Full Moon in Virgo- Will You Choose Hope or Fear?

super moon eraoflightdotcomOn March 9th, the moon, which rules our: emotions, intuition and gut instinct, becomes full at 20 degrees of Virgo. Full Moons are always highly emotional and signify: completions, endings and manifestations. Virgo, the 6th zodiac sign, is all about: work, health, service, order and critical thinking.

The Full Moon in Virgo will bring about a peak awareness to our health and well being. With all of the emphasis lately on the coronavirus, there is a heightened sense of panic and pandemonium in the air. This Full Moon is not about exacerbating this sense of fear but rather encouraging us to get in touch with the root cause of such disorder. Viruses and the like have been around since the beginning of our human existence. We are being encouraged at this time to dig deep into the practicalities of our everyday lives and how we truly care and protect our health. This goes deeper then washing your hands and covering your mouth when coughing.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication. How do we talk to ourselves about the way we treat our: mind, soul and body? Do we listen to the call of concern or do we stand in faith in the lesson it is trying to provide? The Virgo Full Moon will be a gut check on how we process information and whether we choose to stand in fear or love. When the world freaks out, do we follow the pack or do we stand in a possibility beyond our current reality? La Luna full within the sign of the virgin, will ask us to come back home to our sense of wholeness and belief in the miracles of the human mind and body. It will ask us not to play the victim but to embrace creative solutions that promote balance and integrity. Finding this peace won’t be easy as everywhere you turn, fear is being promoted out of control. It is up to each individual to claim their sovereignty. The only way to combat fear is to choose love. This Full Moon will give us this choice very clearly. Being “awake”requires being bold and courageous beyond our normal comprehension of reason.
The main aspect to the Virgo Full Moon will be an opposition from Neptune, currently in her home sign of Pisces. Neptune is the planet of: illusion, healing, spirituality, hidden forces and transcendence. Neptune in Pisces, opposing the Full Moon in Virgo will either add fuel to the fire of fear or arouse faith and healing that we so need and crave. This aspect promotes a heightened sense of intuitive guidance but can also produce even more paranoia and illusion. Again, this is a choice. The Virgo-Pisces axis always deals with some form of sacrifice and over giving. It is almost as though one produces or enhances the traits of the other.

Neptune in Pisces in opposition to the Full Moon in Virgo will create a distinction of either standing for a cure or reprieve based in faith and hope or create more hoopla around living in state of constant fear and discord. It will be imperative that we find the balance at this time. It isn’t smart to completely ignore or heed warnings. It also isn’t smart to live in such a state of constant analysis of what could happen, that we forget to enjoy the present moment of our healthy lives. Big wake up calls could happen with these two in aspect to one another. Where is the balance and how do we embrace awareness while also detaching and coming to a place of peace?

The Virgo Full Moon is here to bring about an awareness of how we listen and perceive information. This information could be external such as from the outside media or internal in how we integrate our own thoughts and beliefs. This deep analysis is what Virgo is known for and what the sign does well. La Luna will also ask us how we heal our own disconnection to the mind and the body. Do we truly listen to what our body want’s and desires or do we follow the crowd on the “right way” to care for ourselves? There is a lot of back and forth, push and pull energy at the moment. The Virgo Full Moon wants you to drop back down to the basics and ground yourself.

La Luna, full in the sign of Virgo, is asking not for more analysis or ” what ifs” but a complete faith and trust in what cannot be seen or felt. This is blind faith. The Virgo Full Moon is here to bring: a surrender to the crazy information overload, trust in yourself and the mind/body connection and the belief and faith that with love even the greatest fears can be overcome. We will be under the effects of the Virgo Full Moon for the next 2 weeks until the New Moon in Aries on March 24, 2020.

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