Yeshua: Groundhog, Global Positioning

yeshua eraoflightdotcomBeloved one, now we are going to have some fun, because I bring a message from the groundhog. For a long, long time you have had legends involving the small four-footed ones of either those who are embodied as pets or the ones who are in the wild and not so tamed. You have brought forth legends about these ones and what they know, how they can converse with you, and how they can bring you messages.

In this culture you have what you call the furry animal that lives in the ground and spends most of the wintertime in hibernation, sleeping, and just allowing the body to be, which is what you do overnight quite often. You just allow the body to be. You hibernate in your own way, and then when it gets to be morning time, either you have the buzzer that goes off or you have the body that is used to being awakened at a certain time, and it awakens.

The one you call the hog of the ground, you have a tradition that this one knows when spring is going to arrive at your doorstep. Now, this one, in truth, is no more wise than you are, but you ascribe unto this one powers that if he comes out and sees a shadow, then there are going to be six more weeks of winter. If this one comes out and does not see his shadow, you are going to have an early spring.

Now, it does not take too much thinking to realize that either way you are going to wait for spring to come, and it will be in the nature of four to six weeks. However, you give to this four-footed one, this furry one, a lot of attention in the tradition of watching and listening for what it will share with you. You go about asking your friends and neighbors if they have heard from the groundhog what is going to be the time elapsing before you have spring.

Beloved ones, as I have shared with you in previous times, you truly are the maker of time and of the seasons. You make your own reality. You may be living in a certain area that sees spring coming at a certain time in the northern hemisphere. In the southern it is a bit different time-wise, a bit reversed, as you believe, so if you take yourself and move to a land below the equator, you are going to have different seasons at different times than what you have in the northern.

The groundhog has a message for you. This one, being all-wise, gives unto you homage, because this one worships you as the maker of the greens that it likes to eat. This one worships you as the god above it, seemingly, as you have done in your legends and in your Scripture where you have put God the Father above you.

In some ways you are right now the groundhog emerging from a deep sleep and awakening to see what there is that you are creating. This is your time of awakening, your time of coming out of a deep slumber, coming out and reveling in the sunshine that is your own Light, truly, as the groundhog comes out and lives his life as an emissary of the Light, a symbol, with all wisdom to be able to tell you that spring is not far behind and will be coming in approximately six weeks.

You can liken yourself to the example of the groundhog. You are in your own understanding of who and what you are, emerging symbolically from a deep, deep sleep of wintertime to a place of Light, to a place of en-Lightenment, the same as what the groundhog is looking for.

He wants to see the sunshine. In truth, he does not care about his shadow. He only cares about finding the light and finding that which grows in the light, and that is the same for you. You want to know what is growing in the Light of your understanding now, because you are emerging from a deep, deep sleep.

You have questions. You are the groundhog right now emerging from a deep sleep and asking, “What is all of this around me?” Asking for a deeper wisdom.

So whenever you get to taking yourself too seriously, have a good laugh and take to yourself the image of the groundhog that you are.

We will speak now of the second subject on your listing, that of the global positioning. All of you, as the soul that you are, have chosen to be embodied at this time to come and shine your Light. This will be in different geographical places upon holy Mother Earth in this present incarnation.

Other incarnations you have been upon other solar bodies, not always the one that you find to be familiar, but also to know that truly you are unlimited and you express and experience not only on holy Mother Earth, but on other planets and other galaxies. You are the space aliens of past and future. So when you listen to your science fiction, it is not so much fiction as it is a truth, a hint for you to realize how unlimited you are.

So, global positioning. Before the soul takes embodiment, there is much of planning and agreement that happens. No one who is incarnate is here against their will. Now, some will say, “I didn’t choose this. How could I choose this? I don’t think this is what I would choose.”

But in truth, before the incarnation the soul has chosen not only the outward orientation of the body, but also where and how they will express and their mission, what they are agreeing to. Every soul agrees before they take incarnation. There is no one who is forced to incarnate to suffer the slings and arrows of incarnate life. It is always a choice.

Sometimes it does not feel like what you would have chosen, but in truth, you have chosen it, and I see you as you go through daily life making the best of it. Now, not every lifetime have you made the best of it. There have been many lifetimes when you have suffered the slings and arrows and have said, “What the h-e-l-l!”

There are many times when you have questioned the wisdom of incarnation and the wisdom of where you have found yourself to be, but at the moment of incarnation there is a general outline of the life pattern. Now, it does not mean that you cannot change it, because you do. You can tweak it and change it from time to time, but the big overall picture is one that you have agreed to before the incarnation. Some lifetimes are seemingly more pleasant than others, but each one is voluntary. Expressing in incarnation is a choice.

You have been upon this plane many times not incarnate, where you have been as the angel, where you floated quite easily in and out of others’ incarnations. You have watched and have been holding the Light, but not the incarnate Light. This lifetime you have said, “Okay, I will go and suffer the slings and arrows of incarnate life, and I will make the best of it,” and you are.

Here you are awakening to all that you are. You are awakening and claiming attributes that you have only imagined others could have, and yet you do, and you are saying, “Yes,” the affirmative.

That brings me to the other part of the affirmative. You have said you will serve various groupings of friends who may be in a certain location, maybe not the same locations all the time, so that you do find yourself being pulled, in a way, to certain geographical areas to come and to serve. This is what I am calling global positioning, because the awakening Light, which is quite contagious, is needed in certain places more than other places from time to time.

This does shift and change, and you as the light-workers—I will use that terminology—you feel a certain pulling. There has been a certain attraction which has brought you to the geographical location where you find yourself to be right now. You have felt a certain knowing that, “This is where I need to be. This is where I’m being called to be.”

You may hug a tree somewhere, and the tree will say, “Yes, this is where you need to be. This is where you have agreed to be.” Or you can sit by flowing water and know that that is your space, at least for the time being. Or you are maybe in a certain group of friends and you know that you have been called to be with them for a period of time.

This is according to soul agreement; it is not something that you sat down and used the mind to figure out, but a feeling within yourself, a knowing that you were to go to a certain area for a time period; maybe for all of the life, the incarnation, or maybe even just to make visit, to meet up with one who is questioning and has the question that you alone can answer because you have been there and done that. You can speak with them perhaps in passing—it does not have to be long—or it can be a period of years, where you go and settle and make a dwelling place and stay there and even have children.

The time period is up to the soul agreement. But all of you, as you are awakening now, you have felt certain desire, a feeling that, “I have to go there; I don’t know why, but when I hugged that tree, the tree said to me, ‘Move here; this is your home, at least for a while, because there is a grouping which is calling you.’”

So I am calling it the global positioning, because you are positioned in certain places at certain times to serve the souls’ calling, your soul and the others who have something to share with you. It is never a one-way street; that is another thing to remember, that wherever you feel called to go, as you answer that call it is a two-way street: whoever you are called to be with is calling you and they also have something to share with you.

Now, do you have free will? Yes, you do. All of you have exercised your free will from time to time and said, “Ach! I’m not going to go to Sequim. I’m not going to go to Port Angeles. Why would I go to that corner of the whole big United States, or why would I go to France or Spain or any of the other locations upon holy Mother Earth?”

You may put it off for a while, but there will be a time period when you will answer the call and position yourself as the Light that you are in various places. You are a great ray of Light. And when someone has told a funny story of some sort and you feel, “Ha ha, that’s really funny,” your radiance increases. Your scientists nowadays can measure it.

So take yourself lightly. Look for the humor, because truly your life is humorous, even though you make it very serious from time to time. “But Jeshua, it’s really serious. I have to make the right decision.” Know you how to make the right decision? With the deep breath. And if the first one does not work, take another deep breath. And if the second one does not work, take the third, all the way up to 99, and I guarantee that when you get to the 99th deep breath you will not care about all those problems. You will not even remember them. Joy: the great radiance.

Beloved ones, it is a joy to be with you. Each time I have the opportunity to come and see your Light, to look with the physical eyes which my beloved friend and teacher lets me use, I see your radiance. Furthermore, I see you without using the physical eyes. I feel your presence. I feel your love. Always and forever I know That Which you are.

I am excited for you in this day and time, because you are coming into your own. You are coming into the place of getting really turned on by your Light, by the feeling of, “You know, there’s something about me; I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about me that is a little bit greater than what I’ve been told. I went to this grouping of friends. My parents took me as a small child, and I was told that I was a sinner, that I did everything wrong, and that I had to pray unto someone out there who would save me. I did not know what I was supposed to be saved from, but someone else would save me, someone greater than I. But that felt kind of strange. Was it someone like my parents? I looked at my parents. They might be trying their best, but they did not seem to be all that bright, and I wondered, ‘What more is there?’”

So you began questioning. You began asking. You began reading books. You began thinking for yourself and saying, “You know, if I can do X, Y, and Z, if I can follow a train of thought, maybe there is more to me than what I have been told there was.” And that was a birthing, your birthing into awakening.

You are well on your way now, because you are attracting to yourself the teachers in either human form or in book form or in all of your technology which brings you the messages ones have given and have been recorded for a time. You have much that you are devising that are as clues.

One of the greatest clues for allowing the encapsulation of yourself into a small piece, allowing that capsule to be opened, is music—any kind of music. Sometimes one will say to you that it has to be religious music; it has to be played on the organ or the violin. I say unto you that any of your pieces of music, when you close the eyes and immerse yourself into the frequency, the tones, when you get out of this body structure, you open to yourSelf—capital “S”.

Try it. It is not difficult. Some of you get into the expanded space when you go out into the wild, into nature, when you feel yourself free and you can breathe of the free air, when you can look at the tallest trees and ask of them, “What have you seen? What do you know?” The tree is almost higher than you can see the top of, and you know that it has been there for ages and has much wisdom.

You tune in and feel expanded, which is your true Self, really. From this day forward—and many of you are doing this already—do not think yourself small. Allow yourself to take the deep breath; expand into that breath and know that truly you are the maker of that which you see. “Wow! Because, Jeshua, I see amazing trees, birds, water. I feel the gentleness of the breeze. I feel the strength of the tornado. You mean I am creating this?” Yes, you are, in order to wake up and claim your God power.

“Oh, but God is out there somewhere. He’s looking down and judging whether I’m doing really well on my path or not.”

I have news for you: there is no God out there judging you. There is a God within, and it is you.

“But I’m only human.” Know you what a precious jewel humanhood is, what a miracle you do in every morning when you awaken? You say, “Oh, well, another day.” That is a miracle, and you have just done it as you opened the eyes and looked around. Allow yourself to claim the miracles.

First thing in the morning when you awaken make a list of the things you see. Now, I know that the coffee is calling to you, or the little room perhaps is calling to you. But choose one thing, as you first open your eyes, and know that it would not exist except for you, because you are making it in that moment.

“But Jeshua, that’s nothing. I’ve done that since I was really little—open my eyes in the morning, I look around. Even when I was an infant I used to just lie there and look around.” Yes, you were creating even as the small infant, creating great dreams, and sometimes you grow into them. And then sometimes you change your mind and grow into something else, because everything is a free choice.

That is how you balance your life in an unbalanced world. You choose to be balanced. You choose joy. You choose to look upon the miracles that you are making moment by moment. You choose to see the smile on a lover’s face, on a friend’s face, and to feel at One with the friend.

There are times when you surprise yourself by knowing what they are going to say even before they say it. How do you do that? By being One with them. You do miracles in every moment.

You may say, “Well, you know, I’ve lived X number of years in life and I’ve done the best I could with everything, but that was no big deal.”

Do you know how many people you have touched? More people than you can count; more people where you have smiled at them and you thought, “Mm, okay, so I smiled at that one in the grocery store; that’s no big deal. It just happened that he looked like he needed a smile.”

It was a miracle that you did for him. “But it doesn’t count.” Of course, it counts. Every breath that you take is numbered; every breath that you take is a miracle. How does that happen?

“You know, even without thinking, there’s something within me that expands and makes the breath come in. And then once it’s in, it wants to go out, so I let it go out.” You do not even have to think about it, and yet the breath is a miracle. Without it you are not going to be activating the body very long. Think upon that. But usually you do not think about the breath, unless of course you get something stuck in the throat or whenever you cannot breathe for a moment or so, and that can be quite a panic, because breath in an incarnation such as this is life.

There are other incarnations where you can be in form, but it is a different kind of form. You have done that as well on other planetary bodies. So when you see your science fiction portrayals, you say, “Oh, wow, imagine that.” Well, yes, you are imagining that. That is how wondrous you are. So never think that you are just a small bit, a collection of cells walking around having no value. You are a miracle.

Then you fall in love with yourSelf— capital “S”. You fall in love with the miracle which is you. “Wow, you know, I never really thought about it; I just do what I have to do to get through every day. Sometimes I run out of time,” which is a good thing: to run out of time, to be timeless, at least for a moment or so as you measure time.

You are the walking miracle who interacts with others and encourages another. You are the one who has the eyes and the heart to see a friend who needs a smile, who needs a poem, who needs an upliftment. You are the friend who knows them. Why? Because you have walked where they are walking, sometimes feeling very down. But you are the friend, and you may say, and often do, the very word or sentence which allows them to stop. They look at you and watch how you are living, how you are coming through various challenges, and it gives them inspiration, hope.

When they are at their lowest point, they will remember that, yes, you have been through some things too, and you can still smile.

You are the angel. You are the soul who has chosen to be incarnate and to be in places where the Light is needed. Your political grouping, your collective grouping here in this country, is asking for a smile. It is asking for love. It is asking for balance. You have many in your population who hunger and thirst for recognition in love. Politics aside, they want to be acknowledged and cared about.

And there are many who are calling out to express love. You, as the magnet that you are, will draw unto you all men and women and children who want to know love, friendship, equality, because it is who you are. Do not deny that which you are. Go with a light heart, recognizing the heart in each one whom you meet. Recognize the Christ of them, the Light, the spark of Light that in truth cannot be extinguished.

They may sometimes have a low point. You have had low points in your life, but then someone has come along and said, “I believe in you. I like the poems that you write. I like how you smile. I like what happens to your eyes when you smile; they kind of crinkle up, you know, and they look really fun. You are fun. I like to be with you, because you are fun.” You may say it in those words, or you just be it, the friend.

The treasure of friendship is without price. When you meet someone and you are heart to heart with them, that oneness is without price. It is priceless, to be treasured always.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith
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