Incurable Wave of Love Spreading Across Planet Earth

energy waves eraoflightdotcomThere is a widespread, worldwide, incurable WAVE of Love spreading across planet Earth.

This Love is SO Fast everyone, faster than a wildfire, more potent than Any virus beginning with C(or any other letter for that matter), quicker than any media distraction change, more penetrating to humanity than any potential Vakcine hazard, more powerful than any sect or creed, wiser and more revered than any message ever before it.

That’s right everybody, Love is spreading fast. So fast than it cannot be stopped. It is believed to have originated in the heart of every being already existing on planet Earth, and that is what makes it so potent and relentless.

Sources say this Love is the Natural State of Humanity- therefore it only makes sense that the time would come when none else could trump the mighty force of LOVE – bursting forth in a mighty takeover- from the heart of every being.

Though much has tried to, and-many have made it appear to humanity that Love was no longer the strongest force in the universe. But Love has come out of remission folks. And it is relentless.

Brought on by recent events taking humanity to an all-time low, the stage was set for the ultimate Cosmic alchemical equation to play out en mass. The pendulum was seen swinging from one of the guardian Motherships stationed around the planet and it has been reported that Love is already way beyond viral status. It seems to be entangled with every cell of every body and is radiating right now- from the dna spirals of all- its healing, transformative field of LOVE.

It is dominating the body field now of every human -sparking Never Before Seen acceptance responses in the human cell. It is as though human tissue readily alters itself and natural increased immunity support and homeostasis are affecting many already.

You should be able to recognize this global outbreak of Love in your own body, though at first it may be unclear as some symptoms mimic previous reality modules.

Look for symptoms of:

Increased sensitivity
Discombobulation w/current reality
Emotions high
Possible depression/anxiety as body releases old grid
Heart palpitations
Fear (usually accompanied by a sense of mighty change)
Sleeplessness as body receives high frequency remembrance
Feeling stunned or weak
Bursts of laughter or silliness
A disillusionment of old fear-based system
Increased compassion
Need to be truthful
Stronger sense of self
Need for more or less food
Sudden new ideas -especially humanitarian in nature
New interests in charity work
Easy to invoke tears
Miraculous healings
Deeper body connection
Increased understanding

Symptoms are expected to shift as the Earth integrates this incredible overtake of the Love Vibration -released from the core of every human.

Previous keepers of the fear-matrix are responding with a symbolic or actual “exit stage left” as their systems may not be compatible with the Love frequency now settling in to and through each and every body of Earth.

If you find this phase uncomfortable it is recommended you do one or more of the following:
Sleep more
Take deep breaths
Make Love
Walk and play in Nature
Drink more water
Take a bath and hum
Smoke Cannabis
Get a massage
Channel energy into Art
Connect with an animal
Or whatever inspires you and helps you feel good

There is absolutely zero known cure in all of existence for this Love. It is here to stay. If you are here, your body has the capacity to hold the full measure of this Love. Please standby for full Integration.

There is no need to fear. I repeat – this Love is incredibly contagious and yet the outcome of succumbing to this heart-opening Love is a better life, deeper breaths, increased connection, higher levels of global cooperation and local creative alignment projects, Earth healing and more.

More reports of benefits are urged to be reported below.

Though the old matrix authority system suspects human intervention at the root of this global love takeover, the heart of one experiencing the mighty change right now knows Earth was timecoded for this.

There is no going back. Do not Panic. I repeat do not panic!!! In fact -rejoice!
Take of your masks and notice the symptoms of this Love in everyone you see. Your acknowledgement of another’s Love takeover will assist the other in a smoother transition into a world that is in resonance with Love.

Thank you for your time.
Enjoy your integration phase

~ Stasia Bliss

» Source » By Sarah Jane Crossley