinely coming together! We (my inner team) just opened up the time capsules with the master codes for the new “eco system” yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still hellacious energy clearing going on but we are a team of sovereign creators all doing what we came here to do! It is unfolding very rapidly now as this is just the final cleanup in the quantum realms we will use as a basis to create from. Love to you all beautiful family of light! Keep chuggin away, this is evolution not some fly by night operation. We gotta get er done right! 😘💚💎

  4. Colin Underwood

    What absolute fuckin bullshit. Same crap as yesterday and they day before, last week, last year. Always the same rubbish with no difference ever happening. Women still get raped, men still get murdered, everyone still lives in debt and trees get cut down and animals are slaughtered.

    Why don’t you assholes come down out of the sky and fuckin try and help the people here instead of sending meaningless words about how far we have come, how you envelope us with love and how we are stepping into our true empowerment.

    Do something to help or fuck off.

    1. OJ

      I agree.. I have also read this exact Word for many years now, hundreds of times.

      Cheri, you are The definition of a spiritual narcissist.

      1. Cheri

        Unfortunately I just had to feel your complete disdain for me personally and my message. What is a spiritual narcissit anyway? I have put my life on hold and have been working on the planetary ascension for 8 years full time in service to us all. I just share my wisdom from what I have learned on my journey. As do most people who express themselves in comments and channels here. Why don’t you share a little with us what exactly are you doing to help the situation? It’s easy to say it’s all bullshit. Why are you following this website then?

        1. Michael

          Cheri, Being called a spiritual narcissist is a great complement that came from his higher self……he just doesn’t know it. Thank you for your continued efforts and cheerleading………some of us quiet ones greatly appreciate it and look forward to your comments.
          Peace & Love to All

          1. Cheri

            Right Michael hahahahaha! You are so darn clever really you are right lol! I just looked up the two words.

            Spiritual: relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

            Narcissist: a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.

            Being that we are all source reflections it is that mirror affect of being totally obsessed with and loving whatever you see as all is a reflection of you yourself hahahahaha!

            Beatles said it best
            I am he as you are he as you are me
            And we are all together
            Goo goo g’joob

            I mean who else are we gonna talk about this stuff with and share what’s happening inside us all seriously! I feel blessed to be part of this network of lightworkers to share with! My neighbors would think I was totally guano crazy!

            But once the switch is on it’s full steam ahead!

            Once this program running inside me is over I gotta tell Hilarion he is damn spiritual narcissist! He will laugh like hell hahahahaha!

            Ps: we just found the timeline and cleared the last of the Python holding the satanic mind control frequency or reality sine wave running through our omnipresence. This is the story of the snake offering the knowledge of good and evil to Eve when the RNA or goddess energy fell in consciousness and was infiltrated with a cold blooded reptilian overlay. It happened back in Eqypt when they started worshipping those crocodiles in the temples. It is the same story in Greece with the Python invading the pineal gland or Oracles at Delphi and stealing the flame of truth.

            All these creatures I see in the lower astral are cartoon like characters of these fractured children who created a living nightmare in the hell realms with their fallen consciousness. This is why Illuminati Disney is so good at cartoons. These children are broken through the Illumnianti, MK Ultra, SRA and pedophilia and this is what they created with their consciousness in the hell realms. Like stuffed animals, wierd gremlins and imagined characters but all slightly to totally demonic and menacing. Innocence broken. Sad really, they are all getting evolved through and these memories erased which is the greatest gift of love they will ever receive! Still funneling out of the MK Ultra SSP entrainment program and back home within the great central sun to be loved back into wholeness.

            This is the clearing work we are all doing too as these abusive patterns will no longer be in the quantum field of potential. My mind has lifted greatly from all these fears and worries recently especially! And now the master codes for our new eco system are being released into the quantum potential. This just brought tears of joy to hear!

            In my dream they handed me a floor length coat and a hat made of gossamer feathers. I think this represents the crystalline transition for the carbon graphite feathers of my lightbody.

            Love you Michael! Thanks for the connection and support! This particular work I do as is damn hard! It all is! Patience is the key, we gotta let the field clear through us as nothing can be left behind. It is a full sweep and merge of our entire lineage as all future timelines will flow from us in a zero point field! Nothing will exist from the so called past affecting our cellular structure. Were all starting to get a quantum perspective now. No one before another as we are truly all in this together! Once omnipresence hits it’s WWG1WGA!!

    2. Percy Barbo

      Colin and Oj , who do you think cleaned up Chernobyl and Fucachima, why is there no radiation cloud circling the pacific , why are the chemtrails disappearing as quickly as they are spread , why has many attempted nuclear weapons launches been rendered ineffective, you blokes can’t be serious, if the galactics weren’t here helping boys most of us would be long dead , it’s time to wake up Colin . An apology to Cheri is probably a good place to start

      1. Tommy O

        Percy because OJ and Colin do not agree with Cheri you or me does not mean they owe her or anyone else a apology.
        You or any other who might be more awaken then others souls does not mean you are better then them.
        For we all come from one and we will return to the one on our own path. And no person path is the same as others.
        I am light and love I am

        1. Percy Barbo

          Grow up Tommy , everyone has a right to their opinion, but personal insults are unacceptable, please read what was written before you make your frail uniformed comments , I’m not guessing about galactic help mate , I know it and I’ve seen the ships I feel their energy and I see the results there is no time left for people who don’t want to know or refuse to believe, the good news for you and OJ and Colin is you will get lots more life times in the 3rd dimension to work it out , my mission is Gaia , anchor light , raise vibrations , control all thoughts in filter the ones that I let leave and not be a snivelling whinger bringing the vibe down , lift your game Tommy your mistaking my unyielding belief in Prime Creator as arrogance, I truly only want the best for us all and Gaia, I Am fearless in that pursuit ,I Am a spark of God as are you as are the Aucturians the Pleaidiens the Angels the ascended masters , Archangels ,they are us , not from our future they are our future and our future is here , what anybody else thinks is of no relevance to me , but I will not accept personal attacks on my sisters who are just spreading the love (Cheri)

      2. Cheri

        I personally love you Percy! We are both of Arcturian resonance. I see and feel your beautiful heart and the spirit of your message! We are here cleaning all this up as the galactics serve through our massive lightbodies! The rebuke did hurt my feelings and I know you felt that! Thank you for your love my friend. I am still learning not to take these things personally. It is hard to put yourself out there so I give a lot of credit to these channelers as we are all very hard on one another and it is not really productive. But it is important that the conversation not be shut down. Keep holding down the Aussie fort my friend! As you told me in another post new sprouts are all around you! Best news ever! From my Arcturian lightship to yours! 😘

    3. Doodie Cee

      Colin, I feel obliged to put my 2 cents in here, as usual.
      Continually, people are expecting others to “save the world”. What high expectations !!! LOL
      Maybe, just maybe, we could consider our personal contributions into this quest.
      What are YOU doing to save our wonderful planet?

    4. tennesseeboy86

      Where the hell am I? Finally someone with a little backbone to say it like it is or this could keep going forever right? Maybe smoke ya’ll a little weed do they alow that? Has anyone even seen one of these ET I mean shit. I will say ya’ll need something for the stress man

      1. Doodie Cee

        Hey Tennesseeboy86.
        I’m Canadian so weed is legal but I don’t touch the stuff because it makes me stupid. My brain needs to be sharp to survive in this world.
        These aliens, and there are many different types around our planet and below the crust, they talk to me when I sleep. I participate in the Galactic Groups meetings every night, and my assignment is crucial to keeping certain dark denizens under control.
        Those unawakened Hoomans are just scared of the unknown. Be gentle with them, please.
        Blessed be.

        1. bodhimoss

          Doodie, it’s not the weed making you stupid. Canadian cannabis has been horribly corrupted, it’s not the natural form gifted to us by Gaia and your body knows it. You are right to not partake though, it’s nasty stuff.

          1. Doodie Cee

            Yes I know bodhimoss. Government weed has been genetically modified to fry our brain cells. Sad world we live in, unfoetunately.

  5. Haraldur Guðbjartsson

    Thank you, good to know. I am sure of this.