Riding the Next Wave of Change; Find Your Center as Energies Shift

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomThe next wave of energy shifts arrives Monday, bringing opportunities to complete things and to celebrate progress to date. One thing to celebrate is the end of mercury retrograde. We also have a full moon in Virgo that’s fully illuminated by the Pisces sun – powerful indeed! That moon will bring emotions even more to the surface, and could help create a deeper clarity involving relationships. Continue reading to learn how to work with these energies, finding your center when life gets even more chaotic.


Unless you took a vacation with no WiFi last week, you know how chaotic, tense, and emotionally-charged the last several days were. The year actually started within these energies, but now we have more high-stakes issues taking center stage.

The uncertainty level seemed to go up several notches as the world coped with the corona virus and other things beyond our immediate control. So much of what’s unfolding now is a “long game” – we won’t have conclusive information for some time.

As humans, we are hard-wired to want answers and to have them quickly. Not having answers can leave us feeling distraught and on edge. Impatience arises, usually on an unconscious level, as our ego-self strives to cope with the void.

Take the Middle Path of Balance

When a crisis arises – whether it’s global like the virus or a very personal one – do your best to take the middle path of balance. What does this mean? It means avoid extremes and rigid black-and-white linear thinking. When we operate with a linear focus, we limit our understanding of a larger spiritual view. This leads to suffering.

Examples of Black-and-White Thinking & the Corona Virus

Here are two examples of black-and-white responses to the corona virus. I noticed both types of responses showing up in social media this past week.

(1) Some people – not exposed to the virus and not in a high-risk category – became so terrified, they voiced worry they might die.

(2) Other people in metaphysical circles embraced a fantasy-thinking approach – telling their friends to stop thinking about the virus and not let it be their personal reality.

Neither response is productive. In the first example – fear one might die – the person is sliding into doom-and-gloom thinking and gravitating to the worst-case scenario. In the second example – the “all is good – not my reality” approach – is a disconnect from society, pretending to be separate from the rest of us.

When we go to extremes like this, we handicap our ability to help ourselves and fully contribute to society. What’s needed is a larger quantum view that factors in spirit and our purposeful presence on the Earth. This view isn’t about separation. It involves community, our recognizing that we are one human family evolving together on this small planet. Our shared experiences indeed can unite us – if we only allow it.

More on themes like this – relevant to this unique year – in my new book Predictions 2020 out very soon!

3 Things to Remember Daily

FIRST apply self-compassion as you witness the world in chaos and feel anxious or uncertain of your next steps. The more compassion you can generate for yourself, the more you will have to give others. Consider that your next steps are intertwined with those of other people, often in mysterious ways beyond ordinary perception.

SECOND factor in that larger picture I describe above. Energies are amplified and erratic in these times as our world is remade. The remake is planetary and personal at the same time. Don’t let it overwhelm you. This isn’t something happening TO us – it’s us creating a brand-new, more enlightened template for being.

THIRD use this pivotal time to accelerate your self-evolution. Do this with more meditation, contemplation, inner work, and time in nature. Consider the rocky moments as your opportunities to let go of how things were so you can become the ‘new you’ that your soul already sees.


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