Judas Iskariot: You’ve Come A Long Way

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I want to claim that humanity has come a long way in its search for true reality and its God-favored self. When one is revealed, the other is revealed. It is in the quiet peace that you see the reality as it is. A reality that arises in peace has a completely different meaning than that arising from judgment and chaos. The judgment only falls back on yourself. You cannot see the grandeur in your brother’s eye without at the same time looking at the beam in your own, for you only see the beam in your brother’s eye, then the vision is obscured by the true reality which you have long sought.

Leave all your sorrows and worries to the voice of God and see the present for what it is, only one now. A now where you can act and act according to what is happening now and only now. Do not include the past and any future in the reality that you are living in now; it will only be an illusory reality that you are constantly repeating and for what benefit it can be …… it will only be an old pattern that comes back time after time. In order to change something you need to be present in the present. It is only then that you can see and change the patterns that have become entangled in your intellectualized consciousness. There is knowledge that goes beyond it and is greater than you can understand, but which can emerge in your presence in the present.

Many have sought this tranquility and clarity in various different ways, and seen glimpses of it every now and then. That is what drives many people forward and sometimes on dangerous paths to again feel this kick of calm and clarity in its utmost presence in the present. The only thing you need to do, however, is to be in the present a little now and then during the day. See, feel and understand that this is where you are right now, so that the world stops a little closer and time can stand still. Every time you can do that, you have taken a step into the true reality. Your life will soon change and you will live more in the reality that is true, your vision will change and your heart will be filled with more joy, harmony and song.

It’s so important now, dear Earthlings. You need to live where you live and change what needs to change and you can only do that in your now, in the world you live in now. It is in you now that you can experience tranquility, hope and peace. It is these qualities that transform your old pattern into a new one, where everything is seen from the point of view of peace and it then takes on a completely different meaning than it had before. It is by staying up for a moment in life that all the old falls into place and can be seen for what it is, illusions that cling to them, even though they no longer matter. It is old and worn out, and now something new is starting to sprout within you, something that is bigger and more powerful than what you have been drawn to for so long.

This is where we stand now, dear Earthlings. What is beyond all your illusions is beginning to take more space in your minds and hearts. People begin to live in their true reality that is here and now. Intuition leads them on their right path and shows them how to bring true reality to resurrection on Earth. It is a sacred land on which they walk and we humbly bow our heads to the great steps they take on Earth for themselves and the humanity to which they belong.

It is a wonderful time that has started on Earth, where people come together and help each other develop and look beyond the illusions that have so greatly affected the Earth to this day. It has begun to turn, dear Earthlings. The true reality of peace, joy and harmony has begun to re-emerge in your minds and this in turn affects your collective consciousness and your Earth. It is with great gratitude that I write this today.

Be in the present, be in true love with yourselves.

Great love


Translation for this channeling by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg