Completion is Upon Us

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomCompletion is upon us and everything has become super transparent, super obvious and this veil we once struggled to see has dissolved into the nothingness. Nothing is now unknown, access is available and it has all become a choice.

We are watching from the view of the sine and many are beginning to rise and yet many are spinning into heavy confusion caused by the resistance to light. Creating a movement so loud it can flip and flip again, higher than before and yet for some this manifests as heavier than before.

A pole shift from within, manifesting in the out there reality experience, ultimately means one thing in the grand scheme of things, this will eventually manifest on a much larger scale, our world and the magnetics, interesting when we know how to see, how to read and trust what all senses bring in, all in an alignment and easy to understand, which enables us to understand why we are being led into understanding how this all works, how to align, so that we are already in the flow with the energy for the shift.

The reason for the great awakening, is to bring forth the new world, the new earth and the new beings that exist here, so allow me to release some distortion and resistance if this experience is proving tricky, there is a higher movement, and in order for you to receive this we need to be able to talk in patterns and codes and to begin this now would create a beyond massive report, so for now lets just KNOW and BE in the wisdom that THIS experience has so much value, that the experience is attempting a new frequency to be awakened from within, and everything is currently speaking and in some cases screaming, so painfully to make that happen, for each to see just a little bit more of a pattern, and to learn from here to choose the most beautiful patterns.

Dreams are vivid, rest is required as we work in every dimension we are currently able to access and as we do it appears a new one has the opportunity to awaken each and every day. The guidance is so very powerful since the Sacred Union template on the 2/22 codes and since we then began receiving the Divine Goddess codes, which was a huge influx of light/love/data, in which everything that no longer can be supported due to its discord now falls away, resistance brings perceived lessons, which they aren’t but its how the unconscious mind views things, lets understand that the light doesn’t test you, it is you testing/resisting the light. Surrender yourself, hand over your sacrifice in the shape of the shield used to resist, the ego/program, and expand into the open unconditional loving flow of the Divine and simply watch the magic unfold.

The ability to read the field has become so incredibly simple, everything speaks and within the Soul-Ar Alignment space we are witnessing some super fast lights come on as they too appear to have become fluent in field language as if overnight, we are witnessing magic! This is truly the rides of our lives, and we are beyond blessed in these times to learn or rather remember what this is all about, about connection, real connection, which of course must at first be fully established within Self, as I was speaking to an angel just yesterday and I said that wanting a connection is a little like screaming down the phone at the telecom company that you cant connect, and the call handler says what receiver are you using and you shout, I don’t have a receiver, I don’t care about the receiver I just want it to work…….
Interesting when you put it in that vision.

Patterns patterns everywhere, and where there is no receiver, where there are attempts to connect outside of self when the connection is broken within will create a short circuit, or in our spiritual language a LOOP, manifesting as dis-ease, bipolar living and everything else we came to know as life.

That was never living, that was death in motion.

Thankfully that pattern has now been seen and understood, and beyond, as it is now a reality, which as I said, is to now become conscious about the conscious and if its not brought into our being then of course the intensity rises, its for each to see the shield, that is to be offered in sacrifice, in honour and respect for the Divine Goddess. Its request is harmony, but in order for this to be established it must take place within the humans who are choosing to awaken the Aquarian Age, this is our purpose, and if you are reading this then it is yours, a part to play, and each part will either be its fade out or fade in, this is the choice.

Each is in the process of making history, and its barely known, there are gems hiding everywhere and yet the race cannot see what is here……..yet.

There is so much to share and there is so much more to understand as it continues to flow and expand us however I am taking a few days as I have some magic heading in my way and it begins tomorrow, the stamp of completion, all has been confirmed and the flow is looking super sparkly.

I shall see you on the other side, back Monday

Gone Surfing…………

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