The Collective: Doorway of the Great Shift

the collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.

We must urge you at this time, more than ever, to release the mental construct and old Earth practice of naming things Good or Bad, Dangerous or Safe, and come into your higher, calmer, more elevated self.

If you are feeling that that more elevated self is your higher self, we would agree—and he or she is always at your side.

You are able to step into your higher self’s energies at any time, taking on their quiet outlook of beauty, Peace, calm, and the essence of life in the higher realms, where all paths are honored.

We say this because your world is such transition at the moment—at the doorway of a great shift such as it has only dreamt of before now.

And as we have noted in recent Messages, that moment can feel quite daunting.

It can feel unsure and untested, as you hear of this situation or that cropping up in different parts of the world, and you wonder, “Will this affect me and my loved ones? If so, to what extent?” whether that is some form of restriction, loss, illness or other challenge.

We understand of course that as Light Beings in human form, you feel quite vulnerable some days.

You tire of the ongoing tests of being in physical form, on a planet that is experiencing the chaos of Creation all over again, via the powerful energy waves of Ascension.

Yet as you release the duality of Good or Bad—and as you step out of the need to call some one difficulty or another “probable” or “likely” to happen—you free yourself to Accept What Is in your life, and in all lives.

You release resistance to the Present Moment, and what it may hold.

You affirm your wellness, your strength, your resilience for your life and all Life.

We see many stressed or afraid regarding the latest virus to spread amongst various populations, and wish to remind you of what you already know—that there are natural remedies that both prevent and release viruses from the body.

Though much of this information is being held back from public awareness, you serve many millions of people be being aware of such yourself, as information travels etherically through telepathic channels, which some call “the inner net.”

Research natural preventions and natural remedies—these are not endlessly expensive, nor are they out of your reach. 

Much can be easily ordered on the internet, if you are not finding them in local shops (and are far less expensive than extensive Western medical care).

Be aware as well, that there are countless Galactic beings aiding Earth now, in this and all other areas of life.

There are likewise innumerable higher beings, including many billions of Angelic beings, assisting humankind in its evolvement and in its more difficult moments, such as many feel to be experiencing now as various forms of technology, germs, GMO foods, and illnesses appear to be plaguing the Earth.

Rise above, dear ones!

Toss your cares and stresses, and all that need not live within your system or your thoughts and emotions, into the Transmuting Violet Flame of St Germain.

That density cannot remain with you now, as this is your time to Ascend not only your body and spirit but your thoughts and understandings—your whole inner and outer construct of reality.

Yes, you have that power. It lies quietly within you, waiting to be used and fully engaged.

Go into times of quiet meditation—if you find resistance to this, tell your mind, “It’s only for 10 minutes or so” to quiet its objections.

Then sit or lie quietly, and image a ray of powerful Divine Golden Light and Divine Silver Light pouring down into you from the Great Central Sun (for they are).

See every cell of your body lit up with these empowering rays—do the same with the emerald green ray of healing if you would like, as this restores body, mind and spirit in times of stress.

Call forward the Archangels, your Spirit team, any higher guide you wish to work with you now.

Tell them the areas of your life you would like to cleanse and renew in a higher Light, and allow them to work with you energetically to lift the resonance of these items into a far higher vibration and experience.

Allow these ones who Love and care about you at all times, to reach out to assist you now, to help you shore up your inner reserves, and your realizations and experience of the outer world, for they are able to do so.

And know that as you sit quietly, simply quieting your thoughts and allowing these beautiful beings to assist you, your own soul is releasing imprints from other lives you have lived, so that there is no need for you to repeat past life events that come forward again in this life, in order that you might heal them.

You are not alone in any of this, friends!

We are working constantly with those of you who are “ground crew” and in physical form upon the Earth at this time.

All of you are either working with higher beings (though you are also such), either face to face in waking hours, or etherically in your sleep state, to assist in the freeing and healing of your planet.

Far from seeing disaster loom, you are ushering in with your very presence an entirely New Day.

We bow to you for your perseverance, your vision, and your courage in these times.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan » Source