Personal Use: How to Grow Your Own Cannabis Plant

cannabis plant eraoflightdotcomNowadays that Cannabis is being used for medicinal purposes, growing your own Cannabis plant is easier. Also, you no longer have to reinvent the wheel. Countless growers continue to share techniques for growing your own Cannabis plant.

Indoor and Outdoor Growing

Choosing where to grow your Cannabis plant or plants is an important consideration to consider well before starting. Indoor growing provides a secure and controlled environment for your plants. This means that your plants are totally dependent on you for light, nutrition, watering, and care. Indoor plants can be grown in a closet, a tent, or even a small room. Planting outdoors has the benefit that the light source for your plants is the sun. However, the privacy of your plants is not assured.

Light Sources for Your Plant

There are many kinds of light sources available for indoor plants. Common light bulbs can be used but the types of bulbs affect the growth of indoor plants intimately. Growers discuss the pros and cons of different light sources at length but an important gadget to have if you are growing indoors is a PAR light meter. PAR stands for Photosynthetic Active Radiations, this simply means that the intensity of light is not the only factor that affects your plant growth. Equally important is that the light is of the right wavelength or colors of the spectrum for your plant.

Compact fluorescent lights are commonly used in household lights. Although they work well with growing plants a lot of growers are shifting to LED or Light Emitting Diodes since they are stronger and less costly. LEDs have been rapidly developing in the past ten years and are used by companies growing Cannabis. There are also LECs or light-emitting ceramics. These lights produce a more natural-looking light and are also strong.

Soil and Plant Nutrition

Soil is the most common way for a plant to receive nutrition. Soil can be enriched by compost that you can make yourself or buy from a garden supply store. When planting outdoors, the soil is probably where your plants will take root. However, the soil is not the only growing medium available now. Soilless mixes such as coco coir, Hyperlite, and vermiculite can also be used as an alternative. Another way of growing plants is by hydroponics meaning the plants grow directly in water. Nutrients are added into the water to feed the plants. This style of growing is said to allow for fast growth and a great amount of harvest.

Types of Cannabis to Plant

Buying seeds from online seed banks is usually the way to get seeds that you can germinate and then plant. Unless you personally know a Cannabis grower who can give you seeds or clones, ordering seeds from a reputable seed bank is usually the best way to get seeds. It is important to know that ordering seeds from outside the U.S.A., is usually reliable but ordering seeds from another state involves stricter monitoring and penalties.

Growing your own Cannabis plant is easy if it is just for your personal use. There is no need to dive into the more complex growing methods right away. Start simple with then go on from there.