A Change

Hi! All comments will have to be approved manually before they appear on the blog until further notice. I apologize to the high vibe lightworkers who comment. But there’s been too many irrelevant, inappropriate and untrue comments lately. I run Era of Light alone, I cannot sit by the computer and monitor comments 24/7. If things do not change, I may disable commenting altogether.

6 Replies to “A Change”

  1. Doug James

    I think most critical comments are simply due to frustration as we have been told visible changes would occur by now. I follow cobra and a few other blogs..I know it will happen just need to be patient. Love to all!

  2. bodhimoss

    The high vibe lightworkers who engage with those making inflammatory or inappropriate comments are reminded they do not have to engage with these people, many of whom are in fear. In such situations silence is the high vibe choice. Tough lesson, I know, but that is why these people present in your awareness. KejRaj is doing us all a great service and this would greatly assist him in his mission.

  3. Crystal

    If anywhere, it is here, among kindred spirits, that we can cultivate high frequency and focus. Thank you for doing whatever you consider as appropriate as a gesture of caring for this community and space.

  4. Scott Hilsen

    God bless one and all. I have noticed a rising stress in most people, especially since cv and the stock market losses… Honestly we need to let go and focus on love and gratitude for what we have, rather than send frustration and anger which is only destructive. It is a time to rise above. We are children of God with infinite potential. What more could we ask for?


    Hello every body this brother bruce and hello brother Kejraj how are you and your family i’l did not get it all i’l pary every thing or hope every is well at home may G-D THE FATHER YAHWEH IN NAME OF CHRIST BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY BROTHER KEJRAJ AND ALL YOU’S BROTHERS AND SISTERS OK you all have bless day and good night ,shalom