Energy Update: Trauma Timeline Singularities are Repairing

light waves eraoflightdotcomTrauma timeline singularities are repairing.

In the ancient mists guarding the hidden past of humanity, there are a few deep secrets that have been occulted from the vast majority of humankind.

One of these are the genetic traumas echoing down through the generations that have allowed the creation of warfare, monetary slave systems, scarcity and systems of domination and control.

Many of these are species wide as in all humans, but many of them are racial. An example would be systematic subjugation and murder of a specific race of people over an extended period of time, creating traumatic echoes that pass down into the future generations.

These traumas compound upon themselves, passing through the DNA into new, innocent children who then grow up experiencing thoughts and feelings that are the product of all the unprocessed emotional, physical and mental traumas of the people who came before them.

On an even grander scale, humanity has been subjected to planetary cataclysmic destruction, systematic and widespread torture through monetary and physical warfare, etheric programming and parasitic draining for thousands of generations, well before our recorder history of roughly 6,000 years before.

One of the original points of damage where much of this destruction stemmed from was the initial fall in vibration of the planet. As the planet dropped in density, the energy bodies of all life connected to the planet was forced to descend as well. Many call this time “the Fall”.

Reasons much to vast to document here lead up to this “Fall”, but the long story short is that there was a struggle for control of this free will plane and as the powers behind this struggle became more engaged, hostility began to break out and the first vestiges of warfare our planet had ever experienced crashed upon our shores.

The energetic schisms erupting from this conflict are still cracking and echoing into our reality today, almost like safety glass supporting a heavy weight. The longer it sits, the more the glass cracks and loses structure until eventually the weight drops through.

These primordial warfare timelines are being restructured and dissolved into clean, organic evolutionary timelines right NOW.

This is a culmination of many things. First, our planet is not ascending, but reclaiming her natural space or the place that she dropped from in density. Waves of intensely high vibration energy have been emanating from the Central Sun for millennia, building up the frequencies underneath the surface for humanity to finally feel cresting through them. Now, as the surface population has much more access to these frequencies, the second phase of reclaiming Gaia’s natural space in the universe has begun.

More and more are feeling the pull to truth, natural evolution and activation because of so many who have worked so long to raise the conscious level of the planet for thousands of years, despite the constant recurring damage from the nonstop war, economic destruction and fear and consumerism programming.

As this feeling is explored, the Language of Light becomes something that is deeply felt and understood inside the mind/body/spirit.

As the Language of Light is explored, realization of how inadequate the words of spoken language truly are becomes obvious. As the Language of the Body/Mind/Spirit integrate, the inner world begins to perceive the outer world in a completely different way of being, leading to the “As above, so below” understanding, meaning as you explore your inner space, unlocking blockage and trauma shows you exactly how to interact outside of the body using the Language of Light.

This Language is the awareness of the sensations, feelings, intentions and emotions of whatever you can explore with your focus. This Language allows us to go deep into our muscle memories and find the programs passed down to us by our parents, which came from their parents, which came from their parents, etc…

As we transmute these ancient traumas into joy, forgiveness, love, compassion and empathy, the vibrational state of the world lifts higher.

In a quantum reality, even if the people are long dead, the energy of the trauma is still happening in the NOW. By learning, by immersing in the Language of Light, by extending deep through these Golden Frequencies, we use our right, by having this DNA, to clean our the damage of the past.

What this is causing is a massive upward release. Gaia has been pushing to get back her rightful space since she fell. The energy she has been using to reach upwards has been growing, building and compounding upon itself. Think of her like an arrow, pulled back as far as the bow can drag backwards. We are the release.

This original warfare timeline is being cleared as Gaia sees so many doing such similar work with their history, with their past and she is learning.

Our job is to continue to be the beacon. To continue to hunt down any vestiges of what we do not enjoy and transmute it into what we truly want to experience and then immerse ourselves in it.

By helping yourself become the best version of you possible, you are helping the entire planet ascend upwards. The slow moving physical is beginning to shift into much more malleable liquid. Activation is possible in this state.

I have a Foundations and Intermediate class available where we explore the Language of Light, cleanse ourselves, then work on each other. This gives direct, tactical understanding to how to make pain, whether emotional, physical or energetic an option instead of something we have to adapt to.

The 3rd Eye Quest is a journey through the incoming energies that are shifting through our planet, and more importantly, how to activate your personal field inside of them.

These classes can be found here.

» Source » By Eric Raines