Very Rapid Evolutionary Change & Transformation

energy waves eraoflightdotcomWe are most certainly in a period of very rapid evolutionary change and transformation. This acceleration began with the big January conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in January. This was about the time that the Corona Virus was brought into consciousness by the media. This energy of fear is becoming ongoing and is being amplified as we go from day to day.

I think March will be a challenging month for all of us as we strive to remain calm and in our Master Space. We are Masters of Light and Energy. Many of us have been training for this for years, decades and even lifetimes. Now is the time to stay calm and in your heart space, holding the New Earth energy.

The energy is already intensifying as we head towards the Full Moon in Virgo. Virgo rules Health and Body issues, and this energy will intensify concerns with health. But it can also be used to intensify affirmations of good health and well being. I use a simple affirmation : “My body is strong and healthy! ” And so it is in the radiance of the Earth Goddess/Virgo energy. Remember also that Regulus is in Virgo, so this energy is also amplified by the Regulus Blue White frequencies and can create health and well being.

Work with the Royal Lions and ask for health and wellbeing.

On the 20th March the Sun moves into Aries, ruled by Mars and it is also the Equinox (Spring or Autumn) depending on where you are. (The Equinox can also be on the 19th depending on where you are). The New Moon is also in Aries on the 24th.

Mars is the energy that rules war and aggression on the lower levels, but is the Master of Agriculture and Nature on the Higher levels. So, again we have a choice….align with fear and conflict on the lower levels or choose the higher levels and build the New Earth in harmony with Nature!

One more element in the mix is that around the 20th to the 24th, Mars will be in a dance/conjunction with Pluto and Jupiter at 23/24 degrees of Capricorn. That one again. This is a difficult conjunction to read, as Mars and Pluto suggest evolution through conflict and death on the lower levels, amplified by Jupiter who expands any energies that are present. But it is also possible that the generally benevolent energies of Jupiter could limit the negative energy.

On the higher levels of evolution, Mars and Pluto offer transformation by deepening our connection with Nature and expanding our role as Earth Keepers and Guardians of Nature on the Planet. This is where I will be! I am already feeling such a pull towards plants, animals and insects on my own little piece of Earth in my garden!

So my message to you would be, stay calm, don’t panic and spend as much time as you can in nature, in your garden, with your animals and with your indoor plants. Make the New Earth consciousness a part of your daily life in March!

» Source » By Celia Fenn