Sananda and Saint Germain: Deep Transformation

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomAloha * laughs playfully *

Beautiful light carriers.

We, like you, have lived on earth and WE KNOW what intensive journey you have chosen to undertake.

And it is with great joy and excitement that we can now guide you to your ascent.

We can say with great certainty that it will all be worth it, * laughs fraternally *.

Today, however, we want to highlight a specific phenomenon.

And that is the boundary between flight and transformation.

With that, we want to remind you that it is a big difference to let go of a feeling temporarily, compared to transforming it from the deep and being free.

To transform a feeling, you must embrace it, accept it and FEEL the energy objectively.

Failure to do so will not release that energy and thus not transform.

Instead, it is pushed away for a while and then reappears.

To know if you are transforming or fleeing, you just need to pay attention to the feeling and the external situations that it constantly attracts.

And if the feeling continues to return in the same power and strength.

Now remember that you work layer by layer so the deepest transformation does not happen during the first “meeting”.

Without you having to transform, transform, transform until all this energy is released back to light and love.

BUT if the intensity of the emotion does not decrease or if the negative external situations continue to recur, then you are not working to transform.

So pay attention to which side of the border you end up on AND be aware that the border gets thinner the longer you get on your journey.

Many of you have become so powerful now that it can make it harder to grasp the ego’s tendencies to sneak in the back way.

And instead of meeting a feeling, maybe you push it away and unconsciously “flee” into the strong love and light that is so close at hand.

Understand now that you must constantly work with your deepest shadow pages to fully complete your ascent.

And for that, you must transform ALL fear-based emotions, by MEETING THEM.

We are with you, with all our brotherly love
// St Germain and Sananda

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» Source » Channel: Angel Skot