Anshar of Agartha: Expanding Awareness

earth shining eraoflightdotcomIt is always a pleasure to tell people that the awareness and ascent of the people is moving at a fast pace. All these amazing energies that hit Earth have the effect on most people of raising awareness.

We who live in the inner Earth are also dependent on the strong energies that hit the Earth’s surface but also down in our realms. We see on a daily basis how things are changing for the people in their lives with the changes that are not so visible to the people yet but which have a significant impact on their lives. Much is happening behind the scenes for the good of the people and we in the inner realms are happy to help. Many of you have visited our kingdoms and have also lived and lived in our kingdoms. We are so expectant to meet our cousins ​​in the not too distant future.

What we can see in terms of humans is that more and more people are becoming more aware of the ongoing attempts to harm and deliberately destroy Mother Earth. This will eventually come to an end with the help of the great masters of other star systems who work hard to bring this to an end and help Mother Earth to a brighter and better world.

We in the inner realms also help to send light and strong love energies to Mother Earth. We are often up on the Earth’s surface and can see that there has become a different atmosphere in nature and for the animals that they also rise in consciousness. The forests and waters on Earth have begun to regain their former purity and beauty and we are pleased with this development for Mother Earth.

We are grateful for this channel that gives us an opportunity to tell people how their ascent and consciousness develop.

We in the inner realms are always with you in your quest to give Mother Earth a brighter and better world to live in for the good of all. We love you and wish you continued joy in living on Mother Earth with love and compassion for everyone.

Anshar with love

Many thanks …. In love I earn…. I AM.

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» Source » Channel: Inre Jorden